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Nokia Lumia spotted in upcoming movie ‘The Wolverine’

WP Central

Lumia 800 is the Wolverine?

We’re not sure which Nokia Lumia we see in the above pic, captured for Hugh Jackman’s upcoming ‘The Wolverine’ sequel, but that metal Carl Zeiss strip certainly gives it away.

What is odd about it of course is the color (drab green) and the flash position (it’s on the top as opposed to being adjacent). For those reasons, we’re not sure if we’re looking at a prototype, something just for the movie, an odd looking case or something else. In fact, we can’t say much more though we’ll leave some sleuthing to you folks in comments to try and deduce something. [Edit: And yes, it looks to be the Lumia 800 as that is the only one with the flash like that.]

Source:; via iWatchStuff; Thanks, Martin and Ryan for the tip



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jmerrey says:

My guess is an 800 in a green case.

jchapman01 says:

+1 for your +1 and +1 for the original post! :)

It's possible that it's a black 900 too... but you're spot on about the case... you can tell pretty easily that around the camera it's sunk in a bit (indicating a case) and there's a distinct black color variation between the green case and chrome camera strip.

erzhik says:

Lumia 800 in a case.. but this will be awesome. more and more Lumia appearances. With cameras positioned behind that woman, it looks like Lumia will get a good amount of appearance.

zu2779 says:

Must be a prototype! I don't see Nokia wanting to push a 920 in a movie that will come out late 2013. Maybe a 41mp lumia?

danzinho16 says:

I don't care about which Lumia it is, I just care I love both Lumia and the Wolverine.

JoeDizzle33 says:

It might just be a prop that someone designed based off of the lumia design.

fahdriyami says:

You can see the shadow around the metalic stip indicating a raised surface so its definitely a case. And the flash position tells us its a Lumia 800.
You OK Daniel? Expected you to easily spot something like that :P

It's early morning...well, early for me. Funny, we checked every phone except the 800 (and mine was stolen awhile back).

kleineMax says:

Also.. Why do you think it will be in the movie? It could also just be a set-shot and the actress makes a picture of the same seen as the moviekamera

My thought exactly. It definitely doesn't appear to be in the movie from this pic. Just an actress who owns one and is taking a set pic, most likely. Would love to see ANY Windows Phone in the movie though.

sinime says:

Wow, that's the first color, other than black and gray, that I actually like. Red and yellow are to loud IMO and the cyan is just to pastel and Eastery for me.
Maybe the movie is being filmed entirely with PureView!!!! JK

I vote for the color too.

soulzero says:

Svetlana Khodchenkova... as Madame Hydra

aubreyq says:

Didn't know they were still making Wolverine movies.

What?! Get with the times, lol.

UVSoaked says:

Same, I'm glad Hugh Jackman is still playing Wolverine, too. I don't think it's possible to find a better Wolverine.

TMavZR1 says:

If she touches that screen with that gloves on, definitely 920 technology. :-P

However, she could probably activate the camera, take a picture and shut it down with hard buttons only. That, or maybe those gloves have special tips in addition to all of those useful studs;)

Alot of superhero movies coming out soon there's even a Lobo movie staring the rock Dewayne Johnson

Yeah, hoping this still comes into fruition. You know Hollywood, green light it on Monday, cancel it on Thursday.

AriesDog says:

That's no phone. Nokia makes portable Cerebro devices.

Ian Too says:

If you look behind the actress, there's a camera, so it may well be her own phone and not in the movie.

melvintwj says:

B*tch please, Nokia destroys Wolvie's adamantium any day

UVSoaked says:

A 'Wolverine' phone would be cool. Adamantium and heals itself (rapidly). Make it happen, Nokia.

SPIDER.7 says:

That's just a Nokia 1100 with pure view camera ! :-D

MediaCastleX says:

FYI that looks to me like one of those cyber punks that roll with Deathstrike in the comics! =P

teom95 says:

I think you guys are tripping and this is just a black lumia 800, and the case looks different because of the light interval...