National Geographic photographer and Nokia produce stunning images of Rio de Janeiro

Stephen Alvarez

Nokia teamed up with National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez (@alvarephoto) last summer to promote the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020. Stephen and Nokia took the Lumia 1020 to the Grand Canyon in the United States to produce some stellar images. The partnership continues as Stephen recently visited Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to capture more beautiful images with the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 1520. Check out the incredible video and a few images after the break.

As you know, the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 are capable of capturing RAW images in the DNG file format. This is an option that Nokia added after feedback from hobbyist and professional photographers. Nokia also released color profiles for the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 for anyone using Adobe Lightroom to edit those files. Photographers like Stephen put those capabilities to work as you can see in the images from his trip to Rio.

Nokia Rio

It’s also worth noting that Stephen and Nokia obviously have a very close working relationship. He’s a professional photographer that gives the imaging team feedback from the field. Which is why you’ll notice he’s probably using and testing a future version of Nokia Camera. See the screengrab from the video below? He’s probably testing out some future features we can enjoy in Nokia Camera someday. HDR maybe? Give us your best guess. 

Future Nokia Camera

Beautiful images from Stephen and the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520. You’ll want to click through to the source link below to see all of the images from Stephan and his Nokia’s during his trip to Rio. The images are great and definitely inspire us to go out and shoot more.Don’t forget to read tips from Stephen on how to capture the best images with these cameras. 

Source: National Geographic x Nokia



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Sam Sabri says:

Now excuse me as I immediately fly down to Rio with my Lumia 1020. 

Jabid21 says:

I'll also tag along. But first, let me take a selfie.

The city where I live is 45min away flying to Rio. You will be welcome!! Love my country. :)

NIST says:

We'll need your address so we can stay with you.

rodneyej says:

Oohhhh god NIST... Stop it will you❕.. He doesn't play that Elton John $hit...

rodneyej says:

Whatever you do don't let NIST stay with you❕❕.... That is, of course, unless you like that sort of thing...

Duduosf says:

I live in Sao Paulo. Call me out when you land here! o//

Hey man, I go to Sao Paulo at least twice a month for work.. I might take u up on that.

Duduosf says:

Well, I'm actually from Santos. You work close to SP?

rodneyej says:

Ummm.. I wanna go to shoot some videos... I've actually got a lot of videos that were shot in Rio, and they have inspired me to shoot some of my own..

DJCBS says:

Actually, you'd do better to visit the North of Brasil (Natal, Bahia, etc) instead. It's prettier and way safer than Rio (I wouldn't take a Nokia L1020 to Rio de Janeiro without bodyguards...just sayin'... ;) ).

Sam Sabri says:

Brah, I can handle my own. I feel bad for anyone who tries any funny business with me. 

DJCBS says:

Well, good luck then! We'll certainly miss you, may you rest in peace ;P


(You still should check Northern Brasil though...)

Duduosf says:

It's not like that, actually. I'm Brazilian and I thought Rio was like that before I actually went there. Copacabana, Leblon, Botafogo, Barra. These are the places to go: gorgeous, with lots of hot women and very civilised. You won't regret it, trust me ;)

DJCBS says:

I've been there =P We were advised by the local authorities to never carry anything of value with us, only the essential. Hence the warning. Just passing the message =P

Duduosf says:

Oh... Well, if the authorities said that, who am I to tell otherwise?? Lol I hope this World Cup passes by peacefully

rodneyej says:

Really?........ What about these "guns" over here? ..... Can't touch this!❕

hs k says:

If anyone goes touching my phone, its HAMMERTIME, nana nanna Can't touch this

They need visit the MidWest (Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso) where stay Pantanal.

There are a lot of natural landscaps a beautful skyline and a wonderful set of the sun.

I live in Mato Grosso do Sul and i can show you some pictures from my 'area' with my L720 :)

São Paulo over here too :)

Hmm, i was given the Option to go somewhere on Vacation. I think ill choose Rio. If i ever do go (witch would be someone in next month or after that) Ill post some pictures taken with my 1020 on my Tiwtter, @ForceablePlace.

abdhoms says:

My L925 isn't bad either. It performs just as good at night.

Belive me. It may seem to take Similar pictures (It still takes great ones) but its nothing like a L1020.

imLou says:

after a few stolen devices.


My 3310 taped to a Nikon can do this.

1x250 says:

And yet, its not a WP device.

Aniket Bhat says:

Well at least with that in hand, you don't need any other weapon... :P

Karthik Naik says:

so can my 720 taped to a 1020 lol


Next they bring that 1020 to space for some real photos.

Tafsern says:

A photo is a photo no matter where you take it.

At least, nobody would complain about the phone being heavy in those climes.

Nokia should work on fixing the yellow hue and blur that affects most the Lumias cameras nowadays.

Duduosf says:

I hate the greenish tint that comes on most photos on my 925! Thought Update 3 would've fixed that...

spinzeroWL says:

Just keep your iso to 200 or lower. Problem solved

Robborboy says:

Translation: Just cut out half of the situational usage.

spinzeroWL says:

Translation: you would still be better off in 50% of situations...
Until such time as Nokia fix the iso issue, this is the easiest workaround. Take it or leave it.

peachy001 says:

I thought those lights in the last image looked quite green.

prowade says:

I wish that T-Mobile would get a WP with a 1020 quality camera

Marco Gomes1 says:

Best camera on smartphones by far. Lumia 1020 and 1520 are have no competition.

DJCBS says:

The L1020 doesn't have competition. Completely agree. But the L1520 has real competition from Sony's Z1 Compact and Z2.

OMG! Absolutely stunning

They need visit Pantanal, Brazil to took images from the amazing and wonderful nature...

2tomtom says:

Really impressed with this. This should be shortened and used as a TV ad. Sure sales would be boosted.



Para nós, brasileiros, o Rio de Janeiro é um caos. A criminalidade que é extremamente ressaltada na mídia nacional, faz desda bela cidade um inferno. É claro que não é uma cidade pacífica, mas não é a pior. O Rio de Janeiro é como qualquer outra metrópole do mundo, tem suas faces. Infelizmente a que nós brasileiros vemos é a face malígnia, devassa e perigosa. 

Ótimo trabalho este da Nat Geo e a Nokia. Mostrando ao mundo as belezas do Brasil, longe da periculosidade.

Amo meu País, apesar de tudo o que acontece e de como ele é visto lá fora, mesmo assim é minha casa e com toda a certeza, recomendo a todos conhecerem.


I wrote in portuguese because i can say better what i feel. I really would like that all of you could read and understand it but writing in my language I could tell it better..

DJCBS says:

O Brasil, como bom filho que é, segue as pegadas do pai Portugal. Óptimos países destruídos por classes políticas corruptas. Mas infelizmente a criminalidade no Brasil, especialmente no Rio de Janeiro, é muitíssimo mais elevada que nas outras capitais do Mundo Ocidental.

Ainda assim eu acho que o Brasil tem uma boa imagem internacional aos olhos dos turistas. Mas há a clara noção que o Rio de Janeiro (menos até que São Paulo) é uma cidade perigosa. Cabe ao Governo Brasileiro mudar isso. Mas, mais uma vez, tal como Portugal, em vez de gastar dinheiro nisso, gasta-se no futebol.

Eu estive duas vezes no Brasil e gostei...mas devo confessar que gostaría mais se o parvo do D. Pedro IV não se tivesse posto a brincar aos Imperadores...Tornava tudo bem mais simples. Não querem voltar ao Reino Unido de Portugal e Brasil? ;D


I answered in Portuguese just because it's nice to be able to use my own native language once in a while. But hey...you can always use Goog...I mean, Bing Translator to figure out what's written. Or just learn Portuguese and Brazilian (not the same thing) and gain yourself command of the 5th most spoken language in the World ;P

Infelizmente nosso governo é muito corrupto para cuidar de nossa segurança. Pagamos muitos tributos (sim, é um dos países com impostos mais caros do mundo), tributos esses que deveriam nos resultar em uma qualidade de vida elevada e que só com impostos poderiamos ser uma potência mundial.

Você mesmo pode ver o impostômetro e verá quanto pagamos por dia em impostos ao governo. 

http://www.impostometro.com.br/ (Link do Impostômetro).

Para encerrar, o Brasil não se resume apenas ao Rio e São Paulo. Somos uma nação grande, contrastante, onde pode encontrar Neve no Sul e Dunas de deserto no Nordeste, Floresta densa e úmida no Norte e uma Planície alagável cheia de vida animal e vegetal no Centro-oeste, sem contar as belas Praias nordestinas e as ilhas desertas. 

É um país lindo, que aos poucos, recupera-se e emerge da corrupção. Estamos lentamente combatendo este mal e vamos conseguir.

Obrigado por responder, é bom saber que é um falante da Língua Portuguesa (Sim, apesar das diferenças, aqui no Brasil ainda chamamos de Língua Portuguesa, e é uma língua linda na qual me orgulho em ser falante) e é bom saber que já visitou minha "terrinha".

For all Wpcentral users, I'm sorry to do this off-topic but i really need to do this.

As DJCBS sad..  "I answered in Portuguese just because it's nice to be able to use my own native language once in a while. But hey...you can always use Goog...I mean, Bing Translator to figure out what's written. Or just learn Portuguese and Brazilian (not the same thing) and gain yourself command of the 5th most spoken language in the World ;P"

Thanks for all. 

DJCBS says:

É o que eu disse: o Brasil aprendeu o pior com Portugal. Nós cá em Portugal, um país Europeu, parte da "União Europeia" e que supostamente deveria ser um país civilizacionalmente avançado, temos um Estado que nos rouba da mesma maneira. Por exemplo, em Portugal, dos 12 meses do ano, um trabalhador passa mais de metade deles a trabalhar só para pagar impostos. O Estado leva-nos mais de metade do salário anual em impostos.
E mesmo assim ainda conseguiram levar o país, novamente, quase à bancarrota. Alguém devia criar um site igual a esse para cá...


O Brasil tem feito progressos enormes. Eu estive aí a primeira vez em 2002, pouco antes da eleição do Lula para o primeiro mandato. Voltei em 2008 já no final do segundo governo dele. As diferenças eram enormes, especialmente no que toca ao valor do nosso velhinho Real que vocês preservaram e a nossa 1ª República cá substituiu pelo Escudo (e depois pelo Euro).


Os Brasileiros têm é de continuar a sair para a rua. Não deixem os vossos Governos continuar como estão porque nós daqui deste lado do Atlântico estamos a ver-vos cometer exactamente os mesmos erros que nós cometemos há duas décadas.

E sim, por enquanto ainda falamos todos Português (mas já há Académicos no Brasil que defendem a autonomização do "Brasileiro") e entendemo-nos lindamente, ainda que os "Abortos Ortográficos" estejam a tentar destruir isso e a mutilar a nossa bela Língua, tão rica em diferenças.



And now we'll try to resume to English so that the other readers of WPCentral don't start to feel excluded (or as we say here "não fiquem como burros a olhar para um palácio").


WPit says:

The other capitals have different demographics. I would not ask you about sources though, because in this subject, they aren't reliable. Thing is, don't throw stones in a glass house. Brazil is cool if you are cool, like any other place. There are somethings we simply don't have a clue about. I believe this subject is one of those. And Brazil's capital is Brasília, but ok, I will give you this one, Rio is it's state capital.

All WPCentral fans are welcome here!


DJCBS says:

Have you understood what I wrote? Or used a good online translator? I think either "no" or you did and the translator was awful.

I've been to Brasil twice and I am from the country that created Brasil: Portugal. We understand Brasil probably way better than any other country on Earth. We have lots of people living in Brasil and there are lots of Brazilians living here. We have access, therefore, to first hand information better than anyone else. We haven't been attacking anything nor discriminating anything. We're talking about things that we are quite more aware about than the common WPCentral user. And that's why I and Eduardo have even been talking about it in Portuguese. ;)

WPit says:

You, portuguese, first opinion-makers about us, brazilian think tankers? DJCBS, you are joking, right? BTW, I am a fan of some of your posts, but sometimes you are just over the top, like on this one.

Aprecio a maneira com que você escreve a respeito dos celulares Nokia. Cool! Às vezes, porém, não temos acesso a certas informações sobre as quais escrevemos, e especular acerca do assunto acaba por ser arriscado. Leia esse comentário apenas como uma sugestão de outro fã.

Contudo, sou um fã diferente. Curto mais os Nokias pelo OS, não pelo hardware, que também é killer, claro! : )

DJCBS says:

We do get more information than our neighbours in Spain or people in France, Germany, etc. Are you sure you used the term "think-tanker" correctly? 'cause I don't see the connection with what I wrote.


Eu não estou a especular sobre nada. Nós recebemos notícias do Brasil diariamente em Portugal (o contrário não acontece no Brasil, como eu pude testemunhar quando aí estive. O que é pena porque no Brasil ainda há muito a ideia de um Portugal de à 50 anos de Manéis e Joaquins - ambos nomes raramente usados hoje em dia...especialmente Joaquim lol). Além disso temos imensos brasileiros a viver cá. Nós cá temos imenso acesso ao estado de coisas no Brasil (os nossos políticos adooooram lamber as botas a quem quer que esteja no Palácio do Planalto). Quando não são os telejornais a informar-nos são vizinhos que são brasileiros, ou um treinador do ginásio que é brasileiro, ou um colega do emprego, ou um actor ou actriz brasileiros que vão a um programa e contam. Eu, vivendo em Lisboa, tenho imensos amigos brasileiros que cá estão a trabalhar mas têm as famílias no Brasil.

Percebemos melhor que os Brasileiros o que se passa? Não. Percebemos melhor o que se passa do que a Alemanha ou os EUA? Sim.
E também conseguimos ver de fora. Quando fizemos as asneiras cá, também não notámos que as estavamos a fazer. Provavelmente, nessa altura, no Brasil perceberam-nas. Ou alguém na Europa percebeu.


Sim, nós temos muito mais informação e percebemos muito melhor o Brasil do que qualquer outro país. O que é natural. Tudo o que escrevi aqui foi com base ou em informações de amigos brasileiros ou experiência pessoal. ;)

WPit says:

Think tanker was an example. One specific brazilian institution should know better about Brazil, obviously. Obvious proposition. Forget it, though. No big deal.

Portugal and Brazil are cool. Love them. Hey partner, we import your wines a lot!

Nice to hear your thoughts and experience with other brazilians.

Rocking my 925 here a lot. Can't wait for 8.1 DJCBS!

What do you think about lumias' lives after the 8.1 release? Let's get started here, missing some of your posts. Don't put up only with hardware, please! Lol!

Karthik Naik says:

Ignore this comment , was for some other post

Duduosf says:

You from Portugal or something?? Nice translation, though, Bing. Haha

DJCBS says:

Yes I'm from Portugal. "Duduosf...I...am your father" *inhales*
I'm pretty sure Bing wouldn't respect the Portuguese spelling and would use the Brazilian one if I used it. Google Translator does it. Not to mention...it would produce an hilarious mess of a comment LOL!

micallan_17 says:

I agree with you, i know spanish and a tiny bit of portuguese and the spanish helps with understanding :), but i agree with you, most time people only see the bad but there is a lot of good in every country and no matter what, always be proud of where you come from

wraedeo_hed says:

The yellow hue, and blur effect are from the in camera processing for jpegs. The raw or dng files should fix that.

Robborboy says:

Unfortunately Nokia saw fit to only allow RAW shooting on 1020+. Why is beyond me.

i am happy with my lumia 1520 notice see what i can doe with it

it is really astonishing :D

thx Nokia !

thaman04 says:

Absolutely breathtaking! 

Were these full videos really shot on a Lumia 1020 /1520?   That video quality is outstading!  Those photos are breathtaking too!



jojoe42 says:

An HDR option would be greatly appreciated in Nokia Camera, and a panorama option (that is actually in a decent resolution) would be nice to have in the stock camera app. Every other OS has a camera app with a panorama function!!!

paulomalley says:

Thank you for answering the question posed in the article... I agree with you 100% about the Panorama bit... There are no good Panorama apps on Windows Phone... It annoys me no end...

Nice!! I Love to read this. I live in Rio de Janeiro state in the city call Niteroi. Is wonderful place for tourism. I know we have a lot of violence but is no THAT bad. Is just a nice place to visit!

booog89 says:

They should visit Langkawi too :)

TheRem says:

1020 is awesome but I still can't afford it. :(

I'll be bringing my 1520 to Rio for the World Cup, if I spot any locals with Windows Phones I'll be sure to ask if they frequent WPCentral and also to have a beer!

Come to southern Brazil in winter. It's beautiful. 
I live in Londrina, Paraná-Brazil

Martinio32 says:

Why not Marbella or Monte Carlo?

And im just sitiing here in greece with my Ativ S waiting for 440 euros to buy this phone -.-

IntoTheSun says:

This is good for a phone but after seeing low compression 1080 smooth 60p from a Panasonic GH camera makes me want something a lot less blocky and jumpy even from a phone. I hope Nokia impresses again by the end of this year.

Th3 I3LooD says:

I'm also anxiously awaiting the next pureview monster camera phone, my 1020 is great and just earlier today I snapped some breathtaking pictures from the roof of the Casino I work at. I live in a very beautiful part if South Africa that can give Rio or any other place on earth a run for its money, that said I would love to visit Brazil someday!

Even though I love my 1020 it keeps letting me down! It constantly struggles to focus, pictures are often noisy or blurry and it has even deleted pictures from my camera roll randomly all by itself (black update seems to have fixed this) not to mention the annoying space limitation!

I do hope Nokiasoft fixes all of this and their next super camera phone lives up to all the hype because, at least for me, the 1020 didn't.

Law Essay says:

Just throw in the towel and admit there are more beautiful places on earth than those in S Africa. I have visited overrated Cape Town-barren flat topped rock of Table Mountain- and having seen photos of Rio with the lush green surrounds there is no comparison. The vistas from Rio are so varied with so many rock formations in the sea. The only places to rival Rio are Hobart, Vancouver, San Francisco and Sydney. Why do S Africans resent other country's beautiful cities--jealousy probably.

gamato says:

One thing that is very poorly done is switching between picture ratios that I use often when switching between landscape vs portrait modes. It is even worse in Nokia's Camera than in builtin app. Also not being able to change any settings when launched from lock screen is a big disadvantage of Nokia's vs builtin app.

Law Essay says:

What a truly stunning city Rio is. I have visited Cape Town and it cannot hold a candle to Rio. Anyone who wakes up in Rio must count their blessings as being in the most beautiful coastal location in the world. I am British so no bias here! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs.