Nokia rolls out offline update for Maps on Windows Phone for some regions


Nokia has rolled out an update for offline mapping on Windows Phone. There are two types of updates for the mapping solution on Windows Phone, the HERE Maps app itself and offline data installed on a smartphone. Today, we're once again looking at the latter, with reports coming in that an update for offline map data is available for some users (it may depend on your region).

Your Windows Phone should check for said updates periodically, but there are a few ways to check manually:

Maps (HTC, Samsung, Huawei)

  • Tap '...' at the bottom of the Microsoft Maps app
  • Settings
  • Check for Updates
  • Install

HERE Maps (Lumias, anyone who uses HERE)

  • Tap '...' at the bottom of the HERE Maps app
  • Download maps
  • Update current maps
  • Install

You can also go into the Windows Phone settings:

  • Settings
  • Applications (swipe right)
  • Maps
  • Check for updates

The process should take only a few seconds, depending on how much offline data you have downloaded. We'll reach out to the HERE team at Nokia and see about what's in this latest update. If the update back in January is anything to go by, we should be looking at some interesting additions being implemented.

Let us know in the comments if you've noticed anything new. We'll update this article accordingly once we hear back from Nokia so be sure to check back.

Thanks, Ashish, for the tip!



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Martsicky says:

no updates for maps of Poland. :(

bigdnf says:

I have Poland update right now in progress ;)

viralgajera says:

Update is available in India.

No update in uk

WP 8.1 I LUV U

Kwanton81 says:

I did. 1MB update England map.

No update for England for me.....

DReevell says:

huge 522.7MB update for UK maps...I'm UK based, 8.1 & region  USofA...

No updates available for me. I have Delhi, India maps saved. I guess they just updated some regions.

I updated Punjab maps just 2 weeks ago.

viralgajera says:

Available for gujarat

iamakii says:

No updates too. Region set US.

amilor says:

No update for Slovakia

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Talk4Lig says:

Ahoj brat zo Slovenska!

Hello brother from Slovakia!

77mibo says:

inak, no update, too

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Talk4Lig says:

Pekne ! Nevedel som že je nás tu viac slovákov :D

Nice! Didn't know that there are a lot more Slovaks than I thought :)

WIK1970 says:

No Updates for Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Suisse.

I just got all my maps updated when I launched HERE Maps. This includes maps for the Netherlands and Germany. 

No update for Norway or Argentina.

pampurio97 says:

No update. Italy

125,6MB for Danish map update.


Does anyone know why maps is showing train routes but not bus routes?

Edward Kang says:

Because train road is fixed xD

Thats true. But thats the bus routes to, allmost.

Edward Kang says:

Not for every country.. I am from Malaysia, the bus system here need a lot improvement. The routes are not fix.
Moreover, the bus route can be change easily..

jayruguitar says:

No updates in Philly, PA.

namarin says:

NO Updates Croatia!

And leaving the app to write here, stops download and gotta go back and update again. :D

Hubszo says:

Norway updated with 79,2MB :)

MatchAttax08 says:

There's an update in Ireland

No update for Romania.

scalpetti says:

I just checked, and it says that a 48 Mb update is available for Romania. Downloading now

That 48Mb update was about 2 weeks ago. The map size for Romania is 170,9 MB

scalpetti says:

oh, okay :) i haven't checked for an update for about a month, and i just checked when i saw this article. my bad!

Slovenix says:

Download 1mb lol :)

Guys, I got an update last week, but nothing today. I think you may be late on this one :D

ovancantfort says:

Same for me: Update present, less than 1 MB:-)

mab664 says:

Offline maps do nothing for Waze right?

Nope. Waze requires a data connection to work. It does not rely on the offline maps downloaded in your mobile.

Luminatic says:

An update for Switzerland. Let's see if my office building finally stops being a building site LOL

No updates in India

Firebolt501 says:

Just downloaded..from TN.. less than 1MB..

Wael Hasno says:

No update in Sweden.

Bruno H says:

The update for Sweden rolled out over a week ago...

And the update was up-to-date! A road crossing which was rebuilt during the winter was finished in April. The changes are already incorporated into the map data. So the maps feels really fresh!

MethodGT says:

Wow, that's amazing that it's actually up to date. In my experience here in the USA it's about a nine month gap before things show up.

Zaki Smile says:

It depends on when Here are noticed about the update, they launch 4 updates every year, and it takes a while for them to check the updates, when the corrections are confirmed and they add the in the next release. I'm a "tester/special user" of Map Creator (Here's editing tool) in Sweden, and I can tell that they started to implement updates from the users this spring so more updates will come. They added my first corrections in this release and many new corrections, new roads and so on will be added in the next update.

link5a says:


JoaoCSM says:

No update for Portugal...

myrandex says:

No update for various US maps on my Lumia 1520 on ATT.

jeffraska says:

66 MB for Czech Republic

phillip1230 says:

Sorry WP central but I think you are very late lol

Mestiphal says:

7MB for Panama

danielcruz2 says:

No hay ACTUALIZACIONES Para Los mapas en Colombia.


aziouazrayes says:

no update for ALGERIA

Soble says:

No Korean map...

ruisolid says:

No Update to Brazil Map.

Well, early this month I've updated my maps (Brazil, Argentina and Chile) around 150MB.

Lipe13 says:

My Brazilian map got updated today (South and Southeast Regions). 88 mb.

Ima90 says:

Noupdates to 7.8

nadeemk46 says:

I see what you did there

richddr says:

No updates for Dominican Republic

darthhen says:

No update either for California, USA

Ahmad Aniq says:


No updates in Romania

HoosierDaddy says:

None for USA.


Are we talking Earth maps?

Wam1q says:

No update for the Emirates.

henocksandy says:

It's "update for offline maps", not "offline update for maps""!!

matt john2 says:

None for Down Under

Judas20 says:

No update for England :(

55MB update for South Africa.

rafsal1819 says:

Same update got 2 weeks ago

bc3tech says:

Man, I really wish map updates could be done over cellular. Super annoying when I've got an unlimited plan. Grr

nwpxbaxx says:

Updates installed for Germany, US (CT, NY, MA, NJ, NH), Spain. Lumia 620 w/ WP 8.1

hopmedic says:

No updates for me, I have southeastern and a couple midwestern states downloaded.

anvesh N says:

No updates although I updated Andhra Pradesh maps 2 weeks ago

niyoko says:

Still NO Japan maps. Nokia's maps are terrible for Japan. They are just wrong. I want my Bing Maps back!

bAN01TgAZ says:

Just search marketplace for Maps

Edwardlb20 says:

Or get WP8.1 which comes with Bing maps as standard

tomdjp says:

Take a look at "Maps Powered by Bing" app - free in the Windows Phone store.


It uses the original WP7 Bing Maps control, so provides proper maps for Japan.
(unlike the other "Maps" shell apps that use the same map data is HERE, just with a different UI)

Also there's a local search feature based on Google Places data.


pankaj981 says:

No updates for Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio

mantugaul8 says:

Yes, update for indonesia (especially new sea highway in Bali) but last week, your post is a bit late...

dikadik says:

no more update for Indonesia :) , and yes WPcentral did make the article for the last week's update.

SauL Campos says:

No updates for Perú, Lima :(

i can't even open the app. it's loading then resuming and then goes back. same thing happens in the settings-> system.... is it because i changes my region?


So, who is HERE Europe B.V.? Seems new.

Edwardlb20 says:

Been like that for a loooooong time mate, sorry to break it to you now

TuanLVT says:

No update for finland

Got 95.1MB of update..Philippines.

Imre Balogh says:

Hungary-Magyarország ok. 208.4 MB



xFalk says:

Downloading updates for IL, WI and IA in the US as I type.

Dev_Gr says:

44mb for Greece

Arpit Mittal says:

no updates of India

weid1374 says:

Update for Belgium and Netherlands

joanzen says:

I'm in South Florida. Getting updates for Bahamas (40.9MB), Cayman Islands (36.6MB), and USA (3824.1MB). Very slow downloading...

Xsled says:

No updates for the maps I have in the US.

raycpl says:

Nothing in Malaysia

No update in India

Jagar Tharn says:

for some reason the phone reboots every time i click the maps -_-

94jara says:

No updates for maps in Paraguay

akks says:

No update Kerala,India

aafa says:

No updates for Ontario

ntice_521 says:

No change to U.S. or Canada.


piniout says:

57MB for Greece!

Xaphoon148 says:

Got a update for Norwegian maps and the app a couple of weeks ago...

Edwardlb20 says:

No update in UK, USA and England maps installed.

Wp8.1 Lumia 820

conansaga says:

Maps for Serbia, South Africa, Spain (Madrid) and UAE updated; approximately 48,9 MB.

Gomezcri says:

Updated 9,2MB in Argentina

no Armenian maps((((((

simon 4 says:

And still cant install maps on sd card on my htc 8s even though 8.1 \ets me install the here drive app on my sd card!!!!

wpwp says:

Just updated successfully in South Africa

No Love yet in the US.


Latest was 4/7/2014 which provided: Program Version Map Data Version.

Josuv22 says:

1MB in Ireland too

pluizebol says:

No updates for Belgium and France

imran wahab says:

No update for my region, emailed customer support at Here four times, not once I got a response. Am in Zimbabwe, southern Africa.

imran wahab says:

Oh and when I set a route I get error code "NO NAVIGATION"

vk1971 says:

No update for Georgia (country)

EspHack says:

its a shame voice navigation is not available even though there is the full map of my country(dominican rep) including street names and all, it used to work flawlessly on my N97, and even more ridiculous is seeing that crap waze is miles ahead of here maps/drive with every detail up to date including voice nav, im very disappointed at nokia

imran wahab says:

Yea same on my here drive all street names are on my map but cannot set driving routes, my country is Zimbabwe. its really disappointing for sure. I left iPhone for this!!. Would help if we can get feed back on this.

Nik Rolls says:

None here in New Zealand, though there was a few weeks ago.

AndyD33 says:

I just checked and I had 80-some MB of updates.

The maps I have installed are Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Hope they will lauch offline maps for Japan....

jeevan_jk says:

i got my map update for tamilnadu and pondy for 66mb