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Nokia sends the Lumia 1020 for some airborne recording above Poland

Nokia Poland has released a new video on its YouTube channel, showing the city of Kraków from above. The company has previously teased the "Nokia Copter" (see this video for the copter device itself) with numerous short films, but today viewers are able to see the end result. Recorded on a Lumia 1020, we're able to see sections of the city from unique angles.

It's an interesting way to show off the OIS (optical image stabalisation) and capabilities of the camera. Being able to show the city at both night and day helps provide an insight into how the atmosphere alters after sunset. Note: we strongly recommend you watch these clips in HD. Wait, we mentioned clips, but there's only one published? 

The team will likely be releasing more clips, focusing on certain parts of the city highlighted in the above video. There are a collection of videos that are waiting to be published (and are viewable on the channel itself if you wait until the first video is finished, shh), so we assume there will be a gradual roll out - and we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you.

For now, enjoy the recording above and keep an eye out for updates on the Nokia Poland YouTube channel. Oh, and for those interested, the song is Something Real by Koorba, featuring Joanna. Thanks,, for the tip!



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Dare2Blink says:

I need to get myself one of these copters and film my city with my 1020.

rockstarzzz says:

Beautiful city! Love that place SO damn much! Ah, ok I give up, I have a 920 and a 925, Il still buy 1020, happy Rich?

Martsicky says:

Thanks for such nice comments about my beloved country, guys!! :-) Everyone is very welcome here, it might be a good idea to visit Poland in summer 2014 :)

PolishHitta says:

Poland is the most underrated country in Europe, I swear.

gabejw54 says:

Awesome quality. Looks like a movie camera.

HarkAtYou says:

I thought it was very wobbly in a lot of the scenes, feel a bit sea sick...

marstodd says:

Needs to be illegal.  Danger of the helicopter flying over the public, and can be used to snoop and spy in people's windows.

pallentx says:

Or it can be really cool and completely harmless - like this.

If you use it inappropriately, you should be fined.

gizzzmo says:

calm down, snowden

jsnod25 says:

That copter must be expensive... It goes so high! And Poland is really beautiful.

immyperez says:

I have a 1020 and I notice the same thing in my videos...jittery like hell. My 920 was better in that respect. Night time looks good though. Even my night videos look good. But they are a lot grainier compared to the 920. I'm missing that phone more and more...especially the IPS screen...amoled sucks in comparison!!!

Romario997 says:

IPS sucks. Only Amoled has natural, attractive colours independent of solar light and only amoled is comfortable to use in any conditions. Another disadvantage of IPS display is a huge battery drainage during clock display in standby mode. Amoled is better in every comparison. The only reason why I haven't bought NL920 was its poor display quality. Even the little disk space of NL820 wasn't as unattractive as the catastrophic display of NL920.

bugmetnot says:

Have you actually used a 920? The display is great, colours are very pleasant and the effect of Glance Screen on battery life is negligible (I have it set to "always on", with double-tap to wake also enabled). It also works very well in sunlight.

Sure, AMOLED has its advantages, but to say that the IPS display on the 920 "sucks" and to call it "catastrophic" says that you've either never held a 920 in your hand, or are simply trolling.

Romario997 says:

No, I'm not trolling. I'd been testing the device just before making the final decision as the Nokia stall in mall, where was a big source of direct sunlight. 920's display had a really dramatic effects compared to well visible 820. A friend of mine after GDR2 update in Lumia 920 with glance clock turned on realised that battery during normal usage lasts far less than before it. Maybe there are another system components responsible for it, but turning glance clock off gives a visible effect of longer battery life.

Bahamen says:

I'm pretty sure the copter itself is jittery like hell and the 1020 has done a good job compensating for it. You can't do a direct comparison with the 920's stabilization system because the 1020's entire camera module is far bigger (at least 400% purely based on sensor surface measure, possibly more once you factor in the larger lens and weight), which is why the 1020 had to implement a new (stronger) stabilization system than the 920.

wpgeek820 says:

God I just love that song! Its the same one used on the 925 ad right? What's it called?

HM02 says:

YASSSS they used the Koobra track

Nokia you are and always will be the King.

Yes love the song, use it as my ringtone on both of my lumia

chrisnx says:

awesome video, really great.
Since I'm from poland i love that they choose Krakow. :-)
But really the video is jittering like hell, is this normal? Can't believe it.
Why is it so? Is the processor too slow for reading the information or what happened?

Jonadam23 says:

I so desperately want to go there.

erios9 says:

whats the name of the app to add the temperature on the video?

Blacklac says:

That frame dropping is bad.  I guess I dont record enough to notice it.  I thought it was just from uplaoding to YouTube, but if others get it too, I guess not...

mrchampipi says:

Don't think it's frame droping, but rather auto-focus and stabilisation going pretty bad. Every 1020's owner knows about this jiggering effect, even on still videos (and yes, it's quite bad, hope they can fix it)


MikeF74 says:

It's a rolling shutter effect, known as "jello" by those who take video using multirotor copters.  This video was shot on a hexacopter.  There are a lot of variables at play, but basically it's really hard do dampen the vibrations and oscillations caused by 6 propellers. The props have to be meticulously balanced and the aircraft tuned.  In this case they also used a gimble.  I do wonder a little bit if the gimple and the OIS were fighting each other (probably not).

drgeri says:

Love Krakow!!! Amazing place!! Reccomended to all!!

and nokia 1020...i wish i could afford that gorgeous beast!!

Awesome mobile awesome photography best video

MikeF74 says:

With both a gimble and OIS, I would have expected less jello.  Another tool to combat this when taking aerial videos is to shoot at 60fps.  Does the 1020 support 60fps?  If so, I'll upgrade to that and fly it on my quad and not bother shelling out for a Hero 3 (though the Hero likely weighs a lot less).