Nokia snags Justin Angel as Principal Engineer on Windows Phone developer experience

Justin Angel

Nokia has managed to grab one of the good ones, folks! Justin Angel (see previous coverage), who you know recently from his Metro Pandora SDK as well as WP7 apps 'Neurons' and 'United Nations News', has announced that he is going to work for Nokia as their Principal Engineer on Windows Phone 7 developer experience.

Nokia, you have great taste.

Angel has been a big part of the Sliverlight development community and had previously worked for Microsoft. His experience goes deep as he has worked on iHeartRadio, Silverlight Toolkit, Metro Pandora, WP7 Development Best Practices Wiki, Marketplace statistics and the AVG-gate issue.

While his direct, free reign contribution to the Windows Phone community will be sorely missed, this job will allow him to have a huge influence over Nokia Windows Phones. We'll surely all benefit from his skill, dedication and design decisions in the future.

Once again, a huge congratulations to Justin and Nokia--we like where this is going! Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinAngel and see his Metro-themed website here.



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Sam Sabri says:

Congrats Justin! Best of luck to you!

skatngn330 says:

Well that kinda stinks cuz he was starting to spill the beans on all the hidden Mango APIs.

polychromenz says:

This can only be a good thing. Congrats!

dinod says:

Congratulations - this will really make Nokia WP a premium product

rex.reyesiii says:

Does this mean, Silverlight is really Dead? ...