Lumia 1520 x 35 = Nokia Skirt

Nokia Skirt

New York Fashion Week may have just ended, but London Fashion Week is about to start. To celebrate, Nokia’s made a cutting-edge interactive skirt for the occasion. How’d they do it? By putting together 35 Lumia 1520’s they were able to make the piece to celebrate London Fashion Week 2014.

Nokia teamed up with designer Fyodor Golan to make the interactive skirt. The images on the screens of all those Lumia 1520’s change color as the dress moves. This helps to create a synchronized shimmering effect. Nokia made a custom app for the skirt to get the desired effect.

How many of you ladies would rock this skirt if given the chance? Hit up the link below to see more shots of the skirt!

Source: Nokia Conversations



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OsamaAdam98 says:

Alright, So you really counted the lumias there?

Jf.Vigor says:

Didnt have to count. It was said lol

Simon Tupper says:

35 Lumia 1520 must be very heavy for those skinny girls

blackhawk556 says:

The phones weigh more than the girl :) hahahaha

rcroeder says:

No really, the nokia 1520 weights less than my nokia 810 and much bigger. 

doeboiO says:

All well and good, but what if she wants to sit down?

WoW, can I get one of those phones please...just sayin'

Viipottaja says:

I would not mind lifting that skirt and...

Checking out of they have good cameras, yes!

sunnybyday says:

those awesome cameras are pointing at the wrong direction!

ArthJar says:

It depends on what direction you want to look at ;)

killer rin says:

Sadly she has pants on under boys.

...and see she's actually wearing Jeans under that heavy skirt... -_-

If they made shorts of these for men!

Cornercurve says:

Cnet article had the count at 80 1520's and1020's...


Need to find out the real number! Working out plans for Lumia ski pants :)

erzhik says:

I'm not a lady, but I would rock the hell out of that skirt. Who's with me?

Rem97 says:

*Awkward silence*

2Suave says:

Totally would wear this....straight to the bank, cuz that skirt is worth bucks! Could there be a better reason for a dude to wear a skirt?

That picture I count at least 42 and that's not all...

Talbot690 says:

There's 1020's as well.either ways that's one expensive ass skirt

titoyees says:

I count 42 too!!!

NIST says:

The skirt is only wearable in 5 minute increments before you have to tap and swipe up all the screens.

kwambe5 says:

Just set the lock screen timeout to 'never' and be fine.

NIST says:

You have a Never? I don't have a Never.

kwambe5 says:

Yes, I have a never on my 920 as well.

apocacrux says:

I also have 'never' for screen timeout on my Rogers 920 also.

truly_sk says:

You mean during coding? Coz 30mins is max timeout setting on the O.S settings.

killer rin says:

I have a Never on the 920

Soypan says:

I have "never" on my 521 and my 920. Also, the app can be programmed no never lock out

NIST says:

My 1020 has a max of 5min.

ebin5 says:

Never option is coming in 8.1

Talbot690 says:

5min max here on my 1020 also

Only the phones with LCD displays have the ability to set the Lockscreen to Never timeout, AMOLED is limited due to the fact the screens can burn out. Its the same reason they don't make AMOLED Tvs, it doesn't have the necessary lifespan, AMOLED is used in phones because of how often a phone is put into sleep.

kwambe5 says:

Now that makes sense.

Nope after the first update, my 928 got a never option. Its currently set to never. However this is exactly why I prefer LCD to AMOLED. Even before I got never the screen already had burn-in issues. I hate apple, but now that I have an AMOLED phone, I know why they don't use it and completely agree with them for not using it.

sahib lopez says:

You'd have to tap that ;)

truly_sk says:

I wouldn't mind wearing that skirt #straightManTalking

jabtano says:

I could talk the wife into it ...but somehow she would make me pay for it....just saying.

Jagar Tharn says:

check out the video from BBC

World's first smartphone skirt


Wpcentral, put this video in your article!

Jas00555 says:

Actually, Sam, 1520 x 35 = 53,200

That would make one heavy skirt. Too heavy for me to want to wear.

Sam, where are you? It's very sad the fact you're not here with me in Brazil... I wanna spend the Valentine's Day with you!! haha! JstKding

NIST says:

Sam, international playa.

Jack Larson1 says:

Nokia armor. By yismr tis a wondrous sight.

Wevenhuis says:

35 x 650 euros =  22,750 euro dress

IceDree says:

That's a one heavy skirt lol

AccentAE86 says:

World's first bulletproof skirt

markeboyle says:

I'm no lady but I'll charge the phones for her!

Nokia Boy says:

Each lumia 1520 weight 209g
So... 209 X 35 (which im sure its not only 35) = 7 kilos and 315 grams
That is really heavy...

Yugiro says:

I wont wear it, but I am wiling to charge them one by one when they ran out of juices!

Dafter says:

What about 1520 suit for men? Haha :D

IAm_Malc says:

Stylish and I still get a workout!!put me down on the list for an order!!

zahrans says:

dear nokia,

i will miss your weird & wonderful craziness once the device section transfer to microsoft has been completed.

i somehow don't see MS trying a stunt like this.

Brswan says:

I love lamp!!!

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