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Nokia’s Bluetooth accessory ‘Treasure Tag’ render gets leaked

Nokia is expected to unveil quite a few new devices next month in UAE for what may be their final Nokia World. Whether it is the Lumia 1520 or their tablet, the rumored Lumia 2520, Nokia is sure to have a great show.

One of those items due for release will be the Bluetooth charm called ‘Treasure Tag’. The item will reportedly work with Bluetooth 4.0 LE devices and allow users to track things like keys, bags or whatever it is attached too. NFC will be on board too for quick and easy pairing. As the Verge reported earlier this summer, the device will have a button on it to ID phones that it is attached to and its battery should last 6 months while always being on.

As you can see above, a colored in render has made its way onto the internet via @Evleaks. The render matches the earlier sketches revealed this summer and give a better idea of what the item will look like.

Current Windows Phone 8 Lumias are expected to get Bluetooth 4.0 LE support through the GDR3 / Bittersweet shimmer update due later this year.

Finally, Nokia's Treasure Tag, also known as WS-2, made its way through the FCC, clearing the way for commercial release. Nokia will most likely unveil this accessory and the associated software with it at Abu Dhabi later in October. Windows Phone Central will of course be on hand to cover Nokia World in the UAE on October 22nd, so stay tuned.

Source: evleaks



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baron1996 says:

Well can i preorder one now plzzzz!!!!

RyanAMG says:

So getting this for my wife

Do you lose her often? (rimshot)

RyanAMG says:

LOL Dan you just made my day.

Best comment of 2013.

TechBizJP says:

No, i think its the other way around.. haha

jswantek says:

Maybe he needs it to let her know when she's getting close.

montel22 says:

Lol I was thinking the same thing, sometimes I think my wife will forget her brain somewhere lol.

StuBeck says:

My wife is getting 10.

RJ Priest says:

I'm curious about the range. This could be really cool.

incendy says:

I wonder how small it is? Might be good on animal collars

Nerdy Woman says:

This is cool! Of course, as an AT&T subscriber, I won't get GDR3 for 6 months. I suppose I'll look silly with a treasure tag hanging from my glasses.

jasonxz says:

Right?!  (on both counts)

btgusto says:

GDR2 is "supposed" to come to ATT by the end of this month. Well 4 days to go. speaking about my 920


Nice...... for my tv remote :-P

jswantek says:

The ultimate luggage tag, no more carousel guessing.

tribexx says:

Can you pair multiple ones?

gibbage says:

Now THIS?  This is innovation!  Both new, and usefull!  

theefman says:

Needs to be gold to be truly innovative. :)

uopjo6 says:

Found my new keyholder right here. I think that's 1:1 scale beside the 920 (nice choice of phone =])

Luminatic says:

That would be useful but weird looking for my glasses. I keep misplacing them, and without them on my nose it's hard to find them ;-)

walter1832 says:

I can attach this to my patience....wait for it.....for when I lose it! 

lonbraj says:

Nokia accessories are great however too expensive.

Reflexx says:

I wonder what the range is. It would be awesome to leave in a parked car in a large parking lot.

JPDVM2014 says:

I would assume the range will be whatever the max range is of Bluetooth 4.0 le.

dkediger says:

Just a quick Wiki reference says BT4 LE is 50m....

Nickkk101 says:

what beyond lost key's/bags is this product useful for? The handful of times i lose keys or indeed bags, it doesn't usually take more than a few minutes to find them again. Can someone enlighten me to the broader uses? are items pinpointed on a map? seems like that would be of limited use in a domestic setting.

Noob1ee says:

Only 6 hours of battery though??

mtry says:

6 months with always on, read carefully...

typhon62_1 says:

Whats the range of these things?
Most Bluetooth stuff I've used only has several feet line of site to work.
I just don't see how this would have much practical use at all

mutant 9 says:

Would love something like this for my kids....

paulbram says:

Actually yes. I wonder if this could be used to somehow push a notification to you if you child/tag goes out of range? This would be awesome when in very busy/public places trying to keep track of several kids.

viciouzone says:

I cant wait for this to release, however I would realy love to see a loose dongle instead of the stiff molded hoop.