Nokia Maps version 1.3 now available with new features

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Following the 2.0 update to Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps has been bumped to version 1.3 and is now available on the Marketplace. So, what's new? Nokia have expanded the reach of the service, with added support for more Asian countries. But that's not all as users can now personalise their favourite places on their Windows Phone, which can be subsequently pinned to the home screen.

Recent locations and destinations are listed next to the favourites for more convenient access to the app history. Should you require more "Places" to visit around your location, more points of interest are now displayed on the map. Lastly, users can now share routes and destinations via social networks (using built-in connectivity), which is an interesting addition.

You can download Nokia Maps from the Nokia Collection on the Marketplace.



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gtg465x says:

Nokia Drive 2.0 came out today as well.

lippidp says:

I can't find it. Isn't it available for all WP's? I thought I read that a while back.

Appmek says:

Sorry guys, it's only for Nokia. But surely there are similar apps for other brands.

WilliamC1972 says:

I believe it only for Nokia Windows phones.

dtboos says:

Nokia Drive & Nokia Maps just need to be one app.  Although I'd prefer it even MORE to just be baked into Bing Maps (possibly in Apollo?).

haikus says:

We are actually building Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive (and all the other apps like Nokia Transport) for specific use cases. Here some expamples.
Nokia Maps is the app you use when you're in the city and you want to find cool places around you or interesting sights. You plan then a walk route there.
Nokia Drive is for commuters or drivers of longer journeys.
Nokia Transport is for those who commute with public transportation or visitor of foreign cities.

What a great job Nokia is doing. I will gladly trade my Titan for Lumia900