Nokia targets and pokes fun at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom on the streets

Lumia 1020

Nokia has continuously nailed marketing for its Lumia Windows Phones and now the Finnish manufacturer is starting to go on the offensive against Samsung - on the streets. Seeking out Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom advertisement billboards, Nokia parked its own fleet of marketing vehicles in front of these boards with an amusing tagline.

The Samsung advert boasts how the smartphone is the only mobile device with a 10x optical zoom, but Nokia jabs the company with the Lumia 1020 and how the Galaxy device "didn't see this coming." Absolutely brilliant. Just in case the message wasn't clear enough already, Nokia also adds how the Lumia Windows Phone comes without the exceptional bulk.

Lumia 1020

The Lumia 1020 from Nokia hasn't actually launched in the UK yet, with both retailers and mobile operators looking at early October for when they expect to have stock. If you're seeking a unique and powerful cameraphone experience, the rather expensive and niche Lumia 1020 is a solid choice.

Source: UK Mobile Review; thanks, James, for the heads up!



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Who's laughing now ??

neo158 says:

Not GS4 Zoom customers, maybe they like the "exceptional bulk"!!!!

dreonedon says:

Finally we won in a bulk race LOL

sholokov says:

Technically we lost, since their's heavier. LOL

DesRed says:

True, but we win in the 'slim and light' race. ;)

rudranil says:

Very amusing! Nails the message perfectly!!

neo158 says:

Exactly, I've seen those billboards about and having seen the GS4 Zoom in person it's the ugliest device I've ever seen. That's from a Samsung ATIV S owner as well!!!

Jack Larson1 says:

GS4zoom:"it's the ugliest device I've ever seen"

My thoughts exactly!

tj321 says:

Looks more like one of Spamsungs nasty little plasticy point&shoot digicams than a phone

Bhahah made my day :)

Dean Flynn says:

Right on a Red Route (which means no stopping at any time in the UK). Tsk!

Still...Great Guerilla Marketing!!

Tjalsma says:

All about raising awareness. Good job.

Top marks. Top freaking marks. Nokia nailed it hard there.

Int3nsive says:

This is what I call a nice war and response.
Funny, direct, but not offensive, like Samsung does.
Well done Nokia, well done.

rd_nest says:

Ok. So a story about 2 devices that will sell the least amount of units in 2013. 
How many units sold for 1020? Is Samsung even bothered selling S4 Zoom? or is that just a a marketting gimmick?

Jack Larson1 says:

The zoom quite literally (both the intent and physical form of the zoom) is a half baked response upon hearing of the 1020.

scottygb2k says:

Wish they would just hurry up and release it in UK. What's taking so long? Im off to Las Vegas in October and would love to be packing the 1020 to capture the experience !!!!

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah I'm with you there. The marketing is impressive but it seems a little crazy to do this campaign when we don't even have a UK release date for the 1020

Xaphoon148 says:

Just LOL
That ridiculous zoom's getting Eloped... :P

That is actually quite funny. And clever from Nokias part, as this answers the question people are asking about 41Mb: Why?
Advertising (and marketing) has IMHO been Nokias weak point, but it is turning to the better.

WP7_Genius says:

Yea I don't care if you hate windows phone. You have to respect that 41mp shooter, phones never dreamed of this ever and Nokia did it first, PRO style.

Jack Larson1 says:

AND don't forget about the pure view 808, the forefather of the 1020, which was released in 2012! Apple, Samsung,HTC, etc. have no right to claim they had a better phone camera.

sholokov says:

"with all that ZOOM, didn't see this coming".

Zeroplanetz says:

First smile today. Thank you wpc and Nokia! :)

clappenings says:

Her: 'Is it a Galaxy zoom in your pocket, are are you just happy to see me?' Him: 'Actually I just saw that Nokia ad'

tonygaga says:

Hahaha Samsung

Ed Boland says:

So, what do they do, leave the truck parked there all day?

dk_banaah says:

I'm positive that second one is in Clapham Common in South West London. The crazy thing is I was there literally just 2 days ago, saw that billboard and thought to myself "but this thing is huge compared to the Lumia 1020!" as I'd just seen the S4 Zoom in a phone shop on Oxford Street about an hour earlier.

Nokia you really are genius with your marketing, gotta go back to that corner just to see it for myself and laugh lol

how1ard says:

This would be a lot funnier if we here in the UK could actually buy the 1020!!

languedoctor says:

At least Voda has an excuse. It takes some time to count to 84 billion (GBP).

Nejcooo says:

samsung's s4 zoom may have bigger zoom, but 1020 takes better images, and it fits in pocket, and looks more like phone that camera :)

adrian1338 says:

not available in europe.. it is a shame they dont manage to bring devices when they are ready. now they present new devices and than they will make it available in europe.. the most interesting market for Nokia and WP

astroXP says:

I don't understand why Nokia doesn't mention about the 41 MP

The only smartphone with 10x zoom. Funny how the nokia truck blocks that.

NOKIA made a good joke!! I Like!

silentgee says:

aww that made me lol. Samsung... wake up and smell the coffee... 10megapixels haha

Jack Larson1 says:

I think the zoom has 16mp

md_minhaj says:

Just fantabulous!!.. Hats off Nokia!! :)

Deemswick says:

I think I laughed wayyy more than i should've haha!!

The s4 zoom isn't the s4 with a better camera. It is like S2 specs with a fat bump on the outside.

12Danny123 says:

Wow this made my day XD

Right on target Nokia.. The S4 zoom looks horrible with the extra bulk. -.-

EBynum says:

Brilliant! Would love to see this kind of marketing in the U.S.

RussellMb says:

Simply Epic. In your face S4 zoom!

Remind me of the Audi-Bim billboard war. But in this case, the Samesung is no match

MemoHK says:

It doesn't matter. You can find the samsung camera everywhere, where the 1020 is nowhere to be seen. I've seen friends of mine looking at the device and I can't find a lumia 1020 to show them a true king. How can you sell something if there's no proof of it?

LMZR says:


Oh man this brightened my day :)

Kram Devil says:

I wish microsoft would take a page from Nokia's Marketing efforts.
Short, Cheap, plentiful but memorable youtube videos! and now these crazy but hilarious antics!  Hire Nokia's PR/Marketing Team already!

luk3ja says:

Well, they now own Nokia's PR/Marketing Team lol.

ruddevil says:

Public education for free! Good guy Nokia. This should help the ordinary people identify false marketing.

Pacus1x says:

Hmm the first time i saw the S4 zoom in internet, look like a joke. Samsung just made a phone and glue a camera on it.
Then saw the thing in person, and the first thought i had about the S4 zoom: A mutant phone camera, too bulky to carry as a phone, and useless to be a proper camera in that price range.

Nokia just hit the spot here. Very nice!