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Nokia now claiming Skype works on the Lumia 610 but we already knew that, right?

Nokia Lumia 610 About screen

This whole Skype-256MB RAM situation is getting a little chaotic. First we all ran the beta, then came version 1.0 and the app requirements which strongly hinted that Tango phones (Lumia 610, ZTE Orbit, etc.) can't run the program due to only having half the required RAM. Heck, even Skype commented to us on the matter that they're working on improving the Skype app, etc.

Now, Nokia are claiming after "some challenges early on" Skype works just fine on the Lumia 610 and it'll be available for users in late April when the device launches.

Of course, we kind of knew that already as our trusty Jay Bennett remembered that a Nokia employee by the name of Justin Angel guested on our podcast a few weeks ago. What was remarkable about his appearance was how he was speaking to us -- via Skype on his Lumia 610.

At the time that was the beta version of Skype and who knows what transpired since that day. And even though Engadget's story sheds some light on the matter, we're still unsure if this means there will be a special version of the Skype app in the Nokia Collection or that version 1.0 (as is) will run on all Tango phones, making the whole "512MB of RAM" requirement a moot and pointless number.

Yes folks, we now have more questions than answers. Hopefully we'll sort all of this out soon.

via: Engadget



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MarcXW says:

Well, hopefully this means that manufacturers will try to overcome the challenges, for Skype to work on 256MB RAM, for all of their upcoming devices. I'm guessing this won't be a terrible issue for the consumer if that is the case.

simplescheme says:

It's really crazy that MS can't get their act together. Those PR nightmares are killing adoption. Who's to be expected to buy a 610 now? C'mon Ballmer get in there and throw around some chairs.

Arun3 says:

Yes, old news... ;-)

MS needs to consolidate everything Windows Phone related into a division so these cross company functions stop happening...Having a better Bing app on iOS is an example of what should NOT happen

theman60099 says:

Bing is better on WP than it is on iOS what the fúck are you talking about?

GonzoMcGee says:

You, young man, should wash your mouth with soap.

ogracia says:

He's talking about Photoshyn (can't remember the name exactly) that great app that is available in IOS done by Bing and no where in WP7...

wpward291 says:

The thing that kills me is nokia not putting a front facing camera on the lumia 710.

GonzoMcGee says:

+1, posted from a 710

lippidp says:

Sony announced today a Skype client for the PS Vita. You'll never believe this, but it can reportedly accept incoming calls in the background.

the Vita is a beast, quad core with a ton a ram...I own it and it is fluid as can be..