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Nokia gets in the sustainability game, talks up dancing to charge your Lumia

In 2014, there are a lot of cool things. One of those, is not batteries. In fact, they’re downright ancient by comparison to the explosion of mobile tech. To put it another way, there really hasn’t been any new tech in batteries in years, although Qi 1.2 with its resonance charging is a nice step forward.

Nokia has posted a video today, slightly humorous, highlighting the issue. Shot entirely on a Lumia 1020, the video demonstrates how Nokia is working on various technologies to help charge your phone when you’re not near an outlet. The main one featured is a system using kinetic energy that transfers into electricity to charge a battery. It’s a neat idea, but as noted at the end, it still takes some time to charge.

Regardless, it’s great to see Nokia ahead on this issue than many other companies. Of course, in the end it’s about business – and patents – so it’s not entirely a Good Samaritan move, but we like how they’re at least highlighting the problem.

You can read more about Nokia's sustainability efforts on their website.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Himanshu C., for the tip!



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LOL, Cant wait to put that on my Hand & F.A.P. (if you know what I mean)
WIll definately Charge FASTER :))

World's energy problems solved.

wuiyang says:

problem: only charge up to 1/10 with 2 of it

answer: wear thousands of it to fix this problem

Jaskys says:

That's actually a good idea! brb time to patent it

sasukeluffy says:

Never run out of battery while watching porn anymore.

juanitoriv says:

I figured that out, but what does it stand for?

Sin Ogaris says:

Friction Accelerated Power?

juanitoriv says:

Friggin a Pop?
Can't figure it out...

Lmao to those who dunno what fapping is HAHA. For the ladies, sorry its rude.

juanitoriv says:

But Ladies flick the bean. Just saying. I thought it was f.a.p. Not just fap. An acronym.

Sin Ogaris says:

He spelled it out though, so I took that as an excuse to create a funny acronym that could derive from fap that still correlates with the action and topic.

Just attach it to your wheel while you drive. That'll do it.

kinaton says:

Your phone would drain quicker than that could charge lol

How about charging the device while working out like jogging or cycling

Aashish13 says:

Wont produce that amount of energy. Start bboying.

the girl in the video is amazing :D

abduz says:

Maybe this is a tease about their up coming Martino WP 8.1, which i believe will be the successor to the 920. 920 introduced Wireless Charging the new one might introduce Kinetic or solar charging...this isnt the first time we've heard nokia experimenting with this

This tech is still years from commercial release. If anything, we'll see a Qi 1.2 standard compliant phone first from Nokia, that can be charged by resonance, instead of direct contact.

abduz says:

You have a point... what i meant was it might be a simple tease for a new type of wireless charging they might introduce with the upcoming flagship WP 8.1/Lumia not necessarily what they showed in the video cuz they ...either way excited to replace my phone with their 8.1 flagship

crise says:

Are you sure about that? It all depends on a breakthrough, that can happen over a day. Such a breakthrough could easily happen at a giant tech company like Nokia. Who knows. The timing for this campaign is certainly a warm-up for what's coming. It might not be the revolution that's coming, but they might have been able to figure something to get more juice out of it. Perhaps, just as a supplement that could lead to an average of 20% more battery time. I might be too optimistic, but I do not believe in this whole green campaign that Nokia is going for without outputting results the new range of wp8.1 devices coming.

920Walker says:

First paragraph, I think "stop" was meant to be "step".

920Walker says:

Unless of course it was a play on Qi's short played goodness.

Yugiro says:

Yes. "The next step forward."

sephiroth111 says:

Nokia, add more patent to your patent list.

Aashish13 says:

I like this chic

KDoubleU says:

Yeah she's great. If done right she could be a great icon for a Nokia TV campaign the way Flo for progressive car insurance and the Mayhem guy for Allstate are. She has a unique funny quirky personality and is very memorable which is key. Nokiasoft you listening make her our Flo! :)

jmshub says:

It's a cool idea. I fully expect at&t to remove it from their inventory.

AndyCalling says:

Surely there would be more energy available in background EM due to all that WiFi and 4g that could be tapped? Easier than strapping you phone to the dog and tying a biscuit to his tail...

Maybe Nokia will release a fitness band that also charges your phone while you run

FlorisRe says:

yeah, right, charging my phone via bluetooth or what??

rpm5101 says:

Or possibly kinetic know...what this entire article is highlighting...

mambastik says:

I don't know about you guys, but this article, had way too many, commas, it was so hard, to read, and sounded like, Christopher Walken was, talking.

Rick Smits says:

Whoa. My phone would be charged all day at a festival

Love the video and the passion that Nokia has to overcome and try to solve problems. Lets just hope that after Microsoft takes over they won't ruin the spirit of Nokia...

FlorisRe says:

they would be incredibly stupid if they didn't...


but wait it's microsoft -.-

Xaphoon148 says:

Can't ruin that Finnish sisu ;)

rmichael75 says:

All these are Advanced Technologies. It wont go to MS. MS can use the patents though.

rmichael75, you just saved my day. I was thinking the same as mostlymonters.

Perhaps we'll see this working on a Samsung Galaxy one day... ;-/


sip1995 says:

This is what I call "INNOVATION"

Nokia really are ahead of the rest when it comes to PR - MS really should pour more money at them and use their talent!!!

xFalk says:

How about EUR 5.44 billion in cash?

Pranay1995 says:

Charging your phone through thermal energy generated due to excess gaming will be around the corner, if things keep this pace :P:)

aggiefather says:

Kiitos! Cute video!

DHHSMichael says:

Did she just.. Take off her glove to use the 1520?

Deamion says:

Wouldn't it be easier to just install those into shoes and then go for a run, or would that not press them fast enough?

Maybe a few of them on a bike tire?

b23h says:

ah, that woman was pleasantly wacked....

and given she misread fifteen percent charge as "almost half charged" l can only imagine she has similar issues with determining length and such.

ltjordan24 says:

  I hope that they get this or some other similiar technology to work. Plugging phones in to charge is so 90s.