Nokia Lumia Malaysia "The Amazing Everyday" [Video]

Yet another video in the world of Windows Phone news, this time it's Nokia Malaysia with "The Amazing Everyday" advertising campaign. In the above montage, we see the Nokia Lumia team heading out and about driving alongside the Nokia promotion truck, handing out leaflets, cakes and different coloured umbrellas, and generally having a great time with the public.

The Lumia 710 and 800 will both launch in the country on February 10th.

Source: YouTube, thanks Ellis for the heads up!



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gibbyhome says:

I wonder what Samsung and HTC's advertising campaign for Windows Phone is ?
anyone ?
I say some samsung comercials on tv about 2 times and now there are none again..
whats up with that ..

Arun3 says:

Well, I see some ads for Samsung's windows phones. Apart from a few ads when htc radar was released( I don't know of it's t-mobiles') there is nothing!!! Absolutely nothing from HTC....

sj55555 says:

Nokia's been promoting Windows Phone better than even Microsoft has.

xKophsx says:

and is microsoft job?.... Nokia is doing it because they SELL phones. microsoft only makes the OS. why should microsoft make the OEMs job? why Nokia has ads and no HTC not Samsung?... becuase they besides having android dont care about WP. its silly to think only because Microsoft makes the OS, they are the ones who have to advertise it, when there are alot of OEMs making Windows Phone and the only really trying to sell them its Nokia, specially since its their main OS. yeah lets blame the one that makes the software, not the ones that make the actual device, becuase without devices there isn't windows phone... (its not like win7, office, etc where you can get it in a box or buy it online and download it), also the oems are the ones who get alot of money for each phone they sell, not microsoft.

theflew says:

You could argue Microsoft doesn't need to advertise outside of their generic Windows ecosystem commericals since they don't make phones.  I can see why Nokia was a big deal for them.    Nokia might single handedly put WP7/8 on the map.   If Nokia gets traction with the 900 with AT&T in the states it going to force Samsung/HTC to either play ball or become second fiddle to Nokia concerning WP.  Granted it will probably hurt HTC more given they are already shaky with their phone sales.

renegadedvdr says:

This advert is great! Seems to be aimed at young people having a laugh. People will remember this one.

Residing says:

I really hope that the NokiaUS team has something spectacular planned as well.  What would be even better is if they did something country wide - East Coast, West Coast, DFW, Chicago.....
I am really looking forward to the U.S. launch of the Lumia 900!

norville2 says:

Microsoft don't need to because they paid Nokia a shed load of money to advertise....come on guys keep up with the program.

jubbing says:

I'm missing out on all of this in malaysia :(