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MWC 2014 App

Nokia releases a spectacular Lumia app for Mobile World Congress 2014

Headed to Spain next week to catch Mobile World Congress? Then besides the official GSMA app for your badge and info, you’ll want to grab this app from Nokia. It’s a knockout.

MWC 2014 is Nokia’s third Mobile World Congress app, having ones previously for 2012 and 2013. And while you may not need it, you should download it anyway because it’s simply amazing looking. The app is chock full of features.

MWC 2014

  • View the entire list of MWC exhibitors, speakers and agenda, including the tracks for Conference and Nokia ADC.
  • View venue maps without an Internet connection
  • Personalize your favourite speaker, exhibitor and event list.
  • Explore Barcelona with the help of built-in Here Map, Here Transit and AR.
  • Network within the event by sharing your contact information and event detail using NFC.
  • Read the latest Nokia announcement and MWC social media feeds.
  • Listen to songs of local Spanish artists and learn a few useful Spanish phrases to help you get around Barcelona
  • Participate in MWC Challenge and MWC Photos sharing to win Lumia phones.

It even has a ‘featured apps’ section, with such useful things as WhatsApp, Wechat, Foursquare, Line and Instagram and more. The app also features push notifications and Lockscreen support. Heck, it can even tie in into your Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, making this a truly well done companion app for those attending the three day conference.

The maps are also very well done, with bright colors and very smooth scrolling. In many ways, this is the ideal Windows Phone app.

Head here to the Store to grab it for your Lumia, and be prepared for Mobile World Congress 2014. Can’t make it? No worries, I’ll be there to cover anything that pops up.

Thanks, Antoine N., for the tip!

QR: MWC 2014



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rockstarzzz says:

A Lumia app for showing off an Android phone? Irony.

Nah, dev day is there for WP on Tuesday. Microsoft is there on Sunday. There's more than just Monday's morning announcement. But yeah, Android phone...kinda funny.

ogracia says:

Any Chance that they will be doing something more accesible for us the consumers in Barcelona?

Yangstax says:

Two pieces of recent MS/Nokia news are considered rather funny and confusing.  One is the launch of Nokia X, an Android phone, which has generated more news exposure than the launch of Lumia Icon.  The other news is that MS would launch the new MS Office Touch for iPad first before the Windows version.  I wonder what kind of messages they are trying to send?  The beginning of a great exit?   

vijax21 says:

I believe there are way more iPads than windows 8 tablet.. MS must be like okay lets make revenue on other platforms first. W8 users can use the normal office anyway.

Yangstax says:

One of the main selling points for the Windows tablet is its 'Office-centric hybrid' design comparing to iPad which is just a tablet.  MS should demonstrate its commitment and take care of Windows users first and provide an iPad version later like they did for the previous versions.   Now this change has made a headline for some news articles.  It is not MS's business to help promoting iPad.

vkelkar says:

U forget onedrive for android with automatic photo backup

FeedTheShark says:

Well we (WP) and iOS users already have that, so that was more just Android being late to the party.

Micah Dawson says:

Exactly what I was thinking lol. Seems a bit silly really.

giggi85g says:

So green is the colour of MWC..has nothing to do with android

DJCBS says:

There's no "MWC colour".

giggi85g says:

IS the Nokia colour for the MWC

DJCBS says:

Yes, that it is. And sorry but yes, it is related with Android.

ArthJar says:

There's no solid evidence to back up that statement.

DJCBS says:

I advise you to do some reading around the web and visit Nokia conversations. There's more than solid evidence around.

And if you're still stubborn to think that's not the you wish to bet?

giggi85 says:

and what have to do with a tree and android? have you installed the app? there are no android signs

DJCBS says:

The green is Android's green which is the OS that will be used in Nokia X, which is the budget smartphone Nokia will be presenting at MWC (and probably the only phone to be presented there by them).
Of course there are no signs of Android on the App. Otherwise they would be giving it away before the press conference. Which would defeat the point.

avigyan says:

Trees are green. I have a feeling that there is a huge surprise for us from Nokia and MS. Remember "meet us under the tree" or something that Nokia had said in the invitation? What has that got to do with Android?

DJCBS says:

Fine. You want to keep in denial about Nokia's Android device, suit yourself. You want to keep believing that there'll be a surprise from Nokia and Microsoft and that there's some galactic meaning behind the tree thing, suit yourself. You're the ones who will be disappointed, so...

avigyan says:

It's not that I am dying to believe anything but there has to be some significance about the tree stuff. God knows what. Anyway, /build/ is far. Truly.

jibreezy1982 says:

I agree..I really don't like the idea but I'm sure there will be an Android Nokia.. A Nokoid lol

Jombib says:

Xbox OS colour is also green. Oh noes Xbox is going Android!!!

theefman says:

With no WP devices being announced and no visible Microsoft presence is there any reason to even care about MWC this year? At least from a WP perspective, its going to be android all the way through, so doesn't seem there's any reason for all the hype.

DJCBS says:

Microsoft has some sort of conference there I think.

avigyan says:

Is it anyhow possible that WP8.1 is coming in that conference? With the leaks flowing in so vehemently, I have a feeling. Remember that WP8 was launched at a conference and not BUILD.

DJCBS says:

No. And the reason I think Microsoft will only be presenting 8.1 at /build/ is because they don't have 8.1 finished yet. And we're just days away from MWC.

If 8.1 was finished as it was supposed (remember it was supposed to come out around the same time Windows 8.1 came out? Yeah...) they would have presented it with flare at MWC. I don't say, after all the leaks, that Microsoft won't acknowledge the existance of 8.1 before /build/ (they have been denying it so far) but they won't be making any announcements of importance.


It's stupid that 8.1 hardware isn't showed on MWC, yes. But that's the way they're going at it so, their problem. Just don't get hopes high.

DJCBS says:

Makes sense they used Android's green for the App tile since apparently this years MWC will be Android-packed with almost all OEM's presenting new Android hardware.

Jolla will also be there and even the first Firefox OS phone is supposed to be presented at MWC. I still think it's damn stupid of Microsoft to not present either new hardware or 8.1. Media coverage of /Build/ is way smaller than MWC. If they want people to notice WP, keeping it to their own little venue seems just a stupid strategy to me. But oh well...


DarwinPurol says:

Unless they make suprise.

DJCBS says:

Well we never know but it is now highly unlikely that they'll present anything at all.

DarwinPurol says:

Yeah news leaks everywhere that microsoft and nokia were not presenting anything aside from nokia x

JamesSB says:

It will be the only Nokia phone with Android. I don't think Microsoft will continue to use Android on their phones once the deal is completed.

DJCBS says:

Well...I'm not so sure about that. Remember this won't be a Google-Android phone. It will be a "pure-Android" meaning, Android based on the AOSP which is the base used by all OEMs. Google's services are then added as an extra which turns those AOSP phones into Google-Android phones.

So Microsoft can technically continue with AOSP phones as their "feature" phones. It's cheaper and easier to lay their services (SkyDrive, Outlook, etc) upon than the current S30 and S40 series.

Also, if Microsoft indeed intends to bring Android apps to Windows Phone, having AOSP apps around tweaked for their feature phones would be an easier way to put those into WP than to go around and open WP's code to put Google Play apps into it, apps that would probably be blocked by Google.

rockstarzzz says:

Cheaper to have AOSP than their own OS on their own hardware

MSFT is fully in stupid mode the first two months of this year. No presence at MWC is retarded. Build conference is for developers.

and releasing an Android phone this late in the game is foolish after embracing WP the past three years.

Ratman826 says:

Really disappointed Nokia is not releasing new Windows Phone :(

cknorthpole says:

Get a 1520 and be happy ;) and 8.1 is hopefully coming in the next few months.

Aashish13 says:

All eyes at build that's y everything is delayed

FeedTheShark says:

Likewise, but at the same time with WP8.1 coming so soon there'd be no point. No matter how good the device was I'd decide to wait 2 or 3 months for whatever 8.1 hardware was coming.

As the answer to the introductory question will be a massive "no" for the overwhelming majority, our interest in this app is limited.

Microsoft should be on top of the game.... And why Nokia will released supposedly an android phone? Microsoft doesn't care

TechFreak1 says:

Both companies have to see their roadmap through / act like the d&s acquisition is not going to happen. In realistic terms, MS is power less right now to stop Nokia from releasing it. Regardless MS will make money off this phone anyway not Google as it runs forked Android. Furthermore its a low end phone anyway - it is just a headline grabber - "Nokia's first android phone". On the upside for Nokia - Nokia fans and android loyalists will pick it up (they really need the revenue), I'm no loyalist but im intrigued, as the prospect of running a custom aosp android cw on Nokia hardware is too good to pass up.

FeedTheShark says:

After a few weeks of mulling this I'm all for it. Android is too big not remove. So just take it and do what you want with it, remove all references to Google and replace it with Nokia and Microsoft services instead. It's quite amusing actually.

RaRa85 says:

Seriously without Nokia we literally don't have much in terms of apps and news. The 920 was the best purchase I could've made. Thank you Nokia. P.S. Please stop limiting all your best phones to one carrier.:)

FeedTheShark says:

We wouldn't have any phones either. Seriously, would WP still exist if it wasn't for Nokia?

sumton says:

an event with full of disappointments :| i'll pass on this one can't wait for Build 2014

toraji says:

Again an app installed on your recommendation ;-) Like the app so far and really curious what MWC is going to bring. The fact Nokia developed this app is promising

Lets just wait and see what will be pulled out of the sleeves of MS&NOK

Its a cool app, right? Even if ur not going, there's some fun stuff in it.

toraji says:

There really is cool stuff in It and It makes me want to go...SO jealous.... :|

TechFreak1 says:

Lol same, i installed it just to play around with app. The built-in here maps and here transit is pretty nifty. Anyway back to

pookyjoralyn says:

also green like on the Nokia Normandy! :3

mythos13 says:

Wii there really not be a 1020 successor announced at MWC--say it ain't so.

DJCBS says:

No, there won't be a 1020 successor on MWC. That phone, IF it ever happens (Microsoft may not be so much into photography as Nokia), will not come at least until the end of 2014. The 1020 is a niche phone. Those don't get recycled as fast.

HansTj says:

Off-topic, but Dan, I just noticed your new quote. That is brilliant. I LOVE it!

pranayhotkar says:

Maybe nokia is gonna announce a new set of apps which aren't present in wp store

LucasLumia says:

If I only I lived in Barcelona! Maybe one day I get to travel and see the new announcements.

LucasLumia says:

Here's an idea. Wouldn't it be great to expand MobileNations to different countries, languages and regions. Since the smartphone market is full of regional news, regional variants (some obvious or others not so much like the International Lumia 1520) and different prices and carriers?

LucasLumia says:

Or to have like an International news section where international users can write news, even in English why not, then moderated and if true and not repeated published. It would only take one person to do the job. Like a forum section but a little more visible.

Am i the only one who noticed him posting a google search link!!
#BingIt its really cool!

Marco Gomes1 says:

It depends on where people live. In portugal, bing is pathetic.


mswindows101 says:

Wow.. They release a Windows Phone app to attendees to show off an Android device.. Come on Nokia!

DJCBS says:

What's the problem? Do you know that, for example, Phil Nickinson, Editor-in-Chief of Android Central, has a Nokia L1020? (Just like Daniel has an iPhone and one or two Androids)

People who attend MWC are majorly tech people, journalists etc. Those always have an array of different devices. So Nokia, for those attending who have a Nokia device, provided a nice App to help them around.

Seriously...if there wasn't a MWC 2014 app in the Windows Store people would complain that there wasn't an app. If there's an app, people complain that it's to show off an Android device...

jayc101 says:

Don't really care man.. The comment is in reference to the irony of it..

Pratik Mehta says:

What's MWC challenge?

Judy Chu says:

mwc challenge is a game happening in nokia booth during the event. make sure you ask one of the staffs there. they will bring nfc blue tags and you tap on 6 of them to get a raffle.

there is a chance to win a phone. nice!

PeadarWagon says:

I want to go to there

avigyan says:

Could Samsung be launching the Huron? Since it already visited the FCC recently and is supposedly ready for release. Samsung has some huge event though, at MWC and maybe the Huron could share some space along with the GS5 or whatever.

Very, very doubtful.

vijax21 says:

Do we have a list of products (HW/SW) of what to expect at MWC?

Kleen Jimi says:

hey i dont know if someone said this already, but maybe nokia understands that while we love windows phone, we also enjoy hearing about the other guys' efforts because of an appreciation for technology.  and that alone warrants an app; regular tech fans

pooleyjnr says:

Just downloaded the app, lovely looking app, shame WP doesn't have more like this. Super shame that it is a waste of time for WP users, confused!

Tips_y says:

I have lost interest in MWC 2014 because it looks like nothing much by way of WP will be happening there. But still hoping that at least Sony, or Micromax, or Lava, or UCall, presents us with some new WP8 devices.

dbgman says:

Nokia making Android? Traitors!

Oohh Lord why don't you give a free airplane ticket, free hotel for 5 days and free MWC VIP pass to me. Well, maybe next year.

RichardSF says:

As a developer and designer, my interest was piqued when I saw the description, "In many ways, this is the ideal Windows Phone app". I'm always interested in looking at examples of great apps. However, I find the panorama main page to be way too cluttered and busy! Not a good example of Metro design.

glow hockey says:

The Nokia Lumia phones offers a wealth of connectivity options that ensure users can always be sure of a great connection regardless of their location.