Nokia 'Monarch' could turn out to be the Lumia 635 for T-Mobile

The rumored Nokia 'Monarch' smartphone is back in the news, with serial leaker @evleaks back with more apparent details on the unannounced device. Previously the same source had claimed that the Monarch was bound for T-Mobile in the U.S., and today's message indicates that we're not looking at a flagship class phone.

So, if all this pans out to be correct we're looking at another lower cost Lumia headed the way of T-Mobile. That's not a bad thing, not at all, as the Lumia 521 proved. But we're sure there's more than a few of you out there itching for another high-end device with a Magenta flavor. At least with the 635 we'd be getting 4G LTE in a lower cost package.

It's all still rumor until either T-Mobile or Nokia makes it official, but given the track record of the source it's not at all inconceivable that it's true.

Source: @evleaks



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cyborg4 says:

This sounds good.

Montpbm says:

No it doesn't! I want a high end device with at least a 5" or size screen.

pierrerv says:

Me too. I don't need another low end 8gb device. Tmo gotta give me something like the 1520

Ian Hanson says:

Why don't you just buy the 1520 unlocked? The 938 variant works perfectly and has 32gb and Qi.

Montpbm says:

Why don't you just give me $400+ to buy me one! Ok kick rocks then!

Aaron M says:

Wait, what are you bitching about then?  If T-Mobile offered a high end WP it would certainly be $400+.

Montpbm says:

Same thing you're crying about, yeah but T-Mobile will let me jump to it without putting anything down and I can pay monthly. Plus my T-Mobile here in GA is good, I rarely have any drop calls, I have service (LTE) all the time just about.. So what's your point.

Why won't you pay upfront?

We're not all rich. That's the point of upgrade plans.

stui83 says:

Get a 925. Good price at moment and does everything. I did the calcs and it was cheaper here in Australia to buy a new 925 and keep my current plan than it is to upgrade to an emaciated overpriced plan with a new device. Even using a credit card it is cheaper. Assuming int. 925 works on your network.

Daniel Meek says:

last I checked you are not exactly saving money when you get a phone with contract.  On ATT the gimped version of the 1520 will set you back $25/mo for 20mo, which turns out to be $600.  T-Mo is good, but they are still going to charge a similar ammount.

Meanwhile on Amazon you can get the normal non-nerfed version of the 1520 with NFC and 32GB of memory for just under $500.  Slap that thing on a credit card at an outragious APR of 20% and pay it off over the course of a year.  You end up paying ~$60 in interest with a grand total of $560 for a nice large non-nerfed phone.  Plus, because you are buying it direct from Nokia it helps them out more (no carrier middle man). Only negative is that there would be no LTE, which is a big deal for some people, but most of us have wifi everywhere and local maps on the phone, so it is not typically a big deal.

That said, if you really want it, then stop crying and save up for it.

el-ojo says:

So, why not tell T-Mobile to put up like AT&T has. It's up to them really, they just don't see it financially beneficial. I'm sure you and all the other T-Mobilers will keep whining. A budget service gives you budget devices. Pretty obvious, especially for an OS in third place.

RaRa85 says:

We only get budget Windows Phones but the best of the best when it comes to Android and iPhone. Trust me I will constantly make my voice heard for all the people who don't want another non flash, no FFC, low storage, non 720/1080p display phone. And no we don't want another 925 debacle with 16gb and no SD slot! I will make sure T-Mobile understands this and I believe they will start to deliver the goods.

SpartanJet says:

Maybe im out of the loop but I'm pretty sure the 938 was proven to be bogus purposely mislabeled by a vendor.

Welp looks like I will be leaving Tmo in august unless they actually get an updated 1520 with WP 8.1.  Sick and tired of them negelecting Windows Phone.

OMG55 says:

ATT can give it to you! T-Mobile's Service must be good in your area or you were just looking to save money, because I can pretty much tell you that their service sucks pretty much across the whole state of Texas and I will never go to them no matter what they're offering unless it's completely free

Montpbm says:

Same thing you're crying about, yeah but T-Mobile will let me jump to it without putting anything down and I can pay monthly. Plus my T-Mobile here in GA is good, I rarely have any drop calls, I have service (LTE) all the time just about.. So what's your point..

Wyn6 says:

I beg to differ. In Dallas-Fort Worth, the 4rh largest metro area in the country, I get 4G LTE all day everyday. This gpes for Austin, San Antonio too. I also get good signal in other areas as well.

Joe Acerbic says:

I will never go to Texas no matter what they're offering unless it's completely free.

I think its become obvious that T-Mobil wants to treat WP as a budget line. That being said its still a win for Microsoft/Nokia, we get people using the OS, using core MS services (oneDrive, Outlook, office etc.), buying apps (which in turn entices developers to make WP apps). Unfortunately that sucks for WP fans using T-Mobil, but its good for WP as a whole.

Daniel Meek says:

dont be dramatic. ATT paid for an exclusive on the 920, so TMo didnt get it right away. When exclusivity ended TMo ended up getting the 925. The 1020 is not a big seller (though it is a cool device), so they did not bother carrying it. The 1520 is still exclusive, but that should be ending in another few months and I half expect VZW and TMo to pick up a varient. The 930/Icon is a VZW exclusive, but after exclusivity is over I am sure that ATT and TMo will pick it (or a variant) up.

Potentially the best thing about Nokia being bought out by MS is that they will have some real money to play with, which may mean the end of these silly exclusivity deals.

duk3togo says:

Same here, its BS that T-Mobile (the only truly unlimited) takes forever bringing premium WP and then getting the one with the least GB. I want a 5" or higher, I love my 925 but I constantly have to erase stuff.

MikeSo says:

This isn't premium. 8GB of onboard storage is the least of the problems with this phone since it can use an SD card.

RaRa85 says:

That's exactly why I didn't get the 925. It was truly almost perfect.

I bet the 930 comes to T-Mobile down the road...

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Tansen says:

Indeed. The Lumia 925 will keep me happy with its still very admirable specs and high ppi. However, a next generation windows phone would be great for Tmobile too. Ah well, developer preview coming in a few days to Lumia 925 on Tmobile makes me a happy camper nonetheless.

booog89 says:

I think you need the Lumia 930! High end phone! 5inch, 32gb built in but no memory slot, 802.11 AC, 20mp Pureview! Definitely Full HD, Snapdragon 800 great for games like modern combat and Halo, wonderful colours to choose and hell yeah built by NOKIA! xD

NIST says:

Where is the Rum-o-meter????

daelumia says:

I was wondering the same thing...

No, it sounds lame.

kurtd says:

Need the 930. Sick of trying to get mms working on all the unlocked devices and u don't get amber alerts etc.

ed1444 says:

Yes the 930. We need it. 

ed1444 says:

We want the 930!

Novron says:

You'll get a 925 upgrade and you'll like it.

ed1444 says:

I already have the 925 but i want the 930

Novron says:

Then get on Verizon or order the international when it comes. Otherwise, it's exclusive to Verizon in the US.

ed1444 says:

I dont want verizon or the icon. I want the 930 on tmobile

Novron says:

Want in one hand and crap in the other, see which gets filled fitlrst.

Kashyapjani says:

'Monarch' not a fit codename for 635.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yeah, must be a very small country monarch :)

Monaco has a royal family...and it's basically a town

SAM 77 says:

Aaaah Monaco

The prize for being more than just rich....

Tips_y says:

Except that the ruler of Monaco is usually referred to as a Prince rather than a Monarch.

pookiewood says:

I was thinking Monarch butterfly. Haha! I think that's more fitting for this phone.

MikeSo says:

Monarch is not a title, it's a position. A prince IS a monarch if he is the ruler.

I always said it was called Monarch because T-Mobile customers are going to get royally screwed.

HoosierDaddy says:

Could be a fit name.

Maybe the marketing campaign will be: 635, the Mercury Monarch of phones!

jabtano says:

Looking like T-MO US may not be getting a high end to replace the L925

eddieDOTexe says:

Probably later around the time the 925 came out

Micah Dawson says:

Didn't the 925 come out around June

MikeSo says:

I think it was July, but yeah sometime in summer. Wait and see, I guess. Though if this is really cheap it might be worth trying out, I suppose.

wpguy says:

July 17, 2013. Not that I'm keeping track or anything.

Aranoch says:

I think it was July 17th. Not far off, but still allows more time for the theory.

Cellus13 says:

They might get the yet to be revealed 935, lol.

If this is true, T-Mobile will have disappointed us once again.

ed1444 says:

We need the 930

Tansen says:

Sadly. Fortunately I feel the L925 still holds its own against the next generation of smart phones. Runs as smooth and quick as it did the day I bought it.

wpguy says:

+925. I can't really say any recent models have that much advantage over the 925, certainly none that seem to warrant shelling out significant cash for.

bigbmc26 says:

I just don't want a gigantic phone. My 925 is the perfect size with the 4.5 inch screen. The 1520 is way too big for my taste and the 930 is just ugly to me compared to the 925. And again, too big. Just give me a 925 with an upgraded processor.  Pleassssssssse Nokia!

rdubmu says:

The 16gig memory is what makes it not worth while

fraserzhu says:

That can be true.

TheBadGuy_88 says:

That's why I bought the 1520 (rm-938) from newegg! T-Mobile doesn't get Flagships. They just don't. I couldn't tell though with this 1520 SCREAMING on their network. 40 down 15 up. Screw carriers and they're bloatware, ridiculous firmware update wait times and their lack of support. Pay extra and buy your own phone!

Chef316 says:

I was wondering how well the 1520 does in T-Mobile. Do you get 3G, 4G or LTE?

mondokjm says:

The RM-938, or sometimes referred to as Lumia 1520.3, includes all US bands so it works absolutely perfect on T-Mobile and AT&T. That model of the phone was produced for Latin America and is unlocked, but has no issues with US carriers. There is an incredible thread in the forums about it. The thread actually convinced me to buy one yesterday. The one I purchased was from newegg.

wprocks says:

I have Lumia 1520 unlocked from AT&T and that I am using on T-Mobile in Dallas where we have refactored LTE bands and I get same speeds. I am at mercy of AT&T though for updates. Else LTE works very well.

mrpuny says:

Since even AT&T now offers discounts on their plans if you bring your own device, wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft would start selling unlocked, unbranded phones in the US that could receive updates without carrier interference or workarounds like the developer preview? It's crazy that I can buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple, Nexus and Google Play edition phones from Google, along with the unlocked Moto G and X phones, but I can't get a "Signature" (i.e. like the PCs they sell) Windows Phone.

OMG55 says:

Maybe that's why Nokia will be removed from future handset after the deal is completed.

AlexanderJJJ says:

Does the Lumia 1020 they also sell on NewEgg work just like the 1520 they sell? It says it had US LTE bands, but says it only works on 2G for T-Mobile as it says on the 1520 listings, but according to you it doesn't.

TheBadGuy_88 says:

Being that I bought the unlocked one with all of T-Mobiles bands it works as if I bought the phone from mobile themselves!!

MikeSo says:

I've been waiting to see the Latin America 1520 for sale in the US, didn't know Newegg had it. Very tempting - but now with buttonless WP 8.1 phones coming out, I don't know... Argh.

wprocks says:

True it was murphy's law that did bite me. 1520.3 showed up a week after I bought mine from Att. Sob*


I have the ATT version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 on T-Mobile here in the Phoenix area and it works like a champ. I have 4G and LTE No issue whatsoever...

tbonenga says:

I'd love to do this again. I've done it the 920 and ATIV S from Rogers. I'm using the ATIV S now. I just really need Tmo's WiFi app.

Even when I had the 925 the WiFi Calling sucked...people could hardly hear me and I could hardly hear them. Lead me to believe that WiFi calling is overrated.

Therefore I bought the 1520.3 (Model# RM938) from NewEgg.com and never regretted it. I have 2G, 3G, H, H+ & 4G LTE access on T-Mobile Network.

tbonenga says:

Hmm I'm gonna research this. I could've sworn I read that phone was missing Tmo's LTE bands

The NewEgg.com website is wrong in its listing of bands that work on T-Mobile.
So maybe check-out the 1520.3 on NegriElectronics.com since they have the correct listing.

tbonenga says:

Hey if he's happy that's all that matters. I found a link that says it doesn't have all the LTE bands.

You do realize there are several 1520 Models out in the wild?
Models RM937, RM940 & RM938.

The RM938 aka the Nokia Lumia 1520.3 has all the T-Mobile Bands including 4G LTE.

trinkner says:

T-Mo gets flagships from every other producer except Nokia.  S5, iPhone, etc. But not for WP.

MikeSo says:

To be fair, it took a loooong time before T-mobile got the iPhone.

AkAdam says:

I also bought the RM-938 Lumia 1520.3 from Newegg! Its a great phone, and the only way to get a high end phone on T-mobile. Its a little pricey but well worth it! Works perfectly on T-mobile. Just do a search for "1520.3" on the WPC forums to read more.

S_C_B says:

This is very good news. I'm gonna check out Newegg!

Soypan says:

Being a Mexican, I never thought I'd see the day people from the US imported high end electronics from Latin America :P

gerrymad says:

The Newegg version says only 16GB of storage. For $30 more at Negri Electronics you can get a 1520.3 version with 32 GB with the same US LTE frequencies.

Ian Hanson says:

The specs on the Newegg site incorrect and don't represent the actual size device. It's 32gb as it should be - all the threads and reviews confirm this.

MikeSo says:

Cool. Might use my tax refund on this... So tempting!

gerrymad says:

Thanks for the clarification. I'm trying to decided between this and the 930. I need to go to the MIcrosoft store to hold the 1520. I'm still a bit unsure it it's too bigor not.

Aashish13 says:

What time will wp8.1 will be released on 14th? Morning or evening?? (IST)

cyborg4 says:

Nobody knows...*SLAP!*

jlynnm350z says:

That joke is so s... *shoots you in face with gun!*

jlynnm350z says:

Besides my jokes seem faster

cyborg4 says:

Ah, but the real question is will your jokes run on my Lum*SLAP!*

Roach26 says:

Most likely in the evening...

Because this is absolutely relevant to this article...isn't it ;)

Aashish13 says:

But most of us are excited right. Wp8.1 is imp till the release

Tips_y says:

It's just a way to rekindle the fire doused by the not-so-great reveal of the "un-monarch" 635.

Don't talk like that. You aren't Daniel. Only Daniel talks like that.

ebin5 says:

Most likely nearing midnight.

2tomtom says:

Delayed for a week :D

2tomtom says:

Link below;

:D :D :D :D

S Vaibhav says:

Yes bhai, GDR 3 Preview was also released around this time only ;)

Dean McCrae says:

I'm already running it, aren't you? Seems faster too...

No one knows.  However, MS historically turns on Windows Phone updates at 10am Pacific time.  That's when I'd start cheking...  :)

MikeSo says:

I'll start checking the moment I wake up on Monday.

Roach26 says:

Monday can't come soon enough. Need WP 8.1 on my 1020.

Sarang68 says:

Since nobody above did it i will put in my +1520.

2tomtom says:

+930...oh, wait not got it yet.....damn

lippidp says:

Hooray for early adopters! Eagerly awaiting your problem reports.

ebin5 says:

Still there is martini and rock which evleaks confirmed as lumia 530.

Md Anwer says:

windows 8.1 + cortana.. can't wait till monday? what if I die on sunday midnight? :o no!!!!!!!!!!!

Edward Kang says:

Later you will say the same thing to w8.2

Md Anwer says:

let me survive for 8.1 first.

Aashish13 says:

Take your phone with u update it in heaven or hell.

Md Anwer says:

i don't think god will permit that. :(

Aniket Bhat says:

Well you could go haunt google, people will be traumatized there then android will fall out of the top 3 and windows phone will rise to the top !!!! Muwhahahahahahahahahahahaha 

Md Anwer says:

i will haunt windows people instead so that in future they will not repeat the same things. !! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Aashish13 says:

Check if WiFi connection is there otherwise strive to live anyhow till monday

James8561 says:

Im ready to ditch AT&T for T-Mobile. I'm just waiting for a flagship Nokia for T-Mobile like the 925 to switch.

Joe Strouth says:

Don't hold your breath. =/

Whose breathe should he hold then?

ScubaNitrox says:

I may and take my 920 over there. But I rather get a new high end one if they ever get one

SpiDe1500 says:

As a European I can't get it... Just buy the L930 / Icon for ~600 USD and then get a contract for about ~ 20-30 USD / month. Thats how we do it here... a lot of benefits: You can buy / sell a phone whenever you  want, you can change the provider whenever you want (some contracts here can be cancelled every month...). Whydo americans buy everything on credit  (subsidized phone by the contract)? ~.~

James8561 says:

the thing is, in the US, all the carriers use completely different LTE bands. those bands are also completely different from international carriers. so if you want LTE, you have to buy phones from that carrier.

it sucks :\

Ian Hanson says:

That's not 100% true for all cases; for example, the unlocked 1520.3, aka the RM-938, is an international phone and works perfectly for T-Mo and AT&T.  Get it off contract and get a cheap plan through T-Mo and you're set!

Tansen says:

might as well just stick with the L925, doesn't look like Tmobile will be getting a better windows phone for a whil. Besides, the L925 is just as beautiful and fast as the day I got it. It really is the perfect size too.

RaRa85 says:

Lol don't come to T-Mobile for a high)end WP. Your best bet is unlocking your device and bring it over. My unlocked 920 works flawlessly except I can only send/receive MMS when I'm on 4G/E which proves to be quite a task since I get LTE 98% of the time now. Besides the MMS and not being able to enable WiFi tethering, its almost as if I bought the phone through T-Mobile.

weetigo says:

I think phones like the 520/1 and 635 are more important to windows phone to increase marketshare than fringe expensive devices like the 1520 ever could. Plus its likely to be the cheapest LTE "budget" phone in the market, with the worlds fastest virtual keyboard, notifications, and Cortana. This phone, like I said in past comments about the 520/1, could be the most important windows phone yet.

tbonenga says:

I agree but Tmobile needs a High End W8Phone too. I jumped my 925 to a Note 3 because I wanted a High End Big Screen phone. The 635 doesn't persuade me to leave my note 3. A 935, 1525 or ATIV SE I'd have jumped on immediately.

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weetigo says:

The 635 is rolling out first. The 930 is following close behind. I think they were smarter issuing a 521 sequel first as they likely had more of those customers. Best wishes on scoring the 930 too when it gets its release.

MikeSo says:

I just wish the 635 had something the 521 doesn't. Front facing camera, flash or more memory, for example. It doesn't.

x_rus_x says:

That's exactly how I am feeling right now. I was actually looking to get myself a Note 3 because T-Mobile cannot get a freakin flagship phone - and when I say flagship, I mean that it is their flagship and not any carrier will have the same phone *cough*AT&T*cougfh.

That's what really pissed me off. AT&T could get T-Mobile flagship phones, but T-Mobile cannot get AT&T flagship phone.

RaRa85 says:

But how many people really want a phone missing such commonplace features like FFCs and flash and more than a tiny bit of storage? More importantly how many people don't already have a phone more capable than this? But the numbers show as with the 520, some people can enjoy the starter phones with the low price.

weetigo says:

Moto G, no lte is likely motorolas best selling phone this year, even with the wood backs on the Moto maker (drool). Samsung has similar but lte pricing typically starts around $300, (in Canada). Now offer consumers a sub $200 (hoping) LTE version. Tmobile, ATT,Verizon get more subs on their faster lines, hell Rogers, TELUS, and Fido too. There's a bigger market in the lower end. More phones to buy for kids, relatives etc. You have better. Great. Wait your turn. Mine I'm waiting for a 1020 sequel. But I'll be likely buying 5-8 of these 635 when they launch for nephews, nieces, etc. 930 looks lacking without glance for me.

tbonenga says:

I said this about 2 weeks ago and got Blasted because I got it off WMPoweruser. LOL.. Everyone said WMPoweruser stuff was bogus. I guess not :)
Don't get me wrong I prefer WPCentral but I like them too.

Jf.Vigor says:

And the funny thing is, nobody will tell you sorry lol

tbonenga says:

Haha, they don't have to. We knew I was right all along.

MikeSo says:

Sorry. Even a blind hen finds a corn sometimes. ;)

Manny C says:

Nope nope nope. Need a high end phone.

Flagz says:

NO. Omfg evleaks please be wrong about this. This is BULL I have NOT used my JUMP upgrade waiting for a damn High End Phone. I'm not gonna throw $400+ at a unlocked phone when I'm still paying EIP balances on my current phone. I want a JUMP UPGRADE to a higher end phone Tmobile. Listen to your customers.


wariscoming says:

My feelings exactly. So basically if you're a Windows Phone die-hard on T-Mobile, it's pointless to sign up for JUMP...like I did.

gregoron says:

This is why I "jumped" and bought the 925 for $200 at Newegg. It sucks to be a WP user at TMO. Need I remind everyone of the 810 that TMO orphaned? I would not recommend getting JUMP for WP.

dmmuldoon says:

I have 1020 love it, nobody else around here has one though, i wonder too do low end devices promote the ecosystem better than these superphones, can't wait to have 8.1 on this badboy!!

nez99 says:

Bring on the 1830

Soble says:


Chef316 says:

Dang...I was hoping Monarch would mean Flagship...like a L1525....or L1025....not a L635...

RaRa85 says:

They didn't look up the definition of monarch.lol The 635 is far from it.

Tragic says:

You can easily remove carrier apps but I agree with you on the phone part 100%.

bhatech says:

What about ugly carrier logos?

RaRa85 says:

Monarch-one superior to all others of the same kind. I really hope they didn't waste such a great codename on such an underwhelming device. I m really going to make my voice heard to T-Mobile this year when it comes to picking better Lumia devices. I mean it's fine if you wanna do the budget/entry phone thing but at least give the people who've been around awhile a truly good reason to upgrade and not some 16gb, non SD slot almost flagship like the 925.(my old HTC Titan had the same amount of storage). We need more 920s, 1520s, and 930s of the world on our carrier.

Ian Hanson says:

Just buy the 1520 unlocked and use it on T-Mobile. Works perfectly! The rm-938 version.

RaRa85 says:

You are my friend.lol Cause that's exactly what I'm going to do. It's clearly the best available Lumia(size my take adjusting to). Camera is really excellent, new chipsets and power, addition of SD slot(missing in 920, 928, 930, 925, 1020) and has Glance. The omission of Qi charging is a non factor for me. And the size will be great when gaming and watching media.

Tips_y says:

What a let down! A lot of people are going to be disappointed :-( The word "monarch" is such a misnomer for the 635!

But then again, if the 635 turns out to be an unmitigated hit, then it will indeed be the 'monarch" of WP8.1. I hope, it is in this sense that the 635 will earn the moniker "monarch".

Monarch is also a low cost British airline...just sayin' :P

theefman says:

This shouldn't surprise anyone, T-Mobile has always been an android shop, then they got the iphone and nothing else matters to them. If you're not prepared to import a better phone att/AIO may be your best bet for a flagship WP device.

Jf.Vigor says:

You must be talking about sprint lol

89caps says:

Nobody talks about Sprint here

Ordeith says:

One of the many reasons I moved to AIO :)

Please turn over or throw out that broken record already.

Ordeith says:

T-Mobile continues to deliver the bad experiences, especially for WP fans. That broken record is something THEY need to fix.

lubbalots says:

Sucks to tmo...

patstar5 says:

I was going to switch to windows phone but is still lacks printer support, chrome and other google apps, plus candy crush. I don't understand the 635, is it replacement for 520? If it is it should be price accordingly, however the 620 had front camera and I think flash on back which the 635 lacks. Nokia needs to be able to beet motorola g, since they will make lte version of it this year. Well I am probably going to get project ara for my next phone, so I never have to buy a new phone I just upgrade modules, I really wish Microsoft would make a modular phone, maybe they could even use googpe's hardware since google said anyone can sell it, but if you want to be on their store you have to follow their rules.

patstar5 says:

I was going to switch to windows phone but is still lacks printer support, chrome and other google apps, plus candy crush. I don't understand the 635, is it replacement for 520? If it is it should be price accordingly, however the 620 had front camera and I think flash on back which the 635 lacks. Nokia needs to be able to beet motorola g, since they will make lte version of it this year. Well I am probably going to get project ara for my next phone, so I never have to buy a new phone I just upgrade modules, I really wish Microsoft would make a modular phone, maybe they could even use googpe's hardware since google said anyone can sell it, but if you want to be on their store you have to follow their rules.

Montpbm says:

Their is printer support and Candy Crush for Windows Phones so what are you talking about!?

keezdriver says:

I can print to my Epson printer with print hand, but candy crush?

atkichr says:

Their isn't candy crush and probably 3/4 of the games he or she plays on wp. One of the bug reasons I won't go back to wp. Also the lack of notification light and lack of customization.

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Aashish13 says:

U can try hexix from microsoft studios or frozen free fall. We dont need candy crush anymore. The lack of Google apps u may feel dor which goofle is to be blamed as they are afraid of microsoft. But u can for microsoft services which are also equally good.