Nokia prepares Lumia Cyan OTA update for Windows Phone 8 users, will combine Windows Phone 8.1, unique Lumia features

Nokia prepares Lumia Cyan OTA update for Windows Phone 8 users, will combine Windows Phone 8.1, unique Lumia features

As Nokia is wont to do, when Windows Phone 8.1 starts hitting their devices it will come with a host of Nokia enhancements — in this case it's being branded as Nokia Cyan. And it's coming to all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. Yes, all of them. And, in typical Nokia style, the improvements will be focused around imaging.

Accompanying the Windows Phone 8.1 over-the-air update will be new unique experiences for Lumia that further enhance Nokia's leadership in imaging. This includes enhancements to the camera roll and Creative Studio, as well as an improved Nokia Storyteller app, for sharing stories as a video slideshow on social networks.

There's likely some other improvements to be mixed in there as Nokia likes to do, but until then we're looking at Nokia Cyan extending the capabilities of their cameras across the range in Windows Phone 8.1. That is, of course, in addition to everything that makes Windows Phone 8.1 the operating system update that it is, including a new swiping keyboard, notification Action Center, and Cortana voice controls.

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Tlcoman says:

Seems faster

cure92 says:

Are you seriously going to do this on every damn article? This stupid joke really needs to go away

pmeetings says:

Not funny anymore,,,

Zarnywoop says:

was it ever? 

rodneyej says:

Did you watch the internet of things speech❔Do you see what they are hinting at❔
We will have two versions of WP devices...

I didn't see it. How exactly did they hint this?

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wolfgangjr says:

Lol. I never get tired of this.

Mestiphal says:

The way things are, I'll get Cyan on my 620 and 920 along with WP9.  Still haven't received Black

Use the Developer Preview Program? It's free after all.

Jack Neill says:

Won't get you Black only GDR3...

dwane18 says:

Still have received black for my 920 and my 620 either

NOLATechy says:

If the firmware has been released by Nokia, but your carrier is holding it up, here is a work around that might help you get both the latest approved OS update and the latest Nokia firmware update (Nokia Black).  Nokia usually includes the latest firmware with the latest OS update in their recovery tool that they send to the carriers.  If you want the latest that is approved for your device, but don't want ot void your warranty and don't want to wait on your carrier, follow these steps:




4) Now, download the Nokia Software Recovery Tool from Nokia's website.   Run the Nokia Software Recovery Tool and download the latest firmware and software version for your device.  Check the version before  you begin to ensure you aren't just downloading what you already have.  Not really sure if Nokia will give you the updated firmware if your carrier hasn't approved it yet, so check it after the download.  If Nokia does provide the updated firmware, then you should receive both Windows Phone 8 (latest approved OS version) and Nokia Black firmware update for your phone courtesy of Nokia (screw the carriers!)

Hope this helps!

JediTWang says:

So, if it's taking that ridiculously long you've got every reason to blame mostly your carrier, there's an easy circuit-breaker though, find a better fw image (research that) & flash it. Then you'll have the latest OS updates PLUS the latest OS/fw enhancements done by Nokia. You'll prolly continue to have some delays in the future, but I won't be as bad if you choose your fw image carefully. I flahsed from my carrier fw image (Telstra/Australia) to an unbranded/unlocked country variant fw image (Finland). Things have been waaay better since...

theroyboy44 says:

Lol its funny how mad people get at something so clearly as a joke hahahahaha

Quite comical indeed.

tbonenga says:

Do you watch the same movie a million times? No you'd get bored. People need to find a new joke and a funny one.

Sin Ogaris says:

If I like the movie I will. I lost track of the number of times I watched my favourite films back when I was a uni student with a Hell of a lot more spare time.

tbonenga says:

When you were a kindergartener watching them same Barney episodes over and over doesn't count.

Sin Ogaris says:

Troll harder, not from America, didn't get Barney here. You could have used Mr Squiggle or Noddy. That being said, Mr Squiggle is awesome enough that I would probably still watch it today.

theroyboy44 says:

Except the nice thing here is that it isn't hours long and you have the choice to scroll down

Seems Faster.
Two words get ppl so upset... Pathetic

ymcpa says:

These kind of jokes should last maybe a week and then go away. This one was never really funny, but now it is incredibly annoying.

Sagar Limaye says:

You getting annoyed is what the troll wants :D

lippidp says:

I disagree. I thought it was funny the first time I saw it and it is still funny today. Cracks me up every time. In fact, knowing cats like you get annoyed by it makes it even better somehow.

theroyboy44 says:

Like it used to annoy me cause I thought people were being serious just posting unhelpful comments tho but when I realized ppl were just trolling I became hilarious!!!

Not worth complaining about. It's probably the whining that keeps it going.

blackhawk556 says:

These comments saying things seem faster are so stupid an played out. I would block people who say this crap if I could.

Conasca says:

Still funny to me. People should relax the hate on their peers. We Windows Phone users are the level-headed type, right?

Seems... No, nevermind...

driver_king says:

Does that first sentence make sense, or am I forgetting to English again?

Nimdock says:

It's fine:


wont /wəʊnt/ adj

  1. (postpositive) accustomed (to doing something): he was wont to come early

j_jabbar says:

Its yank English...

peachy001 says:

You kidding? Never seen it used like that.

nlm says:

Its typically used in speaking rather than written form.

Soypan says:

It makes sense to me

apocacrux says:

It makes sense.

Shantek says:

Yeah probably not such a good choice of words

Sin Ogaris says:

Heaven forbid someone should actually utilise the wealth of words available to them through the use of the English language.

searitus says:

Exactly, although it's handy that English is a global language nowadays there are many times I think it's a shame as it often results in having to dumb down the language even further in order for it to be accessible to the global masses. It also leads to the bizarre situation of non-native English speakers (who are no Shakespeares themselves) criticising someone else's English...

b23h says:

I totally agree.  Wont is appropriate as he used it and there is no problem with someone using a lesser known word.  Overall it's good for people to get exposed to things they don't see so often.

Nokia5110 says:

Cortana,Google now and siri failed to interpret, thats how easy the happens to be.

Just as bad as giving dates as summer, spring or whatever, what about UTC,,,,,,.

schlubadub says:

wont and won't have completely different meanings :P

primortal says:

Come on Glance for the Icon

Glance for the Icon would be MUCH appreciated.

joanzen says:

Definitely! Yes!

Kleen Jimi says:

so unreasonable why this feature is absent

coip says:

Why exactly is Glance missing from Icon? And is it possible to add it in later through an update?

DreadVenom says:

Called it. Cant wait. Today was a good day.

True gangsta style like Ice Cube.

aeonstar says:

I came on this thread to congratulate you for calling it.

Nimdock says:

How about more phones that are actually cyan, Nokia?


Hugging my cyan L920. :D

clvrbas says:

Agreed. Love the Cyan, such a beautiful color.

WavingReds says:

I'm Cyangasm right now

The_Lord23 says:

That's quite disturbing.

WavingReds says:

and you're not with all the news???

theefman says:

Hope for 810 users?

Coan says:

Thats what i'm hoping, but I won't get my hopes up too much. At least my wifes phone is barely used AND set up for dev preview...

Jag Mann says:

I think Microsoft, Nokia, and sites like this one really need to stop using the phrase "all WP8 devices" because it's clear that T-mobile have no intention of further supporting the 810. Everytime I see it, I get my hopes up a little before realizing it isn't going to happen.

Mirainashe says:

Well I do feel for you tbh. I live in a region where these carrier specific things are unheard of. Really should suck greatly. Dunno what advantage these arrangements have for consumers really. In the end people stop trusting both the carrier and the manufacturer. Personally I would really avoid buying carrier exclusive handsets. Here in Africa we do off contract so I guess it has it's advantages. But I really don't get this whole carrier thing. Especially with updates. What the heck will they be testing and why does it take so long to complete?

2tomtom says:

Funny how new models are released with the new OS but older models don't get the new OS as its in testing.

If it is operational on new phones what testing is there to do? Its already working!! Sounds like a con to me to try and get you to get a new phone, which means new contract too..

Switchfoot3r says:

Personally, I don't believe they are talking about the OS when they say they're testing. I believe they test how well it works with some specific carrier features. That's why country variant updates are the first ones to come out. Those ones don't need any carrier features. However, in my country, if you are on, let's say Movistar (a carrier) and want your Lumia phone to be able to buy apps by being discounted off your contract money (not having to pay more or using a credit card), you need to wait for your carrier update in order to have such a feature. I'm on contract with Movistar but I flashed a country variant on my phone, so I can't buy apps using that feature.

I believe carriers are too slow, but I also believe there is much more than we can see going on behind the scenes.

John20212 says:

What happened to Cherry Blossom? Much better name that meh Cyan.


Cyan rolls off the tongue better tbh. At least it stayed as C, to go with A and B.

nlm says:

Like Bitter Sweet Shimmer that was the in house code for the update. The RTM names are more concise, such as Black.

primortal says:

Steve Elop mentionned the summer for roll out.

Shane says:

Well, since MS is taking over, does the developer preview apply to the firmware as well? Hmm?

NOLATechy says:

If Micrsoft was smart, this would be an option.  Having the ability to download BOTH the software AND the firmware directly from Microsoft would put the Windows Phone on par with Apple iPhones.  No need for carrier interference and updates would come out MUCH faster.  The only suckers who would be left waiting for carrier approval for updates would be Android users and given the growth of Windows Phone capabilities, would be a great opportunity for Microsoft to steal some Android market share!  ARE YOU READING THIS MICROSOFT!?

usman567 says:

I can't wait more.

walter1832 says:

You have to wait!  Do it for your family!

usman567 says:

Hahahaha....... Ok i will wait.

Mandroid#AC says:

So will it not matter that 810 users got skipped over with Black? Do we miss out on features or will they be included in cyan?

Chelsey Love says:

That sadly was t mobiles choice to leave 810 in the dust, it sucks royally they also stated the phones they plan to update 810 excluded again. They dropped it already and looks to be ignoring everyone who still uses it the jerks.

hopefully the preview will work great, t mobile is getting on my nerves to say the least.

Wish we could preview this too! :'(

Lumia 930 is beautiful. Amazing phone. Love all the features of wp 8.1 cant wait for the update but seems it wont be available before July.

kinaton says:

Guess Nokia have test with 8.1. Just hope they find the battery drain or the app that is causing it

Shane says:

What Nokia do you have? If you have Gmail, check to make sure it isn't constantly syncing. Also, LTE in certain locations drains the crap out of your battery.

pseudotuit says:

Have you noticed that they have followed the alphabetical order?

A - Amber

B -Black

C -Cyan

kinaton says:

Is there a colour begnning with D or E. :)

cheesemoo says:

You got my vote,


I can't wait for the Donlkey Brown 8.2 Update!!!!!

sarim_xyz says:

wow, never realized we had names for all those colors! ! !

Aniket Bhat says:

Neither did I, I was amazed by the no. of colours that too just from A-F..

aeonstar says:

The next colour will be Daffodil which is yellow

Aniket Bhat says:

But nokia will codename it something gay first..

aeonstar says:

What the hell is your problem! If you go down the gawd damn list of colours alphabetically you would see the name I listed is the first one that begins with D.

Aniket Bhat says:

Oh, did I offened you?

Novron says:

Daffodil is pretty gay already

JohnStrk says:

Tired of all these announcements already. We all know it's coming. I just want to know when? Looks like the whole roll out process is still as slow as usual. So it's April 2 today and I am looking at a summer roll out for my 920? That could be the end of July or August. Unacceptable!

Dare2Blink says:

Use developer preview and stop bitching

Sagar Limaye says:

For countries like India it could be as late as November

aeonstar says:

And for E expect Emerald.

aeonstar says:

For E colour expect emerald

Duduosf says:

Ironic that the update name is Cyan while there hardly any devices with that colour...

apocacrux says:

They didn't release many amber coloured devices either.

Duduosf says:

Yes. But this joke is only funny due to the fact that everybody begs for a cyan phone - especially on high-end models. I can't recall anyone asking for an amber coloured phone...

lippidp says:

I pined for a cyan 1020, that's for sure. Ah well, it is just a color after all.

apocacrux says:

I think people only beg for it because they know its already an option. I don't think Nokia ever made an Amber phone to even get people excited about it. Though at the same time most would probably still agree that Cyan is a better colour.

jimmy1one says:

How long are the admins going to put up with this

aceoforder says:

Give me Glance for my ICON!

RobbCab says:

Now if they would only put cyan back on to their devices instead of just in to them. 

Can you plz tell me y I am not able to c any of the just wont open, moreover I cant even open google on my ie since 2hours back

Happy day to be a proud Lumia owner #L521

anirban130 says:

What about video sharing via Bluetooth? Do we still need to put videos in camera roll folder or can we simply share it from moliplayer list or default video player list??

Rishicash says:

Rich irony for the code name for a hugely popular color they don't even offer anymore. 

Mirainashe says:

Nothing really encouraging to be honest. Gone are the days when products would be announced and sold there and then. "Look,we have a new toaster. It toasts bread. You can buy it here and now for $49.99." . Simple. We now live in a world where we already know the movie roaster for 2017,from January to December. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? Now,by 4th quarter last year,anyone with a slight interest in mobile tech,knew that WP8.1 was coming early 2014. By the end of the year we all knew exactly what it had to offer. By January this year we had image and video evidence following the next month. All for the obvious to be announced today. Now we are told it will be rolled out "in the next few months". That could mean anything from July right up to November or December,so effectively,we are looking at a complete roll out for Christmas. Why can't they prepare something,finish it up,test it extensively,then announce it,release it and sell it on the same day? Blah blah blah carriers this,blah logistics that. Why did you announce it then? HTC announced,released and sold the widely leaked One M8,all on the same day,so it's not exactly beyond the realms of reality

luisfarelo says:

Rome wasn't built in a day

spazzmeister says:

At HTC, Apple and Samsung it was. Our brother makes a good point. Its pathetic to announce a device and then have people wait months to receive it. What is this? The 20th century?

Mandroid#AC says:

Yeah I'm hoping with the preview and Cyan I won't be missing anything, might have to switch to my 521, although I would like to only have to use it in emergency situations.

peterfares says:

Now they should start releasing their phones in Cyan again!

chriswong13 says:

Uh, not funny, Nokia - calling this update Cyan when many of your latest phones do not actually come in a cyan color...!

MrSimmix says:

"Windows Phone 8.1 over-the-air update" This might sound stupid but does that mean we won't have to work through carriers anymore or did I misinterpret the sentence?

b23h says:

SOS, no change.  Still beholden to the vagaries of being messed with by the carriers.

Ian Hanson says:

As a newb to Windows Phone coming from Android, how does the update process differ?

Posted via the WPC App

b23h says:

You're a lot more likely to get the update than in Android, but not as likely as iOS.    The carriers in WP still have a tad too much control over whether or when an update is released.  

sameermehta2 says:

Sorry guys but didn't catch if the file explorer and the attachment to email like doc,word files is covered in this update.

blindguy says:

Hrere's for hoping the Cyan update will remove the yellowish tint from the pictures takien with the 1020.

lexus232 says:

Wow people always gonna find what to complain about. This time it's the name of the update....

irsyadhhs says:

Lumia Cyan. As i said

Just predicted this a week ago. Lumia Cyan sounds good, and is coherent with both the Windows Phone Blue name, and with the back story behind Cortana (remember Cyan Garamonde from FF VI). Also, follows the A B C sequence.

CraUmm says:

Any tentative dates for it?

wtma says:

I would expect maybe around 2 months after WP8.1 release.

Soble says:

Sooooooooooooo when?

BKsInBarre says:

Any word when the developers preview is coming?

ven07 says:

Before Build the date for dev preview was April 10th.. Since no one has said otherwise I'm assuming this date is still correct

Nearly as funny as "But will it run Crysis" which is funny in itself because that's not even funny, seriously some people I am so pleased i am not if that is their level of genius

Sagar Limaye says:

Hahahahaa "will it run crysis" XD

I_m_Snah says:

I hope Nokia brings back the ORIGINAL image algorithm in Lumia Cyan for 520, 620, 720, 820, and 920.

I hate those grainy, dull, and green/yellow tint! >.<

Will this be included with the Developers Preview? I hope so,since T-Mobile won't do OTA WP 8.1 for Lumia 810 -__-

b23h says:

To my understanding firmware is never included with the Developers Preview.   If there is a function in WP 8.1 that is dependent upon firmware for the 810, it will be SOL.    Just like getting GDR 3 on the 810, but no Black....

NYRbeezer says:

Can you please check your grammar before you post articles.  What the hell does this mean? As Nokia is wont to do

spazzmeister says:

Please check your dictionary before you post. Thank you.

b23h says:

thank you spazzmeister.

shaan sarode says:

Excited for a better story teller app... Current one is very lacking in basic features

milfermon says:

Will really all the phones get 3row tiles or not?

jhayEL says:

All devices will have that feature. You have a choice to enable 3-row live tiles or you may stay with 2 if u want to.

jhayEL says:

How will I be able to get the developer preview program for WP 8.1?

Kashyapjani says:

Register for Appstudio using your MS account and download 'Developer Preview' app on your phone. You will get 8.1 as soon as it is released for devs.

Kashyapjani says:

Someone leak the 8.1 firmware. I want it NOW!

Dafter says:

Feels like Christmas again. :)
Thank you Nokia and Microsoft!

ffitalludba says:

Nokia won't let their customers regret.

borhan48 says:

Does anybody know about file manager coming or not?

arjunan says:

One question. Is glance coming for 520

mjesani says:

Hope they improve picture quality of lumia 720. it got worse after amber update...

wphashan says:

What about video sharing? Does 8.1 can share videos? (in music+videos hub)

srwal says:

Any one else notice the 2 call icon live tiles as well as the 2 signal bars?

Is this model a dual SIM phone.

e1hamz says:

Will the cyan update allow to have three tile in a row ?

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RVthatsme says:

will those who updated for wp 8.1 dev preview get the new features of cyan update ??? 

NOLATechy says:

Yes.  You will be able to get the latest updates and firmware updates from your carrier once it is released.  This developer preview is the same update that the carriers will receive.  At most, when your carrier releases the final update, your system will receive only the updates and the new firmware for your phone.  You will already have the latest OS, so you will just get any new updates that were added after the developer preview was released.

One word of caution though, since this release is NOT from the manufacturer or carrier, if you develop any problems with  you phone, you will NOT be able to revert back to the original Windows Phone 8.  Also, I just learned today that there have been some instances where initiating a "hard reset" of the phone is resulting in loss of cellular service.  Probably something the carriers have done to hit Microsoft back for the developer update work around. 

I got windows 8.1 by windows preview developer..... If I able to got full version of windows 8.1 after the release of June......

seng hong says:

When do I can get the full version of W.P 8.1 from Asia(Cambodia)?

Gia Do says:

I hope this update can fix nokia camera. After Amber and Black , i was disappointed , i miss the old camera...