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Nokia Lumia 635 going on sale in Singapore on Saturday

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Nokia Reading updated to sport 'News Stream' and importing ebooks from SkyDrive

Nokia Reading

Reports are coming in that Nokia has released an update for its Reading app, which was made available for Lumia Windows Phone owners earlier this year. The app is unfortunately not available in the US, but for those who are able to download and make use of the service it's a worthy reading companion.

Should you not be able to access the likes of Amazon's Kindle service, Nokia Reading offers a variety of books available to purchase and / or download. With the latest update, which we've not yet been able to apply ourselves, users will be able to import DRM-free books (EPUB and PDF formats supported) from SkyDrive.

As well as the ability to import own content from the cloud, Nokia Reading also sports an RSS-like feature titled 'News Stream' enabling users to receive news from a number of categories and collected sources.

Nokia Reading App

You can download Nokia Reader from the Nokia Collection (not available in the US). via: Plaffo; thanks, Dario, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Reading



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PeterFnet says:

First I've heard of this app. Too bad it's not in the US

OMG55 says:

Oh Nokia, you're the best!

longshark says:

Is it strange that I love Nokia for an app even though I can't use it yet?

Not a surprise, but not in Canada either.

dKp1977 says:

Applied the update this morning. Awesome app now. The Skydrive import works great. Very useful app now.

tissotti says:

Yep, loooving this app here in Germany.
Right to my top 4 favorite Windows Phone apps with Nokia Music, Drive and Maps.

Nakazul says:

Nokia Music, Nokia Reader. Its hard to not choose Nokia for these options. U.S have there own market, so this is a small attempt to counter balance and give its user some online content. So not available in U.S? Well at least a bone to the rest of the world.

dKp1977 says:

True point. But seriously, this regional exclusivity shit has got to stop. At least if it's not due to services not available in a specific country. I don't see any reason why Nokia reading should not be made available in the US and Canada too. These kinda things hurt the entire platform.

Bruno H says:

Welcome to our world. We living outside of US have had to put up with this kind if crap for ages...

dKp1977 says:

I'm in Germany, so I know that shit quite well. ;) Just saying that instead of being happy to have something the US doesn't, the Windows Phone community should stand together to make this platform succeed. Having apps available all over the world simultaneously is an important step.

tissotti says:

Well Nokia needs to do licensing deals and there might different laws in north American that Nokia needs to adjust.
I mean Zune Music is available in couple of countries and that has been there in ages. Nokia has managed to bring Nokia Music in matter of 6 months to over 50 countries.
There's always a flip side to the coin. 

BellaRed says:

This looks good. I have a load of ePub files ready and waiting for when I get my Lumia 820.

jhoff80 says:

For the time being, the app "Freda" is a decent enough ePub reader.

Shiroi says:

I use Bookviser. It's also a good alternative.

rackj says:

This is very cool, thank you for finally getting something like this together. And of cause being a "Nokia App" just makes it that much better 5 starts!

smasithick says:

Also not available in India :(

endacrowley says:

Now available in Ireland!!! But can't access their book store...

phazer89 says:

Got it in Singapore, wasn't available previously. Looks and runs awesomely.

sarjit says:

Does not have the bookstore in the Singapore market. Useless without it, just another reader

trazer says:

They should release it just without the store aspect everywhere. It would still be a useful epub reading app. I have already purchased a couple of good apps for that but free is good too!

Cypz says:

Not available in Canada.... Typical.

link68759 says:

There's gotta be a registry edit for this for US and Canada users. So what, find US and replace it with DE? I'll report back with my findings.

ejlee072006 says:

Bring it to the USA...

yosagojimbo says:

Update not yet available in UK .... C'mon Nokia/MS sort it out

renisans says:

Damnit, I seriously need this. Any news when it drops in US?

rath79 says:

Finally available in Australia :D

Murgatroyd7 says:

Lame, I really need something like this and I haven't found anything decent in the Marketplace.

App working great in Mexico. I love it, it kills every ebook reader in the market and also any feed app! :D Great job Nokia!

redowl says:

create a UK windows Live ID, set location of device to UK and you should see the update, when it is available

redowl says:

The new version is now available from Marketplace in the UK

1101x10 says:

Just downloaded the update. And have now deleted the other ebook readers I have installed. This Nokia one is the best.

rnpereira says:

Avaliable in Brazil. That's a surprise!

rocky 710 says:

Not available for lumia 710