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Nokia releases Glam Me self-portrait app for Windows Phone 8 Lumias

Nokia Glam Me

We gave you a sneak peek at Nokia’s Glam Me app a few weeks ago at Mobile World Congress and now the app is live the Store.

The app is a simple self-portrait app that uses the front-facing camera to take some adjusted photos of oneself, applying some filters and adjustments along the way. The app can smooth out your skin tone, whiten teeth, soften the image and adjust the eyes (makes them “more open”). Later, you can add one of 14 filters to it, including B&W, Lomo, fresh, violet, magazine and sketch.

Nokia Glam Me

The app is a Lens too for Windows Phone 8 users, so it should integrate nicely with the camera module.  Overall, it’s not the most exciting app but for those pinches where you need a self-shot, we guarantee you’ll want it. The app should also do well for the Lumia 620 and 720 users, who may be younger.

Pick up Glam Me here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks Jeff D., for the tip!

QR: Glam Me



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Bob Hoil says:

Nokia is really on top of releasing things these past couple days.

Yeah, now if only they'll solve the stuttering issue when recording video to the SD card...

Hoekie says:

Get a faster SD card. I had the same issue and with a new SD card it's a fast as with internal memory.

I am using a SanDisk mSDXC 64GB. What are you using? I, along with many others, are also experiencing weird music sync seeing any?

apocacrux says:

I'd recommend any card that's class 6 and above.

You mean, like this?

apocacrux says:

That should technically get the job done. But Windows Phone has always been sort of weird with requirements to SD cards. So if a class 10 card is lagging, there must be a good reason for it.

You would think so, but there's also a whole list of problems with the 822 and SD cards when it comes to music and video. My entire music collection disappeared after I powered-on my phone!

Dzik says:

I use the same card and had the same issue up until the last update. All good now. Now if they fix the 'Other' folder issue I'll be very happy. I'm using Lumia 810 on T-Mobile.

Shrink Storage to help reduce the amount of space in 'Other', but be advised, it takes forever (as in 24 hours or more, from my usage).
The 'Portico' update resolved the stutter for me for like 2 short videos. Now it's back and the weird thing is that video playback gets WORSE each time I watch a video!
And then there's the whole thing about music not behaving correctly- one night it's there, the next morning, it's all gone! Very, very frustrating.

Nabkawe5 says:

hey man, in order for Shrink Storage not to take for ever , just flood your phone with videos or something over usb until it says its full then run the app it'll only fill whats lost thus not taking that much time. :) 

well thanks for the tip! a little late, but nice to know next time!

Getting error about not being able to handle request. 8032000F.

Misery loves company, eh?

Tahiti Bob says:

How ironic to release such an app when most 920 users suffer from dust in the front facing camera.

adrian1338 says:

can you see the dust on the photo?

atkulp says:

Yes! I can't even use the front camera. You can't see dust specifically, it just looks like every photo is taken through fog!

Steakman33 says:

I had the same problem with mine, but I found a way to fix it. Take a can of air and gently force some air into five hole pentagon-shaped opening at the top of the phone. Also, try to gently force some air around the seam of the screen, by the camera, if the first suggestion doesn't work. It wont fix it permanently, but it may be a way to temporarily fix the problem for you...

iSingBass says:

Do we know that it's most users? Out of my admittedly small sample of three 920 users who I know personally, I'm the only one with the dust issue. No doubt it's a significant number though.

majortom1981 says:

I put an otterbox case on mine and that stopped the dust from entering the camera. Before I put the case on I had 1 piece of dust.

pnhd says:

i'm guessing that was a problem for the first batch of phones and since then the manufacturing issue has been resolved

linkxboy says:

I also have dust! :O

runciter says:

+1 I also have dust :(

kubimonsta says:

wow. way to go nokia.

sachintp2112 says:

I have been using 920 for 2 months now.. I dont see any dust on my front camera.

moc426 says:

Takes a while but you will see it eventually. It hasn't effected shots but I don't use front cam much. To me the problem is just it makes it look bad as in not built very well.

Dare2Blink says:

No dust on my ffc either (have my lumia 920 since december) and I live in a very dusty place, so I'm pretty confident that only a certain batch of phones were affected, maybe just at&t 920 ( not sure though)

DJCBS says:

I'm in Europe, bought my phone in Germany and it also has that problem. If I used the ffc often I would have taken the phone to Nokia by now. Since I don't, meh. It only pisses me off when it affects the proximity sensor. 

pallentx says:

Its been almost 4 months for me - no dust. I rarely use the front cam though because the rear facing is so much better.

Schikitar says:

Dust everywhere in mine (Telstra, Australia), sent it back to Nokia for this and other reasons, wasn't fixed.

J Papi says:

That Lumia 720 though!

humboldt1 says:

Just used app on my Lumia 920's and neither has any dust issue

First time I reviewed an app which is funny as hell if you guys can see it :D

mukulvdhiman says:

I think they should have added option to edit other photos too..

FUS3360 says:

you can with nokia studio app.  It's not as costumizable as this one but it works.

Tjalsma says:

Damn, this app made you look good, Daniel.  I'll have to get it asap.

lottidah says:

I installed it, it's pretty slick. Made me look decent in spite of the harsh lighting here at work. The Lumia magazine cover effect made me laugh.

This app is awesome! Haven't even tried the other effects.

jgbstetson says:

Will this make my junk look bigger?

david90531 says:

Test it out and let us know

Jazmac says:

Have him send you a personal message. We ain't trying to know that. LOL.

Lilleverden says:

That is it, not even this app can make me handsome. I think I'll move in to the woods and stay there.

lippidp says:

Is this what they demo'd at MWC where it tells you where to move the phone to get you centered? That was sweet and Nokia are rad. Ain't nobody gonna break-a their stride.

No, that was ironically for low-cost Asha phones but hopefully it will come to WP too.

CJ Thunder says:

I was thinking this was that app too. The rear camera is so much better. HTC sure knows people like to use that camera.

david90531 says:

So freakin glad I went with Nokia (technically back to, I was with them since the Symbian days)

ihavewp8 says:

interesting how nokia lumia 920 are dropping prices. I knew they will drop price down. Now they have more available in stock

GSzah says:

Place tag beta is also available now! Sweeeet

Rauliulian says:

The only reason that I should change my lumia 800 is for the new apps, no love for 7.8 or 7.5 :( this sucks, cuz I really like my phone, more then any other lumia.

LeLee092 says:

I want this app!! sounds really useful! :( sucks its only for Lumia

pogi920 says:

I love this cute little app..made ffc usable as camera not only as sensor..sweet app guys..

I did not know I looked that good. No but I just took one of the best self pictures I ever had

with L620's vga front camera hw s it possible to wrk with this app ???