Nokia makes London taxis Amazing with free Lumia 800s

We mentioned how Nokia was giving away free cab rides in London during Social Media Week back in mid February. In short, the company was sponsoring black-cabs (analogous to our yellow-cabs here in New York) and paying for your destination to wherever. Nice treat, for sure.

But evidently there was more.

Nokia also gave away some Lumia 800's to some lucky guests and when they turned on the device, they were greeted with four London locations that they could go to (presumably the lucky winners would pick just one). Areas included things like spas and laser tag which does look like an amazing way to spend your day...plus, you know, free Nokia phone.

We can't deny we're a little excited to see what they do here in the US with the Lumia 900 launch looming, especially in New York City. Fingers crossed.

Source: Nokia (YouTube)



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America we need cool cars with lumia on them

rodneyej says:

Here I go!... Once again my response is where is the fireworks here in the US? Is it just bypassing the 710, and waiting for the 900?? WP8?

theres plenty of commercials on the 710, if youd stop watching channels that tell cheap jokes about my people then youd see them.

jubbing says:

Wow what the heck? When I posted the article on Techin5 about the free cabs, I suggested they do more with phones within the cab.. Guess they were listening! ( I did see a few hits from Nokia so maybe thats it?)

Residing says:

Really like what Nokia is doing.  Given that they already have a present in the U.K., if they are doing all of 'this' for them, imagine what they are going to do for the U.S. (At least, it is my hope that they go all out to promote Lumia 900 here in the U.S.).
Bring it, Nokia!

welsbloke says:

I think based on what Nokia have been doing around the world that the US can expect some serious Nokia marketing love.

expectafight says:

They should do a team up with the cash cab.  Free Phone, Money, Trivia and an oppurtunity to be on TV. 

mrolympia74 says:

I have a feeling Nokia and At&t will advertise on American Idol. Its sponsored by at&t. That would be incredible. Millions of viewers would see it player over and over. After all Ryan Seacrest was on stage with Steve Ballmer for the CES Microsoft press conference