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Nokia’s Treasure Tag accessory swings by the FCC, reveals model name as WS-2

Treasure Tag WS-2

Earlier this summer we saw plans for an upcoming accessory from Nokia called Treasure Tags. These are little devices that will make sure you never misplace your keys or purse again. Those Treasure Tags also just spent some time at the FCC.

Treasure Tags are rumored to work via Bluetooth 4.0 to help you locate items you attach them to or your phone. The images of the Treasure Tags earlier this summer revealed a loop that you can presumably attach to items like keys, purses, or any item of value that’s easy to lose. You might use an app on your Lumia device to then locate or see where the item last was when it talked to your phone using Bluetooth low energy. Alternatively, you can even find your phone. Pressing a button on the Treasure Tag will activate your phone to make sound (assuming it’s in range). This is all info we knew from earlier in the summer, anything new in the FCC filings?

WS-2 Treasure Tag

Not much unfortunately. The only thing really new is the model name: WS-2. Other than that, we’ve got a bunch of FCC filings for you to peruse through and pick new information out of. Link below.

We’ll probably be seeing the Treasure Tag later this month when Nokia is expected to announce the Lumia 1520 and/or their tablet.

What do you guys think of the Treasure Tag accessory? Something you’d use?

Source: FCC, Via: WindowsPhoneDaily


Reader comments

Nokia’s Treasure Tag accessory swings by the FCC, reveals model name as WS-2


Yes we can. I'm finishing up a piece of BT4.0 right now. Assuming you have GDR2/Amber on a Lumia device.. you probably already have it :)

You haven't posted the BT4.0 piece yet have you?  I'm anxious to see this story and would be interested to see if you have any thoughts about this possibly motivating Fitbit to develop a true "sync" app for WP8. Thanks.

Not sure if I missed it, but is there a proximity limitation to this? In other words, do I need to be within 50ft from a misplaced item for example to get the tag signal?

Actually sounds useful! Though honestly...the thing I misplace more often is my phone itself...=P

if you push the button on the treasure tag it will cause your phone to ring or make some sounds.

If you log into you can make it ring too, and if its stolen you can lock it out and find it on the map, where ever you left it.

It needs some kind of connection to actually ring, I don't know what GDR2 improved on that, (I'll try tommorow).

before amber,  the phone had to have a SIM up and connected, MS used sms, lol..

now it uses microsoft account.. so i guess it needs to be online :S.. 

Well, if your phone is stolen, SMS won't work at all. Given the fact that the SIM card is the first to be removed. For Microsoft account, the person will still have to crack the passcode first.

Pretty unfortunate if the device needs to be in range, I was hoping for something like is on Kickstarter (but only iOS).

What do you mean? There aren't any technical reasons why the item with your Treasure Tag coudln't tell your phone the last known location. That's better than nothing when you're looking for something. 

I was just about to say that. I lost my keys a couple weeks back and if I had this attached to my keys, with a Bluetooth link to my phone, the last known location of my phone at the time the bluetooth link was broken would be a godsend to me right now.

Btw if anyone cares I have spares of all of them.

very useful

i'm more interested in range

50 feet? meters? miles?

if it is accurate up to 1km then i would buy it in the blink of an eye

I really like this idea. Having just lost my house/car and bike lock key in one fell swoop, this would have come in handy about two weeks ago.

Actually, having to be within a short distance of the lost item is a plus. Take for example, Find My Phone. Well, at least I know my phone is in my house. OTOH, a smaller range will let you quickly limit the search area. Not in the bedroom... Not in the bathroom... Not in the living room... Bingo! It's somewhere in the kitchen...

Well they've been first to announce such a tool but they are late with release: Philips recently reached shops with same tool. And Philips knows lot about power saving so it should be a really good device.

I can see these being useful on my keys. Old also put one one my car to help me find where I parked.

Pricing will be a big factor, though.

Yep, most of the expansys sites list them at pre-order status. But not the Aussie one. I contacted them and they said stuff only goes up there as available for pre-order when they have an estimated arrival date.

I'd love to know if the delay is technical/functional/manufacturing/compatibility/marketing - it'll affect my decision as to whether to order a set. It's a pity none of the competitor products work with Windows Phone.