Nokia snags ex-webOS developer guru Richard Kerris as its new Global Head of Developer Relations

T'was just a few days ago that our pals at PreCentral reported that Richard Kerris, beloved VP of Worldwide Developer Relations for webOS, was leaving the company after just nine months to "pursue an opportunity outside of the company." Looks like we now know where "outside" is.

Welcome to Nokia, Mr. Kerris.

It had been rumored that Kerris might be headed to Windows Phone's new best friend. And this morning, Marco Argenti, senior vice president of Developer and Marketplace for Nokia, tweeted that indeed Kerris is now Global Head of Developer Relations. To wit:

Great people are what makes the difference, always. I'm excited to welcome Richard Kerris in my team as Global Head of Developer Relations.

It's a pretty big pickup for Nokia, and in turn we assume Windows Phone.

Source: @marcoargenti; More: PreCentral; Thanks, Achill3s, for the tip!



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WinFan1 says:

Congratulations mr kerris

fpostrow says:

great news, although his last gig didn't work out too well.

dinod says:

Great News! Happy that he is moving forward. Congratulations Mr Kerris - looking forward to more tweets from you!

snowmutt says:

As a current Palm Pre Plus owner who loved WeBOS .... #moment of silence#..... and now is all in on WP, I love the good vibe this brings. Hope all of HP's WeBOS developers and staff land on their feet. They were doing their job well. It was HP that dropped the ball.

11B1P says:

I'm right there with you