Nokia releases Lumia Highlights app to help out the noobs

Lumia Highlights

Although we take it for granted sometimes that everyone who buys a Lumia device (610, 710, 800 or 900) either knows Windows Phone or can figure things out, that is far from the case.

In turn, Nokia today has released a new app called Lumia Highlights and it's there to lend a helping hand to those who want to discover cool new things about their Lumia as well as the Windows Phone OS. The app features useful tips, tutorials, latest news on great apps and of course they hook you with the great accessories. 

While by no means revolutionary, the app is nicely laid out and should give new and old users alike something to poke around to discover new things, so we like it.

Pick up Lumia Highlights here on your Nokia Lumia phone.

via: Plaffo

QR: Lumia Highlights



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Nakazul says:

Seems like an app that my HTC wanted.

ddaniel87 says:

that's nice, ill have to check it out when my lumia becomes capable of being a smartphone.

gregoron says:

Lol. It may not be smart but at least it's pretty. Or, it has hidden talents. Enjoy your phone.