Microsoft rolls out updates for MixRadio, Display and Network+

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New Nokia MixRadio update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

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Nokia Lumia 635 going on sale in Singapore on Saturday

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Nokia Mix Radio

Nokia rebrands its Music service to Nokia MixRadio, completely refreshes Windows Phone app

Nokia has today released a substantial update to its Nokia Music app available on all Lumia Windows Phones. Not only that, but the company has completely rebranded the service. Say hello to Nokia MixRadio. To celebrate the launch of the software upgrade for its app on Windows Phone, Nokia is also looking to hold an event in New York on November 21st, but you can download the update today.

Nokia Mix Radio

Should you not be familiar with the service, Nokia Music (now Nokia Mix Radio) offers a unique way to enjoy a variety of mixes and experience new music you weren't previously aware of. If you've never used the service before, we strongly recommend you grab your headphones and try it out. Should you be a veteran user, you'll love what's new in this update.

It's fitting that Nokia chose to rebrand its music service as Nokia Mix Radio, since this is the main selling point of the service itself. Multiple markets are supported, enabling consumers to enjoy a free music streaming service that requires no subscription and has no advertisements.

Nokia Mix Radio

With over 150 playlists prescribed by Nokia’s "mixologists", Mix Radio gives users access to more than 18 million songs. Users can then download up to four playlists (eight hours of music) for free offline playback with no interruptions. It's great value. Should you require premium features and would like to subscribe for unlimited downloads and more, Nokia asks for $3.99 a month (can upgrade inside the app).

We mentioned a new version of the app, right? Correct, the new Nokia Mix Radio app is simply gorgeous. Version 4 introduces the following (snatched from the app listing):

  • Play Me is a personalized mix inspired by your unique music profile
  • Thumbs up / Thumbs down to help refine your music profile
  • Share mixes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email and SMS
  • New name and a new look to make it even easier to use

Meet new Nokia Mix Radio

New Nokia Mix Radio

We mentioned an event above, which starts at 10am on November 21st - the day before Zero Hour. Should you reside in (or around) New York and are able to attend, be sure to RSVP over on the Facebook event listing

You can download Nokia Mix Radio from the Nokia Collection (same links as before, folks) on the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

Are you popping along to the event? Let us know in the comments, along with your initial thoughts on the new app.​

QR: nokia mix radio



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xmarklive says:

What happens to this after ms buys Nokia ?

It explodes into a million pieces, causing famine and tidal destruction worldwide.

Or we don't know / it's too early for these questions. Just enjoy this awesome app.

tuttonp says:

We've coded it to do the former ;)

ajftl says:

Lmao. Love this.

hahahah... scorched earth, you forgot scorched earth....

xmarklive says:

Shouldn't there be a disclaimer saying that somewhere ? Not sure if I believe death with come because Microsoft buys Nokia, but I've been wrong before. )))))))()(shrugs shoulders)

Jack Larson1 says:

Haha-seriously, get to high ground.

wapoz says:

It's new name will be "Microsoft Lumia Live Nokia Music with Xbox 2013 for WP 8 series" :P

hopmedic says:

And it will later be shortened to "Microsoft Xbox Lumia Live Nokia Music For Windows Phone"

wapoz says:

No one does clunky and overly verbose naming like Microsoft!  Although, google is starting to get as bad as them with "google play all access music" lol. 

Doomguy says:

Google is the new old Microsoft.

michail71 says:

MS likes to give completley different products the same name.

a14711b says:

Then Microsoft will buy a baseball team called the "Microsoft XBox Live Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim"

Jack Larson1 says:

Or MXLLAAA for short :)

Dragenox says:

Lol !! I nearly peed my self laughing ! ;D

kinpin2131 says:

MS is not buying Nokia 

rubenwidjaja says:

where have you been? already back from Mars?

wpSteven says:

kinpin2131 is right, MS bought the hardware division. Nokia still lives on as Nokia.

Relief says:

You should inform yourself better. Microsoft buys Nokia's smartphone division. They only license the Nokia name for the Asha line ;) Basically Nokia as a company will stay independant and will focus on the rest of their business (excluding smartphone business).

jefbeard911 says:

Yep,  Asha is staying g with Nokia.  Smart move.  All the action is in developing countries and the low end.  Mapping stays too.  Smart again.  I'll miss the NOKIA Lumia line (Microsoft Lumina?) but Mix Radio,  HERE services and Asha are still pretty cool


BfnC says:

Actually this was generally correct - Microsoft is buying Nokia's devices and services businesses, not the entire company:

Nothing happens. Nokia still works in developing exclusive apps. Maybe Xbox Music will get the rights to add the Nokia Mix Radio songs missing in xbox.

toph36 says:

Maybe, but it is not clear whether this apps goes along with the sale, or if it stays with Nokia.  I would think it goes and, if it does, what does Microsoft do with it?  The navigation and map apps stay with Nokia, with Microsoft licensing the rights from Nokia.

Why would the Nokia mix radio application form part of the sales package when Microsoft eventually purchase Nokias devices division? MS are buying hardware not software.

Tyradius says:

I think Nokia will keep it and make it for android and IOS, along with their other software. Much like blackberry is doing with BBM.

It is also coming to web.

RocketKnight says:

Microsoft will take the entertainment division since without devices, Nokia will not have a good reason to support selling music. The main motivation for the rebranding is to clash less with Xbox Music, if MixRadio will continue to live on standalone hasn't been finalized yet

david90531 says:

Saw this before this article thanks to Update Checker! Pretty great but i wish playing local music would change the lockscreen background just like stock, but oh well. Perhaps it's finally time to unsub to slacker (literally. where are the updates?!) and switch to this. How does it compare to other paid streaming services?

sri_tech says:

Yeah. Awesome creativity.

EDIT: Got the update on my 920. The new UI is beautiful.


Acbuono5 says:

Looks beautiful but it isn't working.... :-(

dreonedon says:

Its working now try again

It's clever. Look at it upside down.

anon5351951 says:

OH SHIT. I didn't notice till I read that!!! Hahah! Damn... This app looks good but apparently I can't get it.. Smh it's probably because I don't even have stinkn grd2 yet (grumpy face)

vikrant6 says:

Just sent the tip :P App looks refreshing..

I like the name change. They also get my approval to rename the other "here" services. Now, if we could get Zune back we'll be in business.

borasar says:

they just renamed them to HERE very recently

toph36 says:

Here is for their location services.  The music app is not under that umbrella.

psreloaded says:

And just to clarify. Nokia Music will be m$ property once the deal is closed. Here will still remain with Nokia.

WinFan1 says:

lol its a smiley and a pair of headphones :D love it!


It got a smiley face!!! AWESOME!

JimiDiGriz says:

Nice looking update. I know it's probably down to the current OS limitations but I'd love it if you could save mixes to the SD card in a similar way that Nokia allowed maps to be saved there. I've got an 820 and premium Nokia account but it's pretty limiting with the storage. 4 offline mixes is over 1gb.

rightisray says:

I asked Nokia Support about this a while ago and according to them it is because of DRM rights on the music. Makes no sense to me as Xbox music allows for DRM music on SD cards, but that's what they told me.

Clavitox says:

Well that's why I love Xbox music. I think it's the only service that lets you download whatever the fudge you want :)

psreloaded says:

Well music bought from the store goes to the sd card. Don't understand why this doesn't!!

So the question now is: what feature will make the Lumia 525 different from the others Lumias in the music/entertainment side??
Exclusive earphones? Exclusive 1 year "+" free subscription?

ctafield says:

Dreadful icon imho. Horrible.

C'mon, upside headphones that also look like a happy face? It's kind of brilliant...but to each his own.

+920...i feel the icon is just awesome :)

tuttonp says:

I kinda like it :)

sri_tech says:

Yes. Its brilliant.

When I first saw it, I thought why they are using smiley. 

Forc3 says:

THIS is brilliant! I want to meet that guy who came up this idea and congratulate him for being a god damn design-mastermind!

Yeah, I really dig the icon.

John20212 says:

+100; I just hate the new icon, I don't know what the hell they were thinking, looks like a creepy clown smiley.

On a side note, not a big fan of the new name either, I just preferred Nokia Music.

Narse77 says:

Really? I think it's a briliant idea to use upside down headphones as a smiley. I got the update before this article and loved the icon as soon as I saw it.

Same. Love everything about this update, including the icon. So damn happy...just like Windows Phone (and most) Windows Phone users, lol

coldfilter says:

I agree looks awful on my live tile

david90531 says:

Interesting, i guess it's personal preference. It stunned me at first too but i think it's very clever. And it doesn't look that bad

K_lando says:

You're not alone.  Not everyone is the same and that's ok. I hate it too. 

Jack Larson1 says:

I'm ok with the icon, just wish I could could change from electric pink to something a little more inconspicuous.

Corvodin says:

If only I could use it :(


Edit: Oh, yes I can :D 

Jagar Tharn says:

it would be nice it that was available in more countries :(

They're getting there. They keep announcing new partnerships worldwide. It's far from a trivial thing to do.

ccaballero says:

Do you know where I can find a list of countries/markets in which mix radio is available? Thanks!

Nokia MixRadio is currently supported in the following countries:

Australia; Austria; Brazil; Canada; China; Finland; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Ireland; Italy; Malaysia; Mexico; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Thailand; Turkey; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam

ccaballero says:

Thanks! Hoping for more markets soon..

alxpel says:

It should support Greece too...

ahmedjan87 says:

Why would they use the SIM ID to know the region can't they change it back to see the phone original region? Now I can't use it because of this stupid limitation

Corvodin says:

I can, and I'm from Bosnia.No one supports anything here, including Nokia, but I can use this updated version. 

ahmedjan87 says:

can you please tell me how ?

Corvodin says:

I've no idea.

My region is set to the US, the phone is from Germany, and I'm using a Bosnian SIM.

Before this update, I couldn't use the service, but suddenly I can, so maybe they switched something.

Available in India

FranBlagru says:

Not available in my country... Is there anyway I can change region or something?

Doomguy says:

You can change region but it won't help.

samirsga says:

Ok, just found a solution that worked for me. Yesterday I installed the app, but it said that the service is not available in my country (Bosnia and Herzegovina). I only could use the Play My Music feature, but not the MixRadio. Then I remembered that I also have a Nokia account which I registered in my Lumia (under Nokia account in apps). I went online in my PC browser (just type Nokia account in search) and logged in. It should give you a form that says "Sign in to Nokia". After I signed in with my username and password, I was able to edit my personal information. I chose United states under country/region and English (US) under language and saved the new info. Then I went to my Lumia and started the Nokia MixRadio app, but it didn't change. The solution was to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. Now I got the option to use the MixRadio! Hope it helps. Cya

Ok so they say its free but you have to pay 3.99 dollars to make it free, wtf

False. It's $3.99 for a premium experience: higher bitrate and unlimited offline downloads for mixes. It's free for streaming and up to 4 hours offline mixes.

Wait what?But on my phone if I try to stream any mix it says to renew my subscription.

Just an error. Can't even play anything now...server issues.

Thanks for the clarification :)

tuttonp says:

Daniel - We are on it, this is a temporary issue

SiriuS_r3d says:

I am getting "activation problem" error.. am i the only one getting it..? it was working fine till before the update..

WinMaverick says:

Its just an warning that the subscription has ended. Press 'Not now', and then online streaming starts fine. Well, yes that message is no doubt nagging.

kinaton says:

Crashes. And all downloaded mixes wiped.

Not sure if this is also a technical problem, but there are some artists that I can't find that were previously available (namely "Matt and Kim"). Hope to see them on this app again.

BennyFrank says:

If your anything like me this is still a problem 3 months later. I want to go back to Nokia Music because you could use a more complete selection of artists when creating a mix (the improvements don't account for this loss). I can still favourite the artists and then generate a playlist from this artist in the favourites menu, but I can't mix them with other artists that I like. My playlist "accuracy" (proportion of songs liked from a mix) has dropped because of this, it is very frustrating.

bonjoo says:

Soo Instagram coming Tomorrow :)

yay Nokia! ^_^ \m/

but seriously, what an amazing the new UI..and it's SOOOOO smooth!! :D

rahul4aug says:

All lumia phones.. No not available for wp7.8

adrian1338 says:

Are they still around ?:)

John20212 says:

Not everyone has the luxury to buy a new phone every few months.

rockstarzzz says:

Sell old one on eBay, get Lumia 520/620. They are cheap as peanuts.

John20212 says:

If you have the Lumia 900 or 800 then apart from the OS update it is not really worth getting the 520 or 620 over those two, while old models but still ones with better camera, displays, front camera, etc.

unnatixlr8 says:

So bad.. you guys didn't mention my name in the tip

Umm...we're in contact directly with Nokia, you do know that, right? We'll send you some flower anyways though for your loss of fame ;)

unnatixlr8 says:

I am already starstruck with your comment.. thanks :)

Then u guys might know when Instagram is comin,ryt?? :P

Of course! Very exciting. 

Haha read so comments above you many of them tipped including ME!

thanks, here's a cookie for ya

evans_vn says:

Didn't update not working in many countries! Back my many ....

jiggaman135 says:

All of a sudden when creating an artist mix of my choosing I'm getting a can't get through right now error message...however choosing from the pre composed list of music genre play mixes all is fine and functional...anyone else having this issue? Lumia 920 update 3 att!

lpforthewin says:

Yeah, same here in the uk, apparently there are some server issues - Daniel said just above you

kirklyt says:

It would be great if it supports all countries where Nokia Lumia Windows Phones are being sold like the Philippines.?!

PipoDj says:

Agreed. I think they forgot the country that made TEXTING the norm.

jjag520 says:

Have you guys tried using it? All the features (finally!!) work for me --- creating mixes, saving offline mixes, favoriting (is that even a word) an artist, etc... It works like a charm after the update.

crise says:

It's very slow here, and mixes dont load.. It says Music service not available, try later..

richddr says:

well this sucks. now am only able to play my own music :(. (Live in the Dominican Republic) the previous version allowed me to play mix radio and everything else :/

tuttonp says:

That's because Nokia MixRadio (or the old Nokia Music) doesn't have a music license for the Dominican Republic.

Nick Garza says:

I don't want a pink tile. Unpinned...

Murfious says:

The tile shows Music artwork after you start using the app!

david90531 says:

The tile has always been pink... And yes the live tile when playing music is quite nice

John20212 says:

They should have made the tile remember the last music you played and show that.

Nick Garza says:

I never saw a pink tile. It was either the color of my theme or had pictures of artists ( kind of like the people hub tile minus the flipping ) I had in mixes.

The Nokia Music tile followed the phones accent color and/or showed album icons.

Be patient, It takes a while for wide tile to load the album covers after you listen to a few.

Aanze says:

I don't understand why it is still not possible on ANY music app to create some playlist directly from my phone, be able to save it and run it later. I mean, PLAYLISTS guys. It's a pretty basic feature that every decent player on any other OS offers. Why can't we just have that ?

coldfilter says:

Agree entirely! The simple ability to create a playlist on the go from the music on your phone is a mindboggling omission

troylytle says:

I create playlists all the time. :D On my phone.

coldfilter says:

How I know you can go through that now playing rigmarole but it is a cumbersome unsatisfying experience

Aanze says:

Yeah, well if you're satisfied by this weak function that is: "add to the current selection"*, good for you.

* only works if you're currently listening to music, if you want to create a playlist for later, go f*** yourself.

troylytle says:

Why you have to be so harsh? Just turn your volume down if you don't want to hear it while you make a playlist. @coldfilter I have no problem with the experience if using the check box option by clicking the left side.

Aaanze says:

Well I'm sorry being harsh but I feel like you want to troll a bit here, acting like setting a playlist was an instinctive feature of the music player in windows phone. It is absolutely not. There is no menu allowing to manage it, and the procedure you describe to achieve it: using the "add to current selection" (while thinking to run a music before or else nothing will be saved), lowering the volume if you don't want the sound to show up, is very very far-fetched. Now you can say what you want, but please don't act like the feature was well implemented and nothing was wrong about it. 

After you add your songs or albums to "now playing", you'll see an option that says "save as playlist".

Aanze says:

Ok, so I wanted to make amend by giving another shot.

I tried to start over with a fresh new try on creating playlist: 

- Browsed throught "all songs" and played a first one. Choose "add to play now list"

- Added other sounds... etc

- Saved my Playlist

When browsing my playlist again in order to see the songs I had in it and this is what I had:

All my selected songs AND after that: all the songs from my library. Which is really really not what I wanted. I also noticed that once the playlist is saved, there's absolutely no way to delete any song from it. You just have to start over.

So, if I understand well, everytime you start by adding a song from the "all songs" view, you got all songs added added to the playlist.

Everytime you start by adding a song from an "album" view, all the songs from the album are added to the playlist.

Or am I missing something ?

jjag520 says:

here's what you do:

- select your songs. (use the "select" button on the black bar at the bottom, its the rightmost button, the one that looks like a checklist, to choose/select/highlight the songs you want for your playlist. Or you can simply tap the left blank part beside any song name on the list to select it.)


- then tap the "..." and tap "add to now playing".


- Repeat steps 1 & 2 till all the songs you want for your playlist are in the "now playing" list.


- Go to your now playing list and check your set list. If you're happy with it, tap the "..." again and tap "save as playlist".


- Choose a name for your playlist.


 aaaaaand that's it! New playlist!

this worked for me :)

troylytle says:

I just go to songs and select my selections with the check boxes. Then add to now playing or whatnot and save as playlist. I spent about 5 minutes and have 10 playlists with hours of music in each for different days.

sirgrant618 says:

I get a "we can't get through" error whenever i try to play something :(

MelCali82 says:

Dang homie g funk my offline mixes got deleted. now my whole world is going to end.

shadow118 says:

When I first got my Lumia, I had some battery issues, read online that they might of been caused by Nokia Music app, so I uninstalled it. Some time later, when I tried to install it again, it always shows "not available for your device". Tried to download this one, same problem :(

adrian1338 says:

Okay - integrate that service now into Xbox music and replace their radio and link the subscriptions together

kinaton says:

I agree. Would make more sense.

Now that they have d big pockets of MS,I feel they r gonna innovate again in the services they offer....Gokia..:)

how to renew the service?


RobinPaul says:

Awesome App now, now im in a Dilemma between Xbox Music and Nokia Mix Radio, both are great but which one is better

RackDaddy says:

I never liked the integration of Xbox Music on WP.  Having to go to the Store from the Music app and then clicking Music.  I prefer Spotify's desktop experience, making it easier to just LISTEN on the phone.

That being said, Xbox music is on demand whereas Nokia Mix Radio is not.  You're trying to compare apples to oranges.

Ok does anyone get the renew or not now option when you click to stream a mix, because I am getting it and its driving me crazy...>.

Ultimateone says:

Do I have to click 6 things still to play my local songs?

MelCali82 says:

Once in app, swipe left. You will have a tile for your local music files. 

You are able to pin that tile. Takes you directly to your library

MelCali82 says:

Once in app, swipe left. You will have a tile for your local music files. 

You are able to pin that tile. Takes you directly to your library

What sucks about it.. it's only a shortcut. If you are playing your music, song info still shows on main Nokia Mix Radio live tile

Murfious says:

If you pin your 'my music' tile within the app it will only be 1 click from now on.



Ultimateone says:

Ok cool but now its not a live tile? ugh

jswantek says:

Nope, no live tile, and you still have to back arrow like crazy to exit the damn thing.  Still better than xbox music, but it's falling to that level quickly.


DJCBS says:

I hate the new icon. BUT since I have my Nokia Music tile created with Skinery Themes, it doesn't really cause me a problem as I'll just keep the old logo.

As for the update...well...I never used Nokia Music for the exact purpose of "listening to mixes". I use Nokia Music as a replacement for iTunes, ie to buy music digitally. So in that sense, the update is horrible because it makes the Store-part of the app much less visible and much harder to find.

But for the intents of "Mix Radio" yeah, it's a nice update. Just not for me. The new title suits the app...but I'll keep calling it Nokia Music since, well...that's what I use it for.

Gohar428 says:

Nope...its not working....just displays my online radio..anybody else facing this problem

tuttonp says:

We're on it.......

dxdy says:

your region not supported...

specmania says:

I am getting ". We Cant get through" error

FBirraque says:

Try with WiFi disable.
After that works for me!

Panathas says:

Only bad think, still no background downloading -.-

nelsonecm says:

This app access to your location even if you don't allow it.

CrackFachry says:

I lost my Nokia Music Store section. Anybody experiencing this? I'm from Indonesia using 920(among the supported countries)

I lost the store section. No more ability to download individual songs. And i just got a 3 month subscription :( :(

Silly me!! The third page that contains only a search box is the store. I initially thought that it would be a local search for songs ;)

CrackFachry says:

Yep.. I just noticed it too. The Search box is actually function as the Store too. A bit odd tho IMO

JoeMeekFan says:

And the next app, which has its own colour. I don't like that.

S Rodrigo says:

Hopefully they fixed the battery drain issues with the app

tfc ninja says:

its good but...d liv tile...looks bad dat smiley..n color wont cbange

juba20 says:

Very bad the old version was better this version doesn't support and give me blank screen and I can play only my music

tuttonp says:

We are working on it as we speak......

juba20 says:

Hope the problem solve soon

tuttonp says:

Sit tight, this is a temporary issue

PalakChheda says:

Thank god! Mix Radio and other features work on my device now! It never worked over the past year.

I like the new app as well as the menu inside follows the phones accent color (except the "play me" tile. The only thing I don't like is that it does not follow the phones accent color in the app list. Nokia was one of the best when it came to following the phones accent color on tiles, now they are the worst, with every update one more app stops following the accent color.

There is no album cover art in the live tile (almost the same as the People live tile) like Nokia Music? I'm sad, that was beautiful in my Start Screen :(

There is, after you have listened to a few different artists songs...

Somu612 says:

Ok. I'm NOT updating. My unlimited subscription gets over in less than a month and I don't think I will risk it by updating it and not able to access the store. Thanks. But no, thanks.

Nejcooo says:

Since one fucking updatr I cannot use it anymore :/

QilleRz says:

Hm, this app was awesome, I used it when I live in Malaysia. But now, I am in Jordan. Really hope it support Jordan country :'(

JustlMe says:

Not sure if its the beer, but does anyone else notice how creepy the icon is~

coldfilter says:

Actually at first I though it was awful! But know the live tile has updated with my album art it is beginning to grow on me

DJCBS says:

The icon resembles "smiley" the serial-killer of that low-budget film produced by a YouTube kid a year ago.

flattie says:

While I like the streaming aspect of this service and the UI is a nice improvement, it is still a woeful tool for managing local music. While I accept that this may not be the prime objective for Nokia Music, it is still an absolutely shocking state of affairs to be without a fully competent and feature-full music app on the WP8 platform. Either MS or Nokia (or both) should have nailed local management long before moving on to more advanced streaming/web service integration. Basics first, guys.

coldfilter says:

Agreed the local music management would be substanded for a 2010 bog standard smartphone

TechFreak1 says:

whats with the new icon lol..ah well the custom tile still works. Like the new layout.. can't do any streaming or check the other features yet as battery is almost dead :(

Edit: finally managed to download an offline mix, love the new ui in the now playing screen. Finally a way to filter out songs we don't like.

Looks like you can no longer use two different offline mixes to skip between tracks lol.

FBirraque says:

We don't have Nokia Music Store anymore but they didn't merged with XBox Music Pass yet.
Wish in the next version we have just one product and store. ;-)

rehsak says:

Why can't they make it available to the whole world!

rubenwidjaja says:

I still love they call "Nokia Music" than "MixRadio"


Deaconclgi says:

I see bug fixes listed......I hope Nokia DIDN"T fix the "feature" that is enabled by switching to Kid's Corner while using Nokia Music.........

If so....I will keep the old version as long as I can!

FBirraque says:

If I try to share any music when playing it the Nokia MixRadio stop working.
Will need some update ASAP.

Please make it available in Greece!!!!

xposecool says:

Play me is not working

apocacrux says:

The thumbs up/down system was necessary and am glad its here, so Nokia can give me more music I enjoy and less that I don't (hopefully)

sreejith_r says:

Will our nokia music "unlimited" subscription end if we update?Please clarify about it guys.i still got around 5 months remaining.

Varij Kapil says:

No it remains intact

Varij Kapil says:

Where did the store go??? Cant download any new songs as it was before... Only mixes is not cool for me

Abb4d0n says:

When I go to a artist's page and want to play its mix, only the first song is from this artist.

Anybody else has this problem?