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All Office 365 users now have 1TB of free OneDrive storage space


Nokia Philippines offering 20GB extra SkyDrive storage with Lumia purchases

Lumia 520

SkyDrive storage and integration with Windows Phone is a feature many take advantage of, whether it be for storing shots snapped with the great Lumia camera capabilities or Office documents created while on the move. Nokia Philippines currently has a sweet deal going on where you can bag 20GB extra cloud storage for an entire year when purchasing a Lumia Windows Phone. 

While this offer only bumps your account for 12 months, it's a solid increase on top of what's available with a standard Microsoft account. If you want to get involved and receive some extra storage space in the cloud, grab a new Lumia Windows Phone before February 7th. The following handsets are included in this deal:

  • Lumia 520
  • Lumia 625
  • Lumia 925
  • Lumia 1020
  • Lumia 1320
  • Lumia 1520

Head on over to the Nokia Philippines website to register your Lumia and grab the 20GB extra SkyDrive space on offer. This deal co-exists alongside Microsoft's own 20GB deal to celebrate the rebranding of SkyDrive to OneDrive.

Source: Nokia; thanks, Kram, for the tip!



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jhayEL says:

How about those who had purchased last year?

adrian1338 says:

it is just a year..pretty useless anyways when its not for ever

piff2222 says:

i have phone over 1 year(lumia 920)and pist off.i thing is my last wp.20 skydrive for all wp user or just random??!

Jim_MAY says:

The name is OneDrive, for now!

ShahdHamdan says:

I got a mail too, in UAE same offer!

Hey, what's skydrive?!? ;-)

Corben01 says:

That makes me fuc@#$ jalous !! :D:D

Zeroplanetz says:

20gigs is worthless to me when you end up using it then your time frame is up so you need to spend more or lose your data. I'll stick with local storage. Not interested in cloud stuff for the long haul. 20 should be 20 flat out. Having said that when I got my 920 I was happy with my free charging plate. That's something you can keep for free for ever. But now ATT wants to @#$% with us who actually did invest more into QI, so I guess which ever way you go its just about screwing the consumer over in the long run to get more money in the now. Sad times.

pahutakz says:

oops how about who purchase last year? thats pretty unfair right? so imma gonna sell my phone and get new one to get this? lol

You rather get 20gb one drive subscription ;)

Rockartisten says:

We get this deal in Sweden too.

lhoylhoy says:

My imei is not valid for the promo!

I'm glad I have 2 hotmail Accounts with 25GB storage each, and lasting forever for free :D

ogracia says:

Nothing special Nokia SPAIN is doing it too

AndrewL920 says:

Lumia is kind of overpriced in Nokia Philippines. 

It's free in Malaysia too :)

farhanmariz says:

Indeed, just checked it and the offer is offered in Malaysia too. :)

Nil Mustafi says:

Not only in Philippines, it's also available in India, i mean the offer. I got a mail some days back from Nokia informing me.

kinaton says:

Yep like their previous promos, hit and miss if they actually honor it

gcdc_lumia says:

i hope their local carriers will add 1020 in their lists. i've been tempted to grab the 925, but still hoping for a 1020 1st quartr ths yr. ugh!

TheRem says:

I can't even reach 2GB on my cloud. :P

Gaurav Paul says:

I'm running out of space in my SkyDrive

Gaurav Paul says:

This deal is available in India as well.