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Nokia Music updated to version 2.0

WP Central

While Nokia appears to be on an OEM app updating spree, the Finnish manufacturer has also included their Nokia Music app for Windows Phone, which has now been bumped to version 2.0. This follows both Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive that were both recently updated.

Nokia Music enables Lumia Windows Phone owners to listen to genre mixes, and is the manufacturer's attempt to provide consumers with a solution should Zune not be readily available. The said mixes are available to play offline and can be pinned to the home screen for convenient access. Background playback is supported, but there are some limitations such as the inability to rewind the mix, it's best to think of this app as a personal radio.

The mixes are updated every so often with new tracks included and the best part of the service is it's completely free. "Progressive downloading" is taken to the next level with the included functionality for "Music DNA" to scan your PC library and tailor the mixes to your personal taste. If you'd like to have even more control over what content is available to you, you can even select individual artists for the app to take into account.

Nokia Music App

As well as streaming and personalisation options, we have a gig finder, which will search for local gigs near to your location, and access to the Nokia Music Store where the latest hits are on sale. Although it's well suited for emerging markets, Nokia Music is a superb music streaming app that would fulfill the needs of a daily commuter, or someone who enjoys music but doesn't wish to pay for a Zune Pass.

As for version 2.0 - we've reached out to Nokia for the update change log, but unfortunately it appears as though only UI and audio improvements are included. Be sure to let us know in the comments should you find anything. You can download Nokia Music from the Marketplace on your Lumia Windows Phone (not available in the U.S.).



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srlnclt says:

I'm guessing this isn't for the US?  I'm not seeing it on my 710.

Rich Edmonds says:

I don't believe it is, will add into post :-)

srlnclt says:

You got my hopes up!!! :)

jalb says:

Shame, that.  It's the only thing about the Lumia that appeals to me.

Cyruss1989 says:

Try to change your phones region to UK and have a look if you can load it, afterwards you can switch back to America. This trick works for Germany at least.

mahesham22 says:

Not working in india
Gives phone software version error while it's already up to date
Think not launched in india yet

kunwar_91 says:

uninstall and reinstall ... worked for me :)

ejlee072006 says:

I think it's chinese

tissotti says:

It's an amazing service. It's only service like this i know that costs nothing and does not have any ads.
Nokia Music 2.0 made me stwitch to it over Zune player. It's now as smooth as it can be and the gig, backgrounds are great.
Can't believe how slow Microsoft is globally at bringing their music store. Lack of music store also means you don't get artist backgrounds on Zune. This goes for 95% of Europe lacking the service and i believe non of this exists in Asia either.
Scared to think of where WP would be globally without Nokia.

Not working on my lumia 710, it shows my software older although it is latest available from both Nokia and Microsoft.

Also I have reinstalled it but shows same error.

Guys and Girls plz post your post or comment on an existing post Nokia Discussions

thrmacho says:

check the reply on your post @Nokia Discussions

llanos5000 says:

I wish I had Nokia music for my imported Hong Kong model. This sucks.

flem4800 says:

Not working on my phone in Denmark.

xmarklive says:

I have a lumia 710 on tmobile USA yet I can't download it ,it says device doesn't support it.

Says need to update software on my Lumia 900 but it's updated.