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Nokia spokesman Chris Parnell using Lumia 900 in new SNL digital-short. Sponsored by Verizon.

Parnell on SNL

Many of you should now be familiar with Chris Parnell if you're outside the US. The funny man is widely known for his work on perpetual sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live and has recently been the voice of Nokia's Lumia 900 campaign. Personally, we dig him a lot as he's got a great voice and presence.

Last night on the season finale of SNL, Parnell (who left the show years ago) teamed back up with Andy Samberg for a sequel to their song "Lazy Sunday". The video can be seen on Hulu (if you're in the US) and it's certainly well worth the watch, especially on this gorgeous weekend.

What makes last night's performance funny (at least for us phone geeks) was the screen capture teased for the video's premier. Verizon brazenly sponsored the show last night and it was borderline spammed all over their Facebook page and Tweets, often featuring cheesy 4G LTE "video interviews" of terrible quality.

As you can see in the image above, that's Parnell speaking on a glossy-white Lumia 900 (as he should be) and the image is of course posted by, Verizon. While certainly an inadvertent coincidence, it does ring a bit funny since the carrier is so lukewarm to Windows Phone. Of course no one will get the joke except for us but that's okay.

On top of that, Verizon is evidently buying up Nokia keywords on Twitter. In the above image, that was a search for "Lumia". Bad Verizon, bad.

Thanks, Jay S., for the screen cap!



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Sponsored by Verizon lol

jbjtkbw00#AC says:

A taste of things to come perhaps?????

DavidinCT says:

There is HOPE !!!!!! :)
With the 45-day exclusive to AT&T for the L900 almost up, maybe Verizon is showing little hints here and to keep you wondering...
With all the little stuff that has been said or seen, I would say a strong maybe...
and it's a white one too, just what I want :)

Ty1361 says:

I wish it was a taste of things to come. But I honestly think verizons PR team just isn't that smart.

valapsp says:

He's about to say F**K this phone . Just kidding, I love Lumia 900.

AriesDog says:

How long until Verizon gets that pulled from Hulu? Taking bets.

cedarlog says:

also samsung buying lumia word you should creat a separated topic for samsung and verizon

erzhik says:

Dr. Spaceman

Jay Bennett says:

He's an excellent physician, and a pretty good dentist...

ejlee072006 says:

I can see Verizon getting this phone

fwaits says:

haha Parns and Sandberg are nuts, love that video.  Sandberg and SNL shorts in general have been gold for that show.

If 'Verizon can get the lumia 900 soon, then the platform can get a Major push! I have sooo many friends on Verizon due for upgrades and their ONLY 4g choices are android! Even Verizon iphoner's are not recommending them.because of data speeds so if Nokia can beat the iPhone 5 to market, we will win these upgrade customers over...period. Hurry up Big Red before you lose all ur customers to different carriers!

gregoron says:

From the pic it looks like he's saying "F--- you Verizon!"

albertico says:

Maybe Verizon will be getting a Magenta Lumia 900??? It's the fourth Nokia Lumia accessory color option that we've yet to see an actual Lumia 900 in, the three other color options are Lumia 900s (Black, Cyan, and White). Unless Magenta is a more T-Mobile color?