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Nokia planning Green and Red Lumia 800?

More colors?

A new video has been spotted created by AdContentMedia featuring the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset. And while that headset is itself pretty darn awesome what is really eye catching are those two new colors for the Lumia 800: Red and Green.

While we've seen fuchsia/magenta/pink before and we all know cyan and black, but green and red have not been shown off before and it remains to be seen if they are actually planned or just concepts at this point. Nokia has certainly experimented with other colors as described in yesterday's article on the subject and we've heard of yellow, green and white before back in December. Of course since that December interview, the white Lumia 800 (and maybe even a white 900) have come forward.

More Colors?

We'll throw this in the "sure, why not?" camp as we know Nokia like their colors and it would make sense for them to extend those offerings if the Lumia line keeps selling well. Personally, we're pretty excited about green and would love to see that infused in some polycarbonate goodness from our Nokia friends. What do you think?

[Edit: As pointed out in comments, these could also be soft-shell cases which have nearly the same color offerings, though it would have been more efficient to advertise that fact. Still, it's plausible]

Check the video after the break and catch the new colors at about 0:40 and onward.

Source: AdContentMedia; via Unleash The Phones



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I would certainly love to see a red Lumia 800/900. Reminds me of the Nokia Xpress Music series.

kidjenius says:

Red for Rogers in canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't emphasize how EPIC that would look!!!!!!!!!!

Generalguy41 says:

I would switch to Rogers for a red Lumia 900 (hell, even an 800). And I hate Rogers!

Could be, though you figured they'd mention the cases--it'd certainly help.

Sirhill says:

The red is Cray and the is pure awesome

jubbing says:

That's not Fuschia.. that's magenta!

Wikipedia tells me that it's actually called the fuchsia/magenta range and they seem to be used interchangably...hmmm!

jubbing says:

Very interesting... and without sounding too lame, just a quick check on photoshop shows there is a little difference between the colors.

Furthermore, in that Cyan picture, the blue of the cyan looks more dull than normal. I'll put that up to a 'leak' or bad lighting, but it's just my guess.

Still if that's the case, where's the white picture? That's been announced! But red and green would be great choices yes.

Osaladin says:

Give me a dark windows theme please!

Musicman247 says:

Fake. Unless Personalise is in a different language. It's spelled personalize.

Oli Gill says:

Well it's the English (UK) way of spelling it. But we are rarely the nation that leaks come from, we tend to get things last :(

Smg-Uk says:

Personalise is proper spelling

Think you mean spelt

Reaction80 says:

Oh yes. The red one please. Wish I could just take my 800 to 3uk and have it changed.

jcagga says:

Red Nokia phones, ive been waiting for you!! sounds like nokia listend to me!

R0NELL says:

Red one please.

Yenzer says:

The (possible) new colors look very slick! Although when will phone makers realize that Purple makes a much better looking phone than Fuchsia, while being pleasing to female buyers?!? Hope the 900 has such a varied spectrum when it hits stores.

OMG55 says:

Does anyone know the music included in the video? All of the colors so far are awsome

rodneyej says:

Red Nokia 1000 WP8 Device by December please. Must be released on Att, and I will accept no less,!

splash112 says:

I always thought there was a red one, on my lumia 800 box that I received from the Nokia amazing collective, it appears like a red one

WinFan1 says:

Red is beautiful

Lumia accesories (headsets) on the Nokia website are already available on the 4 official colors + neon green.

blackprince says:

Just loving that green and of course cyan too. Really its a kaleidoscope of awesome.

wetworker says:

I want a red 900.

mjrtoo says:

Most certainly the soft case...

ejlee072006 says:

Remember that guy who makes fabulous wp7 video on YouTube?? He was hired by msft to do this videos for Nokia?? Anyone here remember his name??

ejlee072006 says:

Back to the colors... Im definitely getting the magenta

The red on looks epic, so would purple :(

rath79 says:

Just a shame you can't have a black theme since they have a theme that matches all the other cases

MastrMeatWad says:

I remember my first nokia back in the 90's.  I purchased an orange faceplate for it, since this is rumor/spec and I don't see an orange I will go for red.  Please, and thank you