Nokia Pulse social app gets another update with new features

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Still in beta, Pulse is now at Version 0.95.7

Looks like Nokia is putting some renewed vigor into their Pulse social app which is still in beta form. Version 0.95.7 just went live in the Marketplace and brings some cool new additions with it:

  • Conversation live tile – pin a specific conversation to your Start screen
  • Pulse from landing page – tap in the “Send a message” box and go directly to the Compose screen
  • Recognize multiple email addresses for an individual user

WP Central

Pulse is Nokia’s answer to how to keep up with your friends and family. The service is still in development and will eventually be on iOS and Android too in addition to being web accessible, making it much more useful.  The app allows you to send to messages to individuals or groups, update your location, attach photos and even provide ratings.

The app came out in late 2011 but Nokia seem to be pushing out more updates as of late as we just had another update at the beginning of July. Even though this is a Nokia app, users of all Windows Phones can download and try it out. There’s no immediate word if Nokia will keep this across all devices or just for Lumia phones.

Pick up Nokia Pulse here in the Marketplace. Source: Nokia Beta Labs

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Z10YkakPES says:

Sucks only to emails

CommonBlob says:

Worth a try, not sure I need another app like this though. Nokia music was updated too, not sure what's new

based_graham says:

I'm looking for people to try this out with maybe we should start a WPCENTRAL group. I like trying to find out ways to maximize sottware to find the true potential.

awesumjon says:

Maybe we should. We can tell all our WPeeps about what we're eating for lunch! :D

WinFan1 says:

I second this I had a burrito :D

black_lion says:

I'm sitting in line at Chick-fil-a...and said group would be my only use for this app. Everyone I know doesn't like WP or Nokia. I'm in.

Micfur says:

Count me in.

Liron Markus says:

Great feedback guys! The iOS and Android apps are coming soon. If you would like me to add you to an ongoing conversation, just send me your email (the one you use to sign in to Pulse) and I will add you.

Liron Markus 

Product Manager


liron.markus @ nokia.com

People who want to chat in pulse can add me.. ar.rafiq@live.com
If pulse allows us to chat using thr username rather than email id then it will be alot of helpfull..