Nokia StoryTeller beta available in the Windows Phone Store, but you can't download it

Noia World Storyteller

Nokia announced a new photography-focused app called "StoryTeller" in Abu Dhabi last month. The new tool offers a way to organize image and video files on Lumia Windows Phones, according to the time or location they are taken. We knew the software will be released in the near future, but weren't entirely sure when. Now a beta version of StoryTeller is available on the Windows Phone Store.

The beta software, however, works only on select Lumia phones at the current stage, and it's highly likely (almost certain) you won't be able to download it. This is due to the app requiring Nokia Black (originally codenamed Bittersweet Shimmer), the firmware yet to be released accompanying Microsoft's Windows Phone GDR3 update.

That is to say, unless you are a lucky owner of Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1320, there's no story for you to tell. Here's our hands-on footage from Nokia World:

We certainly hope the availability of this app indicates Nokia Black will be released soon. As of today, a beta version of Nokia StoryTeller is already available for download in Windows Phone Store. You can find it by either hitting this link, or scanning the QR code below. Remember, folks, it requires Nokia Black.

via: WPDang

QR: Nokia StoryTeller



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Madhu T C says:

Waiting for this from long time:D

Get ready, Lumia Black is coming very soon!

Quantano says:

I would love for it to drop the same day as the 1520..

ahmedjan87 says:

Meanwhile I haven't got amber yet

kinaton says:

Not available on 920 amber (UK). Even though store says Amber Update.

hipporama says:

You need Nokia Black which hasn't been released yet.

Slow news day -.- but kudos for Nokia ;)

tfc ninja says:

wen wil wpc upload about 1820 n 2020??

tfc ninja says:

bro new phon n table..coming in mwc

Stevied1991 says:

I could use a new table for my dining room, this is great news.

densbucs says:

Is it too much trouble for you type the full word when??? I know its super long and can be tough to spell, but ....

Nik Rolls says:

The Store description says it needs Amber, not Black. More likely it's restricted some other way.

hrsyyln says:

It says: The software update FOR Amber, so they mean the Black update.

Nik Rolls says:

Read it again. It says the 'Lumia Amber software update'.

CJ Thunder says:

I like the idea of this but with raw or that digital film strip format taking up so much space it seems limited without being able to pull files from all networks, SkyDrive, Facebook, etc.

I really want path actually.

Eas195 says:

Path will be available on December, according to the Indonesian Windows Phone site: http://idwinphone.com

tgr42 says:

The first sentence of the app description says "Requires the Lumia Amber software update."  But it is indeed unavailable on an AT&T 1020.  So Nokia just botched the description?


I'm not expecting AT&T to let us have Black anytime soon.  It's been a month and still no GDR3.

Koen Geerts says:

I know this is the wrong section but am I the only one for who the other storage problem hasn't been resolved yet? 720, over a gig with occupied memory...

With u here with 520 1.2gb other

DennisvdG says:

L920, 8 gigs :'(

nokiauser911 says:

Me too,,,over a gig in others on my 720

amrut_m says:

I just Installed it on my Lumia 1020.

Just loving it.

I guess will ditch the traditional Pictures App now :D

guyjkh says:

how did you get it?

Duffau says:

I call bs. I have a 1020 and am not able to get it.

joshnl920 says:

I installed it on my 920

Jf.Vigor says:

Not working for me


amrut_m says:

Guys Just change the proxy settings to
Port 8888...

Thank you.

tgr42 says: is a server in China.

rakya77 says:

Source is WPDang

amrut_m says:

i dunno why people comment before trying

TheWP8Blog says:

Worked like a charm for me on my Lumia 925 with GDR3 :D Also my Lumia 920 with GDR3 :) Thanks

Thanks. Just installed it.

Madhu T C says:

How to change proxy?

Duduosf says:


dula714 says:

Time to move on buddy, and get a Nokia Windows Phone 8. I am sure there will be one for your budget.

cybermoose89 says:

Ill be sure to use it once i have my hands on the 1520 :)

Working fine on my 520.

I just Installed it on my Lumia 920.

The app is very cool!! Loving it. =P

working good on L820

good interface...!!

pratik ghag says:

Working great on L620.. Looking forward to it's magic UI

BRomeroT says:

Here you hace instructions for install it at any country (I all ready Installed in Mexico ;) http://winphonemetro.com/2013/11/nokia-storyteller-disponible?utm_source...

Nik Rolls says:

The proxy trick doesn't work for everyone, it seems.

dznk says:

Not available for my UK L920 :(  I'm really looking forward to using this actually. I shall have to be patient.

Loving it. L620, GDR2, Amber. Via proxy. :)

Downloaded through proxy....
and working nice in lumia 520 but cant find facebook

BRomeroT says:

Put Proxy, USA restart and if you can download, take off Proxy. Download and retry DON'T RESTARTS IF YOU REMOVE PROXY

PB_H says:

I downloaded it to my Lumia 810, how is that not downloaded ? ;-)

clappenings says:

1. Go to wifi-current network-proxy-URL should be Port should be 8888

2. Back out of wifi settings. Switch to USA location if needed.

3. Use bing vision to scan qr code from WP central. Hit install.

4. Switch off proxy wifi & retry to download the app

Here's how to getit for other handsets (1020, 925, 920 etc)

Go to settings-> Wifi

Select the router to which you are connected to or long press and click on edit.
There will be option to turn on/off proxy
Turn it On
Server/URL :
Port : 8888
From bottom accept it.
Go to setting-> Language+region
Select county/region : India
Click on restart your phone.
RESTART your phone
Go to the store link from the above post.
It will open the store, click install.
Download will start and stop after some time and you will get an error message "Attention required".
Now go to wifi setting and turn off the proxy.
Go to the store->Downloads
Long press on Nokia storyteller BETA, click on retry.