Nokia Software Recovery Tool updated with support for Windows Phone 8.1 and more!

Nokia Software Tool

It was in early February that Nokia (now Microsoft) made their official sotware recovery tools available to consumers. Nokia Software Recovery Tool is a desktop application that allows you to reset and recovery your phone. It’s useful for anytime you’re experiencing major software problems and need to reset an unresponsive phone. The app has been updated to version 1.3.1 today. Let’s check out what’s new.

If you already have the software installed you’ll see a prompt to update when you next open it. Download it for the first time and you’ll get a little message letting you know what’s new in this version. Here’s what Microsoft has added to the update:

  • Support for new products based on Windows Phone 8.1.
  • In good networks up to 75% faster download for large software packages.

We’ve heard from a few of you that the update now includes the latest firmware for your Nokia handset. Previously your phone would have the Amber firmware when using the Nokia Software Recovery tool. Now we’re hearing that Lumia Black is available on your handset when using this tool to help your phone.

The new features in version 1.3.1 should be welcomed by anyone rocking Windows Phone 8.1 and needing to save their phone.

Have you used Nokia Software Recovery Tool to bring your Lumia back from the dead? Sound off below and let us know how it went!

Thanks for the tip Fahmi B!



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sip1995 says:

I never used Nokia software recovery tool, cuz Nokia care stores are doing a great job.

Arda Ozkal says:

No nokia care here, on Turkey ;( We only have one, one Nokia Store in my city...

immyperez says:

Dude...if you said country, I'd genuinely feel bad...but having ONE in your CITY and crying about it, lmao! I only have one in my city (Edinburgh, UK) and I'm happy that we do, lol.

rupanidm says:

i have a 'few' in my city.. Say around 30-35 :)

Well in my town I think there are few Nokia care center. but for Nokia Store I don't think it exist here. but we got authorized retailer for nokia even though they sell almost all brand of cellphone though ._.

i live in uruguay and we have 0 

majster007 says:

Seems faster :)))))))))))

hopmedic says:

Seems faster.
Sorry. I don't know what came over me.

Mayur says:

lol...Slap yourself and all be forgiven..

PepperdotNet says:

Available to the public! Finally, all that crap I "obtained elsewhere" can be dumped...

Great piece of software, actually; used this to restore a 1020 that started getting abnormally hot, under wp8. This I trust.

maybe because they havent optimize the phone yet. after all this beta update doesn't contain any firmware update

dlalonde says:

If only HTC could do the same thing... of course they don't even bother to update their apps so I think I can forget that.

wetworker says:

One more reason to jump ship and get a Nokia device. I was a Samsung user and like HTC, They suck with Software support for their customers. Since I got my first Lumia I have't regretted it.

DavidinCT says:

Or Samsung,....

dlalonde says:

Yeah when I got my Windows Phone I was new to its world and I didn't know Nokia were so commited to Windows Phone. Had I known that I would have gotten a Nokia Lumia! When I change my phone that's what I'm getting!

Jabid21 says:

Error in the First sentence, "sotware". Also, the first word in a comment can't be "first" even when constructive. Good to know the sotware was updated.

seq1 says:

I think got this update last month

Sam,once again before the grammar nazis arrive,second last paragraph "*rocking".

Nice article though but you still arent replying to my tweet on twitter,it's related to the WP8.1(Amber) and now wanting to update to WP8.1(Black) problem :(

Sam Sabri says:

Try the forums. I'm not Nokia or your carrier and can't magically give you Nokia Black :P

Lol,but you said "But you havent told me what is your phone model,country,carrier?Help me,Help you." That's why I thought you could help me :(

Well,thanks anyways I guess :(

ALIalfarsi says:

Now I will going to use it for my L925 I getting heating in it when I use 3G or WiFi...l will going to change it at end mouth

Which one do I need for my phone in India?

I think Its a clear clue that ., NOKIA LUMIA CYAN UPDATE is Ready to Roll out this Month or by June14

sip1995 says:

No, NOKIA CYAN UPDATE will roll out in July....sorry.

S Vaibhav says:

Hey,can you post screenshots of the VLC private beta app? Thanks!

pr0phecy says:

What exactly is the difference between the US and UK version? I have an unlocked German Lumia 920. Thanx guys!

sjgore says:

What is the difference between this and Nokia Software Updater for Retail? Used it to restore my 1520 back to 8.0 a week ago.

IzaacJ says:

Wonder that too. Got NSUfR (from elsewhere) and it seems a bit pointless to use this one?

Kwanton81 says:

NSU is intended for official Nokia handymen - not for public release. This software recovery tool is for public personal use.

Although I still stick with NSU due to extra functionality (change firmware, hardware test mode)

Wevenhuis says:

A good service by Nokia. I hope they keep up this good work.

DavidinCT says:

So, I can take my ICON and use this tool and get the final 8.1 with firmware ? Now that would be cool.... :)

GIO2219 says:

Phone info package not found on server. what is this?

S Vaibhav says:

Yeah,I get the same error message on my 620. Weird!

Fiann says:

So my phone locks on the spinning gears any time I try to hard reset. The only way out is to use the Nokia tool to flash it. Will I be able to flash it with 8.1 now or is the 8.1 rom still not available?

wetworker says:

Does this reinstall a clean 8.0 or fixes the current version that's on your phone?

I have 8.1 on my 920 but i'm seeing extra albums in my music collection that was deleted prior to the update to 8.1. I only see these albums when I use the hidden music + Video app. These albums don't show up when I use the gimp down xbox music app.

It would be great if I could start over with a fresh 8.0 install then update to 8.1

Its a clean WP 8.0 Version & provides you completly old version upgrade ...

I just tried it now .. It completly took back my lumia 520 to older version..

I'm really shocked its not even a black update or amber update... And I saw it name has "Enhancement & ___ "

Anyway You can  try it on your own risk...

wetworker says:

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to do it when I get off work.

HoosierDaddy says:


Zulfigar says:

Such novelty
Much thought
So credible


Kaushik Dash says:

Anybody tried this outside UK or US? I want to know if I could use them in future if needed.

Yes I've tried through U.S version

And you can read my review above


Meatpoint says:

I used it to update all my companies 920's and 625's to Black SW and I'm in the Netherlands

zultar says:

I've used it to fix my dad's bricked 928, it was funny he couldn't understand why I could fix it but the whole Verizon store couldn't after trying for two hours

psychotron says:

Love the exclamation point in the headline, like this is supposed to be some hugely exciting thing, lol.

Yu Cheng says:

Hope they develop a OSX version someday.

glow84 says:

I just used this last night to get my 1020 back to WP8. Have to send it back screen cracked and received 1520 through Att insurance.

Mandroid#AC says:

So does that mean I can put Black on my L810?

marcosbabu says:

I've installed 8.1 on my L620 using Developers Preview. Was great getting to know the new features, Cortana, but performance lagging was unbearable. Was taking almost 2min to load camera with no other programs running. So I used Nokia Software Recovery Tool to get it back to 8.0.10517.150 successfully. 

NYRbeezer says:

1.3.1 has been out for over 3 weeks now... Did they pull it then reup it today?  I have it on my machine and my install date is April 14. 

Unfortunately the no existence of a version for Mac don´t let me try this nice piece of software. :)

Maybe somne day ... or never ... :(

marcosbabu says:

I've installed 8.1 on my L620 using Developers Preview. Was great getting to know the new features, Cortana, but performance lagging was unbearable. Was taking almost 2min to load camera with no other programs running. So I used Nokia Software Recovery Tool to get it back to 8.0.10517.150 successfully. Great tool.

sManowar says:

Great. Was hoping it had Lumia Cyan though.

mb0000 says:

So does this actually give you wp8.1 and update the firmware on the phone?

Hi.. I'm Using WP8.1 Dev prev now i connect my phone to nokia recovery tool.. it showing a software update.. Can anyone tell me wat is this ? Can i update it or not?

MrGoodSmith says:

So if I install this and plug my phone into it, would it recover my phone based on the existing firmware on my phone or the new one available from Nokia?

mesamit says:

that white background in image.....ahhhh it hurt my eyes :P

Stimovsky says:

Does it work with your WP8 nokia 1520 ? It doesn't connect to mine.

tapehead says:

Still no Mac version. Whatever, Nokia.

"that allows you too reset and RECOVER your phone."

Pavel Gotze says:

Hmm, its old, i had this update at least 1 month ago or more.

Good that it's 75% faster, how slow was it before? I cannot get downloads faster than 10 kb/s.

Sarang68 says:

Tried it on my 1520. I am getting a message that the software package is not available for this phone.:/

I hey, i have a question. I got a lumia with amber, because my carrier doesn't release black yet (aight), and have 8.1 preview.
If I use this it will give me Black firmware? Thanks

Any chance to install this on Windows XP?

Brokn Wing says:

If i use this tool, is it gonna void nokia warranty with the device??