Nokia Music updated to version 3.5 with minor improvements

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You can count on Nokia to keep on fine tuning their own apps, each version brings us a step closer to perfection. Today an update is heading out for Nokia Music, their free to listen music service.

The release notes for version 3.5 are scant but we suspect this is version isn’t serving up any new features as the release app notes still show the same features as in version 3.0 which we reported on back in July.

Here is the marketplace feature list:

  • Download all types of mixes to listen to offline
  • 'pin to start' any mix, so you can quickly play your favourites
  • See what mixes and songs you've previously listened to by tapping 'recent mixes'
  • Search for gigs by artist, venue and city
  • Share details of the song you are playing to social networks, via email and messaging
  • Fixed disappearing menu options

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Owl City Image Gallery - Nokia Music 3.5

Version 3.5 looks to be a very minor update, certainly enough so that we cannot determine any real changes here. If you have a Nokia then you should check out this app, its listed in the Nokia section of the marketplace. If you already have the app installed then clicking on the marketplace link below will trigger the app to show as an update you can then click on. 

**Update** we have reports that as well as performance improvements there is now an image gallery of the artist being played which you can then save to your phone. 

If you are a seasoned regular user of Nokia Music and have noticed anything that’s changed, please let us know. While we have your attention, what improvements would you like to see included with Nokia Music? SmartGlass integration, play to built in? We'd love to hear from you.

Thanks, @JCWinupd8, for the tip!

Marketplace link - Here



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lowlymarine says:

Just as a heads up, updating to this version wiped out my saved mixes.  Not a huge deal as I had only recreated a couple after hard resetting my phone the other day to change my MS account, but if you have a lot you may want to hold off for another update, or at least make sure you write them down.

Shane says:

It appears to have fixed the problem I was having playing a certain mix. I used that same mix a few of times while I was working out. After a few plays, that particular mix just stopped functioning. I was able to play other mixes.

kobik says:

hey guys, i have an US live id, but i live in ukraine(europe). From the very beginning i had Nokia Music on my phone(mix radio and stuff), but since Nokia music was launched in US, i tryed  to update it, and after that the mix radio has missed from Nokia Music and i had to make hard reset. So the question is: am i able somehow update(install) nokia music in a way that i would have my mix radio and stuff now.(thank you and sorry for my english)

Jey Si says:

If you are living in other location but using US account, you can now access mix radio and download music for offline use.

kobik says:

This began from the previous update or this 3.5?

Jey Si says:

when Nokia Music went live in the US, mix radio and other options in the Nokia Music can be accessed using a trick when u r not residing in the US but using a UUS account. Now in 3.5, you can now access these features without using the trick. :)

Dare2Blink says:

I am also having the same problem for quite a while now. If my memory serve me right it was when it went live for the US that it stopped working for me. when I say stopped working I mean that the only options available in the app are "my music" and "settings" making it completely useless. I have tried reinstalling many times but as soon as it connects to the internet the other options are gone. Any ideas?

kobik says:

I updated nokia music to the 3.5 version and still have this problem...Should make the hard reset again. wtf

kobik says:

i don't know how. but after reinstalling the app and restarting the prone itself, the mix radio suddenly appeared in the menu and now i am able to listen to it. Please try to do this and report what do u have

Dare2Blink says:

Awesome after reinstaling the app and restarting the phone it now works. thanks for the tip, I have been missing this app for months now

Can anybody tell me if Nokia music is available/works in Canada? My next phone will be a Nokia either way, but if it's available it would be AWESOME!!

Dare2Blink says:

Since i´m in Angola and it works, i´m quite confident that it will work for you in canada

Its not available in Canada, I get the unavailable message when I try to d/l it.

uopjo6 says:

Can we have any other music service here in Hong Kong other than iTunes??! Such a big international city with so less support. Could be some royalty problems but c'mon.....

aubreyq says:

Wow, really? One would think you had choices over there other than iTunes.

guilhermedsx says:

Major improvement for people in Brazil in this update: now we get background images for all artists.

Netro1 says:

Great update

tissotti says:

Loving this.
Nokia Music has now replaced Zune player as my default music player.

guilhermedsx says:

Yes, replacing Zune for me as well. 

monigal2 says:

I want to be able to skip songs without limit, and have more than 4 offline stations at a time..but it is very good the way it is, I have no need for Xbox music

I stopped using Nokia Music when Microsoft launched Xbox Music free streaming on Windows 8. 

LuxQN says:

The day the music died.