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Nokia buying Medio Systems to improve its HERE maps service

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Nokia Lumia 930 confirmed to be coming soon to Ireland on Meteor

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Nokia set to announce Lumia 610 with NFC today

WP Central

While the previous line of Lumia devices including the 710, 800 and 900 don't have near-field communication (NFC) on board (we even asked recently about the 900), evidently a variation of the low-end Lumia 610 will.

A video from Nokia was erroneously made public on YouTube early this morning and then quickly pulled. In the video, the Lumia 610 is shown demonstrating various NFC tasks like payments (Mastercard Paypass), streaming music to NFC-enabled Bluetooth speakers and more.

Even though the video was pulled the site NokiaBuff was able to rip and post a much poorer quality version back on YouTube. (It's running at about 5 FPS but you get the idea.)

Orange UK is also reportedly going to be one of the first partner carriers to get the Lumia 610NFC though no time-frame was given. The Lumia 610NFC is expected to be revealed today at WIMA NFC 2012 in Monaco as Nokia is a chief sponsor of that convention.


Source: YouTube (pulled); via NokiaBuff, WPSauce



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Tahiti Bob says:

Although this is great news to see NFC on WP you have to wonder why it wasn't included with the 900. Anyway, the 610 looks really like an amazing phone and if priced right (i.e. very low) it could be quite a hit.

cool8man says:

The same reason the Lumia 900 isn't running WP Tango. It wasn't ready yet. The Lumia 610 is the newest phone from Nokia in both hardware and software.

I don't think you need Tango for NFC. Or rather, I have a Windows Phone here with NFC and it's not Tango.

More on that this week ;-)

Tahiti Bob says:

Is it actually the Lumia 900? Tell us now :)
I'm asking because here in the UK, you get the Nokia Play Speaker for free if you preorder the Lumia 900. When I saw that yesterday I thought "wait a minute, isn't that speaker built for NFC?" but then remembered no review mentioned NFC support so I concluded I was wrong.

Sadly not the 900 nor Nokia.

Tahiti Bob says:

Bummer... Question though, have you guys been sent a European Lumia 900 yet? I'm thinking (dreaming) since it won't have LTE support, NFC could be a nice way to compensate :)

No, no Euro 900 yet.

Judge_Daniel says:

Is it the Minuet by Samsung?  WPSauce just posted about it.  You should go ahead and tell me it isn't for Verizon, just so I don't get my hopes up.

Judge_Daniel says:

Sadly, the L900 is a victim of many price cuts.  The lack of headphones was my first realization of this. Then the camera quality.  Now this. 

Nirmitk26 says:

It's NokiaBuff,not Bluff :/

bashlife says:

This feature confirmed by MS is already enabled on Mango but the OEM choose not to include it. only MS knows how many features there available that was ignored by OEM.
MS needs committed OEM that will help showcase there software capabilities in a hardware that differentiate their Platform from others.
I'm using HTC Titan but I'm already in love with Nokia.

xmarklive says:

I think because their trying to get developing markets that would mostly use NFC as their only form of in the us people already have easy access to banking or ATMs...... I read that somewhere but I forgot where.

NFC has time yet here in the US before it's big mostly due to our size, non-agreements on standards, "issues" still (see Google) and a few other things to sort  out.

blshvk says:

Official nokia Twitter account confirmed this

Announcing an #NFC version of #Nokia #Lumia610! Orange will be the first operator to bring this to the market -

Guys, this is the actual ORIGINAL video !

bono5112 says:

Didn't realize how nice that 610 looked till now

What the Nokia is doing, they are giving NFC to low end mobile but recently running lumia family doesn't have this, I listen they will install NFC chip and also wireless charging in Nokia lumia 710 and 800 in future. Then what about those Nokia customers who already have these phone, it means we should wait at least for two year after they launch their product, otherwise the one who is buying the same product after two year, he will get more feature, and will pay less price for the same model. I am really upset with nokia because of their policies.

rodneyej says:

Thats how tech is these days, and we have to realize that it can't stand still because we just bought a device. Since people are buying devices everyday new devices are going to be released every week. So we shouldn't feal bad if a upgraded version of your device hits a few months later. The solution? Make sure the device you buy has the specifications you want at the time you buy it. If neccesarry wait, be patient, and don't settle for what's on the market today. IOW, feal confident, satisfied, and proud of your purchase. The 900 is nice, but I want to wait and see what WP8 has to offer, so I wait patiently.

PG2G says:

I'm guessing its the ZTE that also has NFC