Nokia prevails in German Patent Lawsuit against HTC, device injunction could follow

A German Court has ruled in favor of Nokia in litigation against HTC for patent infringement.  The Munich I Regional Court handed Nokia a Germany-wide patent injunction against all HTC Android devices (including the HTC One) that infringes on Nokia’s patent on connecting devices over NFC or Bluetooth to transfer resource information such as a URL (European Patent 1148681).

Under German law, HTC can appeal this ruling but must convince an Appeals Court that they are “more likely than not” to succeed with the appeal.  In the meantime, Nokia can choose to enforce the injunction on a provisional basis by posting a $400 million Euro (a little over $552 million U.S.) bond just in case HTC wins the appeal.  This would include a recall of infringing devices from resellers and commercial users.

Nokia has yet to indicate if they will pursue enforcement of the injunction but in a released statement Nokia states they are pleased with the ruling and suggests,

“HTC’s first New Year’s resolution for 2014 should be to stop this free riding and compete fairly in the market.” 

Nokia is currently suing HTC in seven countries, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and Japan, over patent issues.  The German Court ruling is the latest copyright victory for Nokia with ruling expected in other cases scheduled for early 2014.

Source: FOSS Patents; Thanks, Riffraffy, for the tip!



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This is not good... The next years the case title gonna change to MSFT VS HTC...

More like MSFT vs Google as Nokia's patents seem to extend to all of Android, as indicated by Google's own actions (request to meet with Nokia).

KM2612 says:

Well that escalated very quickly heh

sahib lopez says:

yikes i wonder how 2014 will be once nokia beocmes one with msft

lubbalots says:

I thought Nokia remains Nokia but devices business will not be Nokia.

sahib lopez says:

well yeah i just didnt know how to phrase the word corectly. its more of the division that creats phone ... or somthing like that ....still cant phrase the word ._.

Microsoft bought nokia's devices and services division. thats the way to word it :P

Prodigy11 says:

How so? Nokia still owns all the patents they have created. MS has the right to use them in their devices, though.

lubbalots says:

I thought MS paying Nokia licensing fees to use Nokia patents, despite the handset buyout. It would then still be Nokia vs whoever.

jsnod25 says:

Your correct, the MSFT deal included license to use patents for 10 years or so, the patents are still Nokias

Non of this really matters because there are only two real players in the smartphone market (Apple and Samsung) and they couldn't give a shit.
Nokia are smart enough to offload their devices division to MSFT who in turn were stupid enough to buy it. Nokia can, in the meantime, spend their time fighting law suits in the courts or they can concentrate on the rest of their company.

jsnod25 says:

The biggest chunk of assets in the Nokia business portfolio is their patents, worth more than all the rest of their divisions combined. I'm pretty sure they are willing to fight for monetary gain from the licensing of those assets, as is the law.

KelvBlue says:

Sorry to break your bubble but the 2 real players you mentioned do give a shit. That is why they signed a deal with Nokia to use its IP, with Samsung just contracted the deal few months ago.

MSFT purchased Nokia's handset division and not Nokia as a whole. The patents still belong to Nokia.

MSFT purchased Nokia's handset division and not Nokia as a whole. The patents still belong to Nokia.

KM2612 says:

Hahahaha....HTC's first new year resolution....'nuff said

sahib lopez says:

hehehe that was funny. not only are they make fun of thier competitors in thier ads, they seem to do that in court :P

NIST says:

Nobody rides for free.

jsnod25 says:

Unless you get a free ride... This must be why apple hasn't added NFC to their phones yet... They must invent it first, rather than license existing technologies, that way they can actually make the usual claims that they invented existing technology!

KasakDesign says:

Lol HTC being as big as they are should know better than to rip people off. Not gonna lie this lawsuit makes more sense than the one against Samsung from Apple.

psamf24 says:

This reminds me of that song from da 80's Phil Collins Look At Me Now . And I hope google is next
MSFT to google "google me now" is coming.

97_fuller says:

HTC needs to actually use their OWN accessories than using the same as Nokia. If they keep doing this, HTC will be in serious trouble.

HTC = Hijack The Competition

ebradley says:

LOL. Also Having Trouble Competing.

Has To Compensate ;-)

jsnod25 says:

Hard time creating

JoRdaNeK says:

Hi That's Copy-able

Bee Mon says:

Hard to Convince

Have To Comment.... couldn't resist. The Force was strong with this one.

plasmid_uk says:

HTC will be gone at this rate, but it's a shame they couldn't work things out of court and that Nokia has to pick on the struggling little man rather than going for the big apple...no pun intended. I've always been a HTC player and I'm sticking with them even if they start selling bricks.

The fruit is paying already. The fruit tried to fight bit Nokia send them back crying

diod123 says:

Nokia has been historically good about approaching companies to try and work out a licensing deal before going to court. I am not certain about this in particular nor am certain how they will go about things once the d&s division sale goes through. I'd like to see them not become a patent troll.

OMG55 says:

Goodbye HTC8X in the new year; hello Nokia or Surface phone

exkerZ says:

My HTC 8x....

Abdal says:

Common HTC it is enough. Respect like Samsung which renewed patents for next 5 years with Nokia. Even Apple is paying large amount of chunk to Nokia for using their technologies. Remember, sooner or later, Nokia will sue your Company.

Lumia 1020? More like SUEmia 1020!!! (only funny if you read it as Billy Madison and look around laughing at everyone afterwards)

There seems to be a widespread IQ problem around Nokia and it's fans.

The whole ruling is a disaster for Microsoft and the planned takeover of the Nokia mobile division.

Let me explain...

 In December the EU has warned Nokia that it is now under increasing scrutiny because of patent trolling...

 Last week the Chinese Competition Watchdog warned Nokia that it would have to lower its patents licensing fees for it to approve the takeover by Microsoft of its mobile division.

As it looks now, China will block the Microsoft takeover... Further delaying competitive Microsoft designed products.



 Most of the assets of the Nokia mobile division happen to be in China, without Chinese approval the whole deal is dead.