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Nokia’s next firmware to be dubbed ‘Blue for Windows Phone 8.1?

In the next few months, Nokia is expected to release a forthcoming firmware update for their Lumia line. That should be no secret as we’re also expecting an OS update called Windows Phone 8.1. Firmware helps make your phone’s hardware better, and it’s very specific to your device. The OS though is general. That’s why the Developer Preview Program only gives the OS update, but requires additional firmware updates later on to complete the experience.

OS updates and firmware are like Sith, there are always two.

Now, a new video posted by Nokia Russia highlights the current features in Lumia Black. That’s the firmware that coincides with Update 3. That in and of itself is not news, but at the very end of the video, the voice over makes brief mention of the next Lumia update, and even call is by name: Nokia Blue.

‘Blue’ is the codename for Windows Phone 8.1 (and other Microsoft services), so Nokia calling their new firmware ‘Nokia Blue’ makes a lot of sense. (It’s also kind of funny, since we have Black and Blue for those two firmwares).

Assuming the information is correct, the firmware/OS pattern will look like this:

There's almost a semblance of a pattern there.

So what’s in Nokia Blue? That’s a good question, and we really don’t know yet.

In the past, firmware like Nokia Blue has “unlocked” some features like advances to the Glance screen, better Bluetooth support, improved camera algorithms, Motion Monitor and more. Presumably, there could be some advanced features in the 8.1 OS update that are taken advantage of by newer chipsets found in the Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520 e.g. always-on voice recognition. Firmware would be needed there to enable those and other features.

We’re reaching out to various sources to confirm the firmware name and any other details. But due to the obviousness of the name and a Nokia video calling it 'Blue, we're leaning heavily on this. Then again, before Lumia Black was Lumia Black it was called Bittersweet Shimmer. Stay tuned.

Source: Nokia Russia (YouTube); Thanks, Islambek U., for the tip!



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vkelkar says:

Windows phone is colourful

S Vaibhav says:

I thought it would be Lumia Cyan?In alphabetical order- Amber,Black,Cyan.

afnan_mc says:

With its rather obvious relation with Windows Phone 8.1, only makes sense with Blue.

diplomat696 says:

Technically Blue is still after black alphabetically also :) but I agree would have made sense. Perhaps they should call it the Cortana fw update ftw!!

Qazplm632 says:

Well, it's still in alphabetical order ;)

dkxs says:

Cyan makes more sense from the alphabetical order and it it not far away from blue. Anyway, both are quite symblic Nokia colours

Yup it should start with C.. Cyan, Crimson or Chrome

Jan Tomsic says:

It's most definitely not going to be called after a competitors. browser and 'operating system'.

Cyan fist nicely.

Lol competitor who? Nokia just made an android phone.. I don't think naming an update chrome will hurt Microsoft more than the nokia X. But yeah cyan is nokias favourite colour.

Sure they used Android, but they used a forked version and didn't offer Google services, instead offering Microsoft. They're still frenemies.

Doesn't matter.. Its still is an option for phone buyers.. Its gonna directly compete with new wp manufactures (karbonn and xolo in India) plus it has the added advantage of the nokia brand name. It definitely will affect these OEMs and which in turn will affect Microsoft when it comes to market share. nokia X is doomed.

sarim_xyz says:

Not chrome please!! Nobody likes Scroogle!!

Marco Gomes1 says:

Maybe they'll call it CLUE :)

NIST says:

Blue's Clues.

Mayur says:

Where?...It's there...behind you...

Abdal says:

I need it badly.

+925. Nobody cares what it's called. We want it, and we want it now.

89caps says:

Haha. Yeah come on AT&T we're waiting!

+920 hear, hear...


x I'm tc says:

As long as they fix the Kid's Corner bug (feature) that maxed the volume at 13, making Windows Phone's only compelling feature not.

Ma1dere says:

Ok, maybe they will fix audio and yellow tilt on photos this time

DDDDDDanny says:

I had the yellow tint problem, too. But I fixed by using the original 'camera' software to shoot couple photos. Then went back to Nokia Camera. And tint gone.

Ma1dere says:

It's not a huge problem for me. Most of the time it doesn't happen. But sometimes I have green streetlights instead of blue ones.

melvintwj says:

And give you a NOKIA BLUE tint :D Hahahaha

Xsled says:

My 1020 only seems to show it in the viewfinder. Image output does not seem to have the tint.

It should be called Cyan.. not Blue

mpt15 says:

Yup. It should be Cyan

Warbler says:

Cyan is never gonna happen like new lumias in cyan

DJCBS says:

Please tell me when did Nokia released an Amber phone to justify calling it Cyan...;P

Jas00555 says:

Just out of curiosity, where in Star Wars did it say that Sith come in twos?

Pratik Mehta says:

1 hr 56th min dialogue

Youngsalo says:

Off the top of my,head began with Darth Bane after the Old Republic era on the premise that multiple Sith Lords in the Empire always led to internal,power struggles, the master apprentice system,insured stability in that when the apprentice was fully,learned he could kill the mater and then take on a new apprentice. Something of that sort.

ncxcstud says:

Jas - Yoda mentioned it in The Phantom Menace - but its had its place in Star Wars lore since the original trilogy...

nizzon says:

"Lumiya, one of Vader's secret apprentices, declared herself Dark Lady of the Sith and established her own Sith Order. She remained faithful to Darth Bane's ancient diktat, the Rule of Two, by taking Flint as her first apprentice, and then Carnor Jax"

Lumiya! :)

Master Yoda: "Always two there are.."

theefman says:

Always two, there are. A master and an apprentice.

walter1832 says:

....and Joe, but he's from accounting.

SlottyVX says:

haha, That sounds so eddie izzardish :p

fraztto says:

Bing 'Rule of two'

DJCBS says:

Dan is quoting the prequels. No one should ever quote the prequels...

walter1832 says:

Three....if one is siamese.

Pratik Mehta says:

Blue? Nokia should name it normandy :p

kurotsuki says:

Battle of Normandy? The Operation Overlord? That was for Nokia X :p

Devmer11 says:

Maybe they will return the Actual Nokia Blue accent color :D i miss it

elsana says:

Time to switch to ios

sharathu7 says:

Ok... Tc... Bye... :P

Aashish13 says:

The time where u will waste your money. Though u may get good apps but creep for a good cam and live tiles.

andy21andy says:

Can't wait for my iPhone 6 :)

NIST says:

Wait somewhere else.

Good bye to you too...

ScottAB says:

I defected to iOS 14 months ago. Really looking forward to July when I can get back to WP. The app gap was real back then, now not so much.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Please don't go! What will be of WP and all of us?!

Studio384 says:

I'm looking forward to it! Anyway, I liked the name "Bittersweet Shimmer" more then "Black"...

Sounds too dark.

rodneyej says:

Hopefully it gives us a proper file system if WP8.1 doesn't take care of that... I want to be able to make folders, and move files around freely, between my devices, and SD card... Just like in WinMo❕

theefman says:

Released to all by Jan 2015! :)

Zeroplanetz says:

Only if your on an older windows 8 handset on Tmobile or Att. :(. That's how I feel.

Sin Ogaris says:

Or in a different country to the US. Took me 4 months to get black after gdr3 released and I have a carrier free device.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, that's about right❕❕❕

cesar ruiz1 says:

Double rainbow.

walter1832 says:

Triple rainbow!!

Shad0wguy says:

I would assume it would be staring with a C since that seems to be the scheme they are going for, like android with the desert names that increment alphabetically.

fraztto says:

Yo listen up here's a story
about a little guy that lives in a blue world

Deaconclgi says:

And everything he see's is blue, like him, inside and outside...

Blue is how with the blue little window and a blue corvette

I'm blue
Dabudeedaa blue dabudeena

DJCBS says:

Thanks for making me feel old...

pookiewood says:

Blue is my favorite color!  Could be my favorite update if an Icon like Device comes to AT&T. ;)

rodneyej says:

Uhhhhhh.... L930? You want?❔❔

Donny James says:

I love Nokia firmware updates but I hate have having to wait for the carrier to release it. Can't they have a developer preview like MS. Part of me was hoping after the aquistion, they would do away with separate firmware updates and all updates would come through the dev preview. This new does not make me happy. The waiting game sucks.

Fritzly says:

Nokia had it, it was called Navifirm, but regrettably it was killed.

Donny James says:

I see Navifirm+ is still available. Is this not working also?

Kaushik Dash says:

So... We are still going to have exclusives even when Nokia is Microsoft? Cool.

Still delays for firmware and os update? Damn

DJCBS says:

No. This is Nokias last firmware update. After that, Microsoft will be the one providing it...assuming they'll provide any that isn't bundled with the OS.

walter1832 says:

...ok debbie downer

Studio384 says:

Nokia is still Nokia. It would be illegal for the both of them to work together as if they already collided. As long as Microsoft doesn't own Nokias Hardware devision, they have to act like nothing happened. Lumia Blue will probably be the last firmware update WITH new features. Nobody said Lumia Blue will bring new features to Lumias that differentiate from Samsungs ATIV serie, Huaweis Acsend W serie or HTCs Windows Phone serie.

Kaushik Dash says:

So basically to replace the Lumia black with Lumia blue. Okay.

It would be nice if the name was ' Nokia Cyan '. It is a kind of blue. ABC. Amber, Black and Cyan.

josonjoy1986 says:

The android way ??? :)

Nokia did this in the last year or two of Symbian. It was Anna (I think) and Belle, and there was rumors of Carla and Dona.

pookiewood says:

You have a point.

Deaconclgi says:

Symbian Anna, Bell, Carla....FP1, FP2

josonjoy1986 says:

I predicted this a month back to my brother......:-)

Guytronic says:

Thanks for the Russian video!

Didn't understand one word Lol ...


CageJ says:

me either, and my native language is a kinda similer.

He speaks damn fast.. Blue is mentioned in last seconds :) ...

pallentx says:

Very fast. I know a little Russian, but I couldnt keep up

th3l3g3nd says:

You know a little Russian? What's his name?

haamid_qadri says:

Was waiting for the word BLUE while watching the whole video and like you two didn't understand anything

walter1832 says:

He said...'in mother russia, phone updates you'.

LTTG says:

Where does it say "blue" because I didn't see it :(

Kaushik Dash says:

Wrong sense you're using... Try your ears, should work. If not, have them replaced, they may be defective.


Thanks for the laugh! =)

rodneyej says:

The very last word❕

aitt says:

Lets see how long ATT gets this put to the 1520

rodneyej says:

Why? I got Black pretty fast on my 1520❕❕.... :-)

Daniel Meek says:

So... once they are Black and Blue then MS will act as the hospital to put them back together again? j/k

Anywho, I love the list of features coming to WP 8.1, any addition to it is simply going to be icing on the cake.  I really wonder what features will trickle down to my L520 as my 920 died on me last month... really miss my 920.

rodneyej says:

I'm going to read the list again right now❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

Jack Janik says:

We know what Nokia hasn't been spending time on; A creative name! x)

sahib lopez says:

now will the 810 get this firmware update ;) ?

Studio384 says:

A lot of chance, that they didn't get Amber and Black doesn't mean they don't get Blue.

Sean D. says:

It's supposed to go to all WP8 devices. But knowing T-Mo... well I'm having doubts this will even make it to the 925 anytime before August. Not trying to join the negative, cry-baby bacd wagon. Just sayin'...

810 isn't a wp8 phone, and yeah all on wp8 would go to 8.1 :)

James8561 says:

what are you talking about? 810 is WP8.

rain620 says:

810 is a WP8 phone, the only X1X one.

The 810 is WP8. 

hacer619 says:

But but...once you go black you never go back

rodneyej says:

No.. Well,,, us Blacks will turn "it" Blue....... ;-);-);-);-);-);-)

eruptflail says:

Im going to assume the name will actually be cyan, to coincide with the alphabetical naming scheme.

walter1832 says:

You know when you make an ass out of u and...i forget

wrm1 says:

Yay! Another update the 810 will miss! Woohoo! Ugh.

MSFTisMIA says:

gotta love that t-mo USA...they better support the 925 and 521 a lot better than they did with the 8X and 810 or else the only WP phones on t-mo will be unlocked models...

kaghazesepid says:

I'm waiting for Nokia Blue!

minhtamxp says:

I thing not Blue - This's Cyan -> name A-B-C ... (Amber - Black - Cyan ...), do you remember the Symbian Anna - Belle - carla (a-b-c)?

I'm excited for the Dev Preview to get 8.1, then excited to get Blue when my carrier (evil AT&T) rolls it out.

MSFTisMIA says:

I can go with Blue...but hey, if they had named in Cobalt, that would have been the best of both worlds. Names aside, let's see what it brings to the table...

Aashish13 says:

WP central will get updated with 8.1? Or the update is coming b4 that.

Nikolaus117 says:

You forgot GDR1 and Portico :D

Studio384 says:

GDR1 and Portico are the same update. Portico was the codename for the update that was previously known as GDR1 but now known as Windows Phone 8 Update 1.

I think they will name it cyan

neonspark says:

it would be epic of nokia shipped the blue firmware before win pho 8.1. I mean every MSFT division shipped their blue update except guess who? BINGO windows phone. At least they are consistent as the slowest freaking dev team of all time.

Studio384 says:

Relax, it seems like the Windows Phone team is just the first team that moves to a new release cycle that triggers the RTM in Spring instead of Fall. Beside, we're getting a lot of features in the place.

socalpaisa says:

That doesn't make sense. Since Symbian, Nokia's been known to go in alphabetical order with their update names (Anna, Belle, Carla, Donna) and in this case, naming it Blue would just not work with the general OS' name being Windows Phone Blue, that'd be pretty redundant. It would just make sense for Nokia to call it Cyan, since that's sort of a form of blue and it begins with a C.

LSDigital says:

Lumia 1520 + always-on voice recognition = :o

Lumia 920 + always-on voice recognition = :o :o :o

Vishnu Mohan says:

Witg 4 NOkia BLUe

haamid_qadri says:

Say no to BLUE but yes to CYAN

LSDigital says:

<to be deleted>

MrVol84 says:

"Calming Blue" ;O)

Coming blue... ;p

That's not difficult either. Just put your phone in the oven at 400 to 500 *F for not more than 10 mins. Open it when you smell some plastic. Your nokia brown is ready!

unnatixlr8 says:

Your sarcasm level is too high.. :D

I love the star wars reference :)

cknorthpole says:

Hopefully they will fix the screen on 1520.

So, add three more months so all can receive the blue update on their phones. I dint like this approach...

Studio384 says:

Or just use the developer program, at least as you're talking about Windows Phone Blue and not Lumia Blue.

mazzinij says:

I really hope "Nokia blue" brings glance to Nokia Lumia icon for Verizon!

Nokia blue support in my l720. ?????
it is released in India.??

Aashish13 says:

Areee bro let dev preview come first. Blue is a firm update and will come after few months in July somewhere.

albadi88 says:

i really hope MS after Nokia acquisition will kill Nokia softwere updates I can't wait months after Update release to git it otherwise i would just stick with Lagdroid or Iphone

Fritzly says:

Good luck with MS handling the development of the updates.....

albadi88 says:

if it wasn't for MS i wouldn't have gdr3 right now so your arrgument is invaild

deecoop0351 says:

Damn I just got black.

DenniSundaY says:

Nice Star Wars reference :P

theroyboy44 says:

"OS updates and firmware are like the Sith, there are always two." I'm so dead right now.....downright hilarious!!!

b3rni3703 says:


Plz, plz, let it be always listening! Best thing for driving!

DJCBS says:

Don't worry, the NSA already got you covered.

Kage Maru says:

Does anyone know if it's possible for Samsung, HTC, etc. to do their own firmware updates to their WP phones?  Huawei's CMO, Shao Yang, makes it sound like that's not the case.

DJCBS says:

It is possible...they just won't bother to do it.

Kage Maru says:

Makes me wonder why the Huawie CMO would make such comments then.

husam2277 says:

Interesting to know that my 1520 support always on voice recognition:) the only feature i thought is missing... Voice recognition without being always on is not helpfull but with it is unbelievably useful...

shmsnh says:

Are we ABSOLUTELY sure they weren't referring to WP 8.1 as Blue?

(I've forgotten the Russian I had learnt, so I didn't watch the video.)

unnatixlr8 says:

Could be the case

TheJoester09 says:

I hope that the next firmware update doesn't "fix" or "improve" the camera algorithms of the Icon too much...I'm in love with this phone's camera!

damo579 says:

Hopefully this update will be released no later than memorial day....

nifraxli says:

"OS updates and firmware are like Sith, there are always two." And you even provide a link to the Star Wars wiki! Just love it! :D

rain620 says:

Now I'm thinking of a colour that starts with D.

Dandelion? Lol too long.

Studio384 says:

What about Deer, or Desert, or Desire, or Diamond, or Dirt, or Drab, or Dutch White, or Demin, or Deep Sky Blue, or...

Anyway, go wild:

I think this update will make it faster.

plasmid_uk says:

Nokia need to stop customising the updates, it takes too long to deploy them as a result. When GDR3 came out I got mine within two weeks unlike three months for you Nokia lot.

rain620 says:

Do you even realise that because of Nokia's customisation, we got Glance, Double Tap to Wake, etc. No?

viralgajera says:

Countdown is started

Guakala says:

Sure. Just go right ahead and fuck up the order of update names by colors in alphabetical order that we had established.

wtma says:

Any estimation date?

irsyadhhs says:

Lumia cyan is most likely. Due to alpabetical color. Amber, Black, Cyan. I think "Nokia Blue" is just a teasing as blue and cyan are in the same family

irsyadhhs says:

Or crimson? Cobalt?

xankazo says:

Nice! If I'm lucky I'll get by December holidays, if I'm lucky.

wiggum15 says:

Lets see, between GDR3 release and The date i got The Black update it were like 6 i will have WP8.1 by December most likely...sooooo bad.

Nokia5110 says:


"In the past, firmware like Nokia Blue...." realy? Not black?

milfermon says:

Blue is the warmest color, let's see how many get that

avigyan says:

I wanna know what's inside this update.

Nathan Novak says:

Don't forget Bittersweet Shimmer, Black, then Blue... Yes it is Alphabetical and color based! Kinda Like SCROOGLE and their sweets.

I would have preferred nokia not release a firmware update this time. Delays the os update for months!
Want 8.1 update so bad on my 920 so i can start promoting wp again

Chandan H G says:

When BLUE update will available.....??

neo158 says:

Sometime after the Blue update ;P

skshandilya says:

In the words of Yoda, I would reword to "always two, there are".
But I don't like this being thought of as the Sith, Sith are unwelcome everywhere:)

10 seconds shutter opening for 1020 please...!!!