Nokia shuts down main store in Helsinki for September re-launch—something big planned

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The main Nokia store in Helsinki, Finland has temporarily closed for renovations and is now emblazoned with big signs noting that “Something Amazing is Coming…7.9.2012” (that’s September 7th, for our American friends). 

What makes that date interesting of course is it is directly after Nokia World—Nokia’s annual event where they announce all of their big products (well, most—the Lumia 900 wasn’t announced until CES).  This year, the big expectation is that Nokia will of course show off their new Windows Phone 8 devices including a much speculated PureView camera phone with WP8. In addition, there are rumors of a Nokia tablet in the works too running Windows 8.

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Could all of this just be coincidence? We don’t think so but it still doesn’t really answer what the store has to do with it nor why it’s going to take a month and a half to renovate. Still, it looks like Nokia has some tricks up their sleeves (actually, when does Nokia not have a trick up their sleeve?).

Now for the other cool part—if you scan the QR code below, the same one that is slapped on the Nokia store, you’ll be taken to a Nokia website. That site will ask for permission to your SkyDrive and form there you can add a photo to have Nokia “graffiti” done to it. You can see our result above—kind of cool, eh?

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Go to www.nokiagraffiti.me

Source: My Nokia Blog; Thanks, Marco300, for the tip



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Shane says:

Im seeing a Pureview WP8 in my future, hopefully with more cores than I know what to do with. ;)

Yes!! Just not a fat phone.

toyotast165 says:

Speak for yourself, I would love to have a device that was fat enough to put between my shoulder and head, and talk comfortably. Almost like a phone... I long for the day this thin phone revolution ends and function prevails over form again
.. And reality television, that needs to go too.

mmoses1978 says:

I just want preview because I take a lot of pics on my cell of my kids, oh and removable sd card and more Wp on Tmobile

Preview better be wp8 is not Symbian crap os

Shane says:

Nokia twitter account already acknowledged it will be coming after everyone freaked out about the 808 Symbian release.

Shane says:

PureView. Yes, PureView 808 with the Symbian OS.

Jnbs says:

Nokia WP8 with Pureview!!! Nokia World will be amazing...

tranthe says:

Begin the countdown, looking forward to seeing Lumia with Pure View :-)

Shane says:

Maybe they are converting it into a Microsoft store. Lol.

theboo says:

+1 internetz

sam_1204 says:

Release a Pureview WP with the same level of great looks of Lumia 800/900 w/ microSD card support, longer battery life, I don't mind if it's dual-core or quad-core, w/ at least 1GB RAM and I'll be having two Nokia WP devices ASAP. (I'm still keeping my lumia 800) :P

NIST says:

I hear ya sistah!

gwydionjhr says:

Is it just me, or does the date of Sept 7th get your heart all aflutter too?
I've been expecting October release dates for Win8 and WP8.  I really expected MS would be looking to blow everyone's mind by rolling everything out at once.  As of late MS seems to have a policy of "under promise and over deliver".  Perhaps they're really going to blow our mind and truly follow Apple's model with availability immediately after Nokia World.
It raises lots of questions though. 
If this date is for the roll out of WP8 devices, will we see Win8 at the same time?  or do we get WP8 first, and then Win8 a month later?
So many questions!  So few answers!

Ordeith says:

Maybe Nokia gets WP8 first.  and everyone else waits a month.

Lemme.See says:

Will they also be bringing SRS enhancements to their latest phones, this is the one thing that keeps me from leaving HTC

aubreyq says:

I like how the sign is in English. Is English used a lot in Helsinki or Finland as a whole?

tissotti says:

Depends what you mean by that. Helsinki is clear center of economy and business in Finland, meaning that it gathers quite a bit workforce outside Finland to work, language being English, like it is inside Nokia.
Finns and Scandinavia as a whole has always been kind of biased towards English language, something i would partly blame movies, series or media in general never being dubbed and strong gaming culture that has been there long time.

I noticed that too. Once I met a finnish girl who told me that finnish was so hard to learn and speak that lots of people uses swedish instead.

RDeckard says:

Yes, to an embarrassing degree, especially in marketing and advertisements.

Sy7ygy says:

SRS for a Smartphone? LOL

Lemme.See says:

Yup,my HD7 has it.

justop26 says:

I'm sure this years Nokia World have to do with both WP8 and a WinRT slate :P Can't wait for August to just fly by!

tissotti says:

Yeah i think it's clear it will b all about WIndows Phone They have moved the whole event from October, they also adjusted the event to start in early September, not late September.
Something that looks to be good sign. 

laserfloyd says:

They have to try and hit it before everyone gushes over Apple. A pureview WP8 would do quite nicely. :)

myjota says:

I will be there

fifthGear says:

OK but what kind of phone is that on the sign?

Marco300 says:

Looks Like a Nokia Lumia 800 or 900 To me!

ejb222 says:

I believe thats a Lumia 900

ejb222 says:

Please be Pureview Windows Phone 8! Does anyone really think that any other OEM has hardware that can compete with that? I heard the new iPhone was supposed to be killer...but it wouldn't hold a candle to this phone. BRING IT NOKIA!!!!

ink13 says:

Huhu I work right next to that store

cedarlog says:

is this a random date or they are hinting on 7.9 update oO

rbf1337 says:

Anything short of a pureview 20+MP windows phone 8 will disappoint me. The 808 was nice, but they really don't need the full 41MP to get the best features from the pureview tech. I'd actually rather they slim down the sensor a bit, but I won't complain if its a direct port of the 808 sensor.

dukrem says:

I'd be a little disappointed if some slight size reduction can't be achieved. I also think that it may be necessary to make a few changes for the larger volumes they are looking at selling.

chiranjeeb says:

They are changing the Nokia store, I think. Because after scanning the barcode I clicked the "show me" button and it says check back soon to visit the new nokia store.

Just a thought.

cgk says:

"Well, that’s not the case. Reached for comment, a Nokia spokesperson told AllThingsD that the signage is simply promoting a big retail remodel. Said Nokia spokesman Keith Nowak, “That store is undergoing some scheduled summer maintenance/renovation and will reopen on September 7. This has been made into a lot more than it is.”

Moses 2 says:

This one is just to simple !

What happens if you add 7.9.2012 like 7+9+2+0+1+2 ( ? )

Does it become 1:2 or 2:1 ( ? ) The books of Relevation

Maybe the Bible will tell you what will happen? Lets start with The First Book of Moses: Called Genesis


Why not read the end, for thoose who doubt if NOKIA will be back on track soon? "NOT ASHAmed"

Well, if not Asha will get NOKIA back on track? Why not read the Second Book of Relevation (called Exodus)

NOKIA has something big going on. Somtehing beyond what we currently can imagine us.

bobby33p says:

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