Nokia Storyteller updated to add support for Living Images and more

Nokia Storyteller

Updates! We love them, especially for cool apps that you'll only find on Windows Phone and nowhere else. Today we're looking at an update for an app that fits that description – Nokia Storyteller. We haven't seen an update for Nokia Storyteller in quite some time, so we're excited to see what's new and different with this update. Read on to find the changelog and the download link.

Navigate to the Windows Phone Store, and you'll find Nokia Storyteller sitting at version This update drops the 'beta' label that had been with the app since its release. Here's what's new with this version:

  • Living Images are displayed in Nokia Storyteller
  • Photos and videos in a story are combined with a backing track to create a 30-second story video
  • Nokia Storyteller integrates with Nokia Creative Studio and Nokia Video Trimmer for editing your photos and videos
  • Location data is associated with your photos within Nokia Storyteller

Anyone rocking the Lumia Cyan firmware update will be able to get support for Living Images in this update to Storyteller. Look forward to devices like the Lumia 930 coming with the support for Living Imgaes out of the box, while other high-end devices like the Lumia 1520 and Icon should get it when they get Cyan.

You'll find a few extra new features in there like integration with Nokia Creative Studio and Nokia Video Trimmer for photo and video editing. Take the updated version of Nokia Storyteller for a spin and let us know what you think!

Thanks for the tip everybody!

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vincentchuck says:

Who really uses this app? I don't.

RaRa85 says:

I would definitely use it more if my phone was able to support the new "living images" feature. But I rarely ever use it currently.

TheZuneLune says:

My brother uses it for the way it organizes by date and location for construction projects.

For me it's useless because of a fatal flaw: it mixes images from apps with photos taken with the camera, no way to select. that's beyond stupid, as I see memes and pictures that are not mine form Whatsapp or whatever in what was suposed to be my story telling.

I use Geophoto to see photos locations in the map, it supports onedrive photos, another thing I think its missing in Storyteller.

Clodderes says:

I agree with you, it's unfortunate that we can't separate between camera photos and pictures from WhatsApp.

Trench Mouth says:

You can to break up and exclude what you want. I had some background photos mixed in, just press the select button, select what you want to delete and your done. When you delete, you only delete from storyteller, you still keep the images elsewhere.

Tahd says:

No, it will delete the actual images.

jawss says:

No need to delete, just select and tap on split and it will exclude it from your current story. That or edit the story videos and you have the option to change photos, and exclude some but still keep them in the collection

Marco Gomes1 says:

If you travel a lot and take picture this app is very cool. If not, as it stands now its just another way for viewing pics.

onlysublime says:

I used this app for the first time this past weekend (attending a cousin's wedding).  i was surprised how awesome it is.  It uses the time and location stamps on the videos and pictures.  You can set it to randomly picking videos and pictures and it creates an MP4 montage with music in the background that you can share with family/friends.  Or you can pick the photos/videos yourself (that way, you can avoid the randomizer picking bad pictures and videos).  My friends thought the videos were super slick and professionally produced.

met73 says:

Nopp, v1.12.04 still in Sweden? No update

IzaacJ says:

Yeah, same thing for me. No update, still beta, still Amber specific.

evans_vn says:

Update??? Doesn't update!

muizzamani says:

Nothing in the store

Look the publisher name "Microsoft mobile"

ScubaDog says:

Actually, it's been that way for a week or two.  If you look at a number of the former Nokia apps, they are changed to that.  The excepts are the HERE suite, which, curiously, now say HERE Europe B.V..

palmujukka says:

True, but the Oy is gone now.

Captain_Eric says:

HERE is still owned by Nokia, isn't it?

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

eomes says:

It is, yes.

Daneshd1 says:

Will l925 support living images ??

QilleRz says:

As the article said, those with Lumia Cyan firmware will have living images. So I guess we need to wait for the firmware update to roll out.

What is living images?

ven07 says:

No love for the 925 huh.... However i did get the update

jayant_daga says:

Its not beta anymore

FUS3360 says:

I use it all the time but I I wish it had Onedrive backup... If you get a new phone, all your stories are lost...

Vishal Attri says:

Publishers name changedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddfdddfddddddddd !!!!!!!!!! " Microsoft Mobile"

Vishal Attri says:

Oy oy is now gone :D :D

AnestisL820 says:

still oy to me... :/ and no update...

Vishal Attri says:

It changes , in UK Store its "Microsoft Mobile"

SpideyCoco says:

Of all countries, the brits should've kept the "Oy!"

spinzeroWL says:

Oi! What you trying to say about us Brits? :)

ebin5 says:

Does living images work in WP 8.1 devices without cyan.

palmujukka says:

Yes and no, read the article that was posted 10 mins ago for details.

edjr07 says:

All I read was when 1520 gets cyan....

AnestisL820 says:

No update in Greece... Lumia 820...

debanjalisg says:

You can now add location manually to your photos in this app. Nice update!

ScubaDog says:

Well, this is odd.  I already the Beta installed. I went to the store and it showed "Update" available.  I tapped Update and it just took me to the Download screen on WP8.1.  So, I uninstalled the app and went BACK to the store.  I now showed "Install" as the option.  I installed (12MB) and immediately after it installed there was an Update option available!.  I click Update and, you guessed it, it took me to the Downloads screen again.  Care to guess which version shows up on my phone?  Yup, the Beta.  I don't get it.

DenniSundaY says:

I downloaded the update which removed the beta, but it updated itself back to the beta version and now the update button is gone... How's that...

1. No update in Ireland.

2. Checked youtube for Living Images demo -> I'm gonna love it. Hope it will work on 1520.

Got the update, for Movie Maker 8.1 as well.

drguetz says:

Does this app have a user-voice forum like XBox Music? Would be great to have the background in black if I want to.

ScubaDog says:

It updated correctly on my 920, but not on my 1020.  Neither version, however, lets me change the Home location.  It wants to force me to use my current location as Home.

clavecinist says:

I actually use the Windows 8 app. I wish the phone app could reference files on OneDrive and Facebook like the modern app.

Good update thanks nokia

wanzerty says:

Really nice on my Nokia Lumia 925! But how do i turn it off? :P

Trench Mouth says:

Just scroll sideways, your photos and videos are there select one and you can shrink it and see the map.

No update for me uk

Budniu says:

Update already exist from now (for Poland is new version in the WPS and I updated).

Edwardlb20 says:

1. It's out of beta
2. The publisher is "Microsoft Mobile" WITHOUT the "Oy"

t8ntlikly says:

ive tried twice to download the Nokia Storyteller and i keep getting the Beta Version back ? Lumia Icon

Cryio says:

"Look forward to devices like the Lumia 930 coming with the support for Living Imgaes"


Typo at images.

FUS3360 says:

No update yet for my 1520

da1stprince says:

Seems like the download link posted to this article is old.. Here is the new link that worked for me: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appId=b0940143-e67e-4f74-8f68-16b7ad872dd2

Budniu says:

The same link.

If you want install that, I did it:

1. Download xap file from the WPS and copy him to storage phone or SD card.

2. Restart phone.

3. Now I could not install from the xap file in storage (I got some error), but when I tried find "story teller" in the search WPS, there was new version and I could update.

Soble says:

It should combined with native pictures app

lum5 says:

Got update now looks great...but bit slow...is story video & living images the same? From India 525

derfussi says:

Still 1.12.04 in the store on my 920 in Austria. Living images with Nokia Camera work, thou

uopjo6 says:

Stopped using because it was just too slow.

Tahd says:

It's faster now.

minjan ale says:

doesnt work on my lumia 520 8.1 isnt it available for 520 ?????????


Trench Mouth says:

This is so nice. You can change the music (wonder if you can add your own), pictures, video, it plays a bit of everything and the pictures move around...kind of emotional like, think of someone who passed and the news makes a small montage video of the person, it's like that, just not depressing.

Trench Mouth says:

I had given up on storyteller, it wasn't interesting enough, but this new movie montage is sooo cool. Even if you use photos from camera, refocus, color pop, it will play them all together seamlessly.

Yes, I think the article kinda understates the importance of the new 'story video' feature.

paschjoe07 says:

Well actually it's pretty good, I mean the story video I'd awesome, u can even put sound files to it, it's really very nice. I'm starting to like it

jawss says:

This app is so awesome and has suddenly become so useful! This can at least be a substitute for Google's auto awesome feature. Every time we go out I always take lots of pictures and video clips but never really do anything with them because it just takes to much effort to pick and trim ab chose soundtrack etc.

Thanks. This is exactly the user scenario we have designed it for!

emkaragulle says:

Why living images not working on storyteller on my lumia 925

pattayo_ib says:

My Living Image is still a still image when preview on this Storyteller app... Hmmm....

It works great except portrait photos get cropped so much in the viedo that you often just end up with a forehead or just eyes.