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New SDK and Emulators now available for developers

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5.8 million Lumia smartphones sold this last quarter

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Nokia Lumia 635 for AT&T and T-Mobile available for pre-order at US Microsoft Store site

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Nokia sponsoring two Windows Phone Developer workshops

Nokia Windows Phone Developers Workshop

Last month Nokia sponsored a Windows Phone developer workshop in St. Louis that was very successful. On the heels of that success, Nokia is sponsoring two more developer workshops. One in Orlando, Florida and another in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Nokia Ambassador Rich Dunbar,

This workshop will be focused on the tools and resources you have available as a developer/potential developer for Windows Phone development from Nokia and Microsoft. The event will begin with a brief presentation from Nokia and will then focus on ensuring all the proper tools are introduced. We will review some of the tutorials and quick start projects and then allow time for the attendees to work on the projects they choose and ask questions along the way. The goal of the workshop is to help developers get started on their first Windows Phone app.

The Nashville event is scheduled for Saturday, July 28, 2012 from 8:00am until noon at the Microsoft Offices. The Orlando event will be held on Friday, August 10, 2012 from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. at the Doubletree Inn. There is a possibility the Nashville event will be pushed up to the evening of Friday, July 27th if space becomes available.

Each event have food provide along with Nokia swag to be given away including at least one Windows Phone. You'll need to register to attend (so Nokia will know how much food to order).

You can register for the Nashville event here and the Orlando event here. If you are close to either location and are interested in Windows Phone development, this will be a great opportunity to network with other developers and get a jump on your app development.



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bjax says:

Wow, is any other OEM doing as much for developers and consumers as Nokia is doing? I have so much respect for this company, and I'm really hoping they are able to turn their fortunes around soon.

renisans says:

"that was very success." Is there an editor in the house?

Thanks... I was actually out on the porch at the time so I doubt that counts... 

sherwin892 says:

Lol I too can't get over the choice of typeface. Instant death. Try Helvetica rounded

Since when did Comic Sans become so disliked?  It's Jay's favorite..... :)

Duffau says:

I love comic sans too, but my graphic designer friend says it's a terrible font. Complete bs imo, its a good looking font.

ustudio says:

Gonna check the calendar I'm needing to go to Nashville anyway to pick up my keyboard. And I'm moving to Orlando so ill be living maybe by then

mlfj4901 says:

As a guy who's never developed an app, but has an idea, how much of what I would learn from developing a windows 7.5 app will carryover to developing a windows phone 8 app? (purposely called it a windows phone 8).

Ticomfreak says:

All of it if you don't use the new features. (we appreciate it if you still supported us too :)

Although if you are, we have little idea. The SDK hasn't been released yet, but Microsoft said it would be similar to programming for Windows 8 metro (and its easy to make a Windows 8 app from WP7 code)

densbucs says:

Just signed up.... I need just a bit of guidance to help me get my app over the top and into the marketplace.