Nokia Lumia Live events to be held in Australia

Nokia Lumia Live launch parties

Nokia is planning to hold a number of launch events in Australia this month to celebrate the release of the Lumia 800. As one can see in the above image, an event is planned in three major cities - Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. The events are set to sport a number of Lumia (both 710 and 800) demos to allow the public to test drive the experience of Windows Phone and Nokia.

While we're not aware of exactly what the Finnish manufacturer has planned, but if London is anything to go by it should be an impressive day in each of the selected cities. The full event schedules are as follows:

As well as the above official launch parties, both Techin5 and WPDownUnder are collaborating to arrange a meet up at Melbourne, on the day of the Nokia Live event. Should you be interested in meeting up with other Windows Phone enthusiasts as well as the two websites, be sure to head on over to Techin5 (link below) and the WhirlPool thread for more details / updates.

Source: Techin5



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Congrats Brizvegas... Finally some lovin your way:)

dbgman says:

Any news on the US launch events? With the Nokia 900 due this month, I have not heard anything about its launch.

tigermcm says:

in all honesty as much as the US sucks balls supporting wp7 we are probably going to gt a quick woohoo and thats it

alifarhatt says:

I'm not so sure about that to be honest. I think the analysts have calculated that launching the campaign during the iPad3 launch is futile.

schlubadub says:

Damnit! Skipped Perth again!

alifarhatt says:

Seriously bro, Perth! ;-) I'm in Sydney but I won't be going so interesting to see if I'll hear about it. Martin place is probably traversed by at least a few hundred thousand people daily so lets hope all of Sydney realized after the 16th that Nokia is back. General consensus at the moment amongst people here is that Nokia has gone bust.

jubbing says:

Thanks for the post Rich! Nice work on the maps section as well :)

WizardCM says:

Whoa, there is no way I'm not going to go to the launch event in Federation Square. It's bound to be awesome!

jubbing says:

Vote in the poll as well if you want to be part of the meetup!

WizardCM says:

Oh I already have. :D

crooza says:

Well i walked into a tell choice store and I got recommended a Lumia 800. I'm like you have a customer for life. The saleman did say he went to the training and was blow what windows phone can do. He has an iphone. He did say he i bought the last lumia 800. He had 15 instock apparnetly so we are doing well. I wish Cyan came on telstra. But it doesnt. So went with optus. Cry

skitterrusty says:

The Martin Place event could get some TV coverage on Sunrise. Certainly possible and far from a bad thing.

naustuser says:

As Nokia phones will be promoted, will anyone from Nokia be attending these events to explain why Australia is the only country in the world that can not upgrade to Belle for any product code?

jubbing says:

You can certainly try your luck but I'll bet people won't have a clue past wp7.

ynnihC says:

Melbourne wooooo

StefEBear says:

so it looks like Nokia Australia advertising for the Lumia STILL SUCKS. 
Wow (sarcasm) a tiny Augmented reality thing in Sydney. What about the 3D projection stuff Nokia International are doing? THAT gets attention. not a friggin 'STALL' #Dissapionted