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Nokia squeezes out a new filter for #2InstaWithLove app for Windows Phone, no update required

We guess Nokia is enjoying creating these new filters for their #2InstaWithLove app, as they keep pushing out new ones each and every week.

And although this morning we saw an actual app update, you won’t need to download a new version tonight. So long as you have version 2.3 you can  now open the app on your phone and you’ll get the new filter live on your phone. Kind of cool how they do that, no?

So what’s the new filter called? Smartshot. And it looks to add a light, reddish hue to your photos, should you choose to use it. Overall, it’s a fun little app and you can’t beat the price. Thanks, Kloyd A., for the heads up!



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backlashsid says:

I have no idea about Instagram so someone please tell me how many filters does Instagram actually have ?

Piro.Garay says:

Last time I checked there were 243.12 filters...

backlashsid says:

Next plz......

Piro.Garay says:

Yeah, next!!!! Google it bro... Or in this case, Bing it.

For each filter that is added I feel that Instagram is further being released ... :(

MacDaMachine says:

Love Arizona half and half :D

mayur89 says:

the same ques was on my mind... how is it possible w/o app update??? ;) kewl nokia engineers ;)

casab1anca says:

Probably the same way many video games release DLCs. The filters were already included in the previous update, Nokia just made it visible today.

mayur89 says:

i think u r right.... But i think nokia has special rights to make changes directly communicating to the app and not providing the special update. If the effects were already built, they would not be hidden...

Amran Nagal says:

I really hope Instagram actually makes it way to windows phone

Hopefully when Nokia announces the Lumia 928 they give us a hint about instagram and possible release date (if any). If they do announce it (which I'm very hopeful) Lumia owners might get an exclusive version or 30-90 day exclusivity deal...
I know, I know, I'm reaching... I just want instagram on my damn phone already so I can download it, use it for a bit and then forget about it!

Pi Sin says:

instagraph + wpgram works fine for me

I'm going to hold off until the official app is released

roc 920 says:

the live tiles is not updating with the new pictures.. same pictures since yesterday. anyone have the same problem?

gcdc_lumia says:

ms, whats the hold up? please bring instagram in! i've heard complains frm my friends about it, and chances are vry high theyd shift to WP if this bcomes availabl.

no matter how shallow it sounds, i knw im not the only one whos concrnd about ths

izzykahn says:

I remember some user on WPCentral said that this app will be our Instagram. I'm starting to actually believe it. I still want the official Instagram though...

MattyBoy83 says:

I wonder when 2InstaWithLove will simply update to Instagram?

Lych says:

Probably when it hits the same amount of filters, I guess.