Nokia SeaRay shows up on Perez's stat list--different than Nokia 800?

Awhile back we reported that a "Nokia 800" device showed up on Elbert Perez's Occasional Gamer site under the stats he collects. Speculation at the time suggested this was the model number for the SeaRay. That still may be true, but to make matters a bit more complicated a device called "Nokia SeaRay" has now shown up as well.

What does this mean? Maybe a lot, maybe nothing. At the big end, it could mean there are two devices in testing or being used--one the "800" the other "SeaRay", on the other hand they could be one and the same but for different networks e.g. "Arrive" vs "7 Pro". It's fun to guess, but unfortunatley, that's all the info we have now.

Source: Occasional Gamer; via @MechaGhost



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omz9 says:

Just hope for something at least one with a front facing camera and a big screen.

Premium1 says:

Nokia does make some nice looking phones. Hopefully they get an lte wp7 on verizon without having to wait another year.

GP07 says:

I'm thinking the Nokia 800 might be their lower end 800mhz phone?

Forrestall says:

Nokia recently changed their naming scheme, where higher numbers indicate higher end phones. So the 800 range should be pretty high end. Then again, the 800 phone could be a low end within that range.

I could be wrong but I think Microsoft requires that WP7 devices have a 1 GHz processor. Also, god damn this phone looks nice.

jcagga says:

please come to US!

mesonto says:

Still looks amazing... love this design.

textomatic says:

My next WP7 is going to be a Nokia!