Nokia publishes Windows Phone 8 developer resource

Windows Phone 8 Nokia Dev

Windows Phone 8 was released last Friday, along with the Windows Phone 8 SDK for developers. We've previously looked at the SDK leak to see what's included in the package, and Nokia has now published an in-depth developer resource for Windows Phone developers to read up on. So what's new in Windows Phone 8?

With the change Microsoft made between Windows Phone 7.x and 8, developers have more scope for app and game development. New APIs are available for developers to take advantage of, enabling new functionality and simplifying already coded features. Nokia's resource walks readers though most of the significant API additions and alterations.

Be sure to head on over to Nokia website to read up on the article.

Source: Nokia; thanks, Justin Angel, for the heads up!



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Jay Bennett says:

Anyone else notice this in the first paragraph: "The release of Windows Phone 8 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Microsoft's operating system for mobile phones and small tablet devices." what small tablet devices would those be Nokia...? ;)

blessthejon says:

Lol, maybe 7" tablets?

Smartphones like the 920, or a phablet, or even a windows 8 tablet!

venetasoft says:

Fantastic document, thank you for sharing !!

jordi88 says:

This document is really great. Cannot wait to start developing on this platform :)

Dominic_W says:

Awesome, thanks for the heads up.