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Nokia teases a Friday the 13th “surprise” for us tomorrow

Nokia is up to their old tricks again, taking to Twitter to tease something for tomorrow. In case you needed a reminder, tomorrow is Friday the 13th and legend has it it’s an unlucky day. Well, unless you rock a hockey mask, live on Crystal Lake, have mommy issues and a grudge against promiscuous teens.

What could tomorrow hold? Your guess is as good as ours.

Before you ask, we checked Nokia’s support page and AT&T is still listed as “waiting for approval” for the Lumia 920 and GDR2, so unless that changes soon, we don’t think that’s it. New app? A bloody red Lumia 1020 (rumored to be coming)? That red Lumia 928 for Verizon? Maybe just a silly joke?

Sound off in comments as to your guess.

Update: None of you remembered that a certain Lumia 925 for AT&T goes on sale tomorrow ;)

Source: Nokia (Twitter); Thanks, Jon M., for the tip 



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adrian1338 says:

Put all your AT&t comments here:

I love AT&T and support everything they do. If they decide I cant have GDR2 then they are probably right in doing so. I have been a very bad customer and should probably have my monthly rate continue to increase. Shame on me :(

PolishHitta says:

Wait a minute... Verizon actually got GDR2 faster than AT&T? The sky is falling

MorganRW says:

The entire planet has received GDR2 before AT&T. Obviously they have no plans to give it to us.

Bailey199719 says:

Wrong EE UK still no GDR2 Either.

hturtle says:

bailey, im in UK with Lumia 820 on EE and got my amber upgrade last week, all official and no flashing

fredie12 says:

so how did you manage that when they hav'nt released it yet???

kubiaxk says:

dont worry :D Even unbranded 820 does not have GDR2 here at Slovakia

bpvu says:

At least AT&T gets all the exclusives. 

Why don't you guys just flash it?

GunplaGamer says:

cause i rather not loose all my stuff and game saves and settings and what not.

kuhio3 says:


EugB says:

Just checked and my phone reports it's up to date, so looks like AT&T is doing fine, right?  Otherwise it would say that there is an update and AT&T hasn't released it yet, right?

No. Your phone will be "up to date" until the update is released for your phone/carrier. It doesn't mean you have the update yet.

Rishicash says:

Right. And I don't mind the NSA's PRISM program. I just look at it as free cloud storage!

Tempest790 says:

A 64GB Lumia 1020 in new Cyan with GDR2 pre-installed on the AT&T network.
Friday Fool!
Well, at least I can dream.

WPmunkey says:

1020 has GDR2 so u will have at least on wish granted

jabtano says:

No...No.... the Lumia 1050 then Nokia says On sale in two weeks..=)

Duduosf says:

A 64GB version of the 1020 is coming soon to Brazil =))

GDR2 for the AT&T 920.

pookiewood says:

If we didn't get GDR2 it wouldn't make me upset.  Now if GDR3 does in fact have Custom Nootification tones and we didn't that I'd grab a pitchfork and head to AT&T.

RogerWh says:

AT&T, Gimme me my damn Update!!!

ikissfutebol says:

Why would Nokia tweet something specific to a single carrier with reach in onnly one country? This isn't even Nokia USA tweeting it. C'mon...common sense, folks!

MikadoWu says:

I have 6 ATT 920s that my family needs updated.

ryan_linz says:

That's quite the fleet

Quin 2013 says:

Wow, that's pretty impressive that you got the whole fam on the goods!


dalydose says:

Nice. Do you use the "Rooms" feature? :)

Post it here @attcustomercare

daredevildan says:

I have an unlocked L920 from Telstra but I'm using it on AT&T and fortunately got the GDR2 & Amber updates yesterday.

mop#WP says:

Well, since AT&T tests better and more thoroughly than the rest of the industry, I don't expect to see GDR2/Amber until 2014, at the earliest.  I am so glad they care for us more than other carriers do, who just throw updates out all willy-nilly.

gab1972 says:

Obligatory "Verizon comment".  =)

lfjj says:

I knew it, IT'S GDR3!!!!!!

Ankmeyester says:

I hope it's GDR2 for most regions. Or some cool new app that'll make everyone go "ooooo"

Italo Souza says:

It's correct...the final version of GDR3 it's ready and October it's come WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 (Windows Phone's 1st year)

teaMJPx says:

Or maybe... They are announcing the full feature for their glance screen to have the notifications since they recently updated those settings apps with an on/off switch for notifications... Maybe... *Gasp*... jejeje

vine vine vine vine vine vine!!! (i mean official)

hacer619 says:

bluetooth 4.0 LE  ;)

clappenings says:

Android Nokia? NIGHTMARE CITY!!!

RussellMb says:

Not even in your worst nightmare!!! :)

eortizr says:

That'll be awesome!!!

explosive0 says:

This premium space for rent.

IceDree says:

I'd buy dat for a dollar .... Not really

Divair says:

Probably nothing huge. If it were something big (Lumia 1520, tablet) they'd host an event.

kasitechead says:

Could be the sequal to the Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 525. Get in while evleaks hasn't leaked it

Nokia not to be sold!?

WinMaverick says:

I would really love to hear an "integrated/intimate MS+Nokia partnership" than a "buyout"... atleast that would have kept the branding 'Nokia Lumia - powered by Microsoft' what everybody would have loved

Xaphoon148 says:

Nokia buying Hiawatha eeh... Huaway...

MrGoodSmith says:

"have mommy issues and a grudge against promiscuous teens"

fpostrow says:

The surprise is that MS is buying ATT cuz it's the only way they could get GDR2 out to our 920's before the end of September. Hey, it could happen. I think I heard an ATT rep say exactly that on a support chat earlier today. I'll see if I can find the transcript. ;-)

Montpbm says:

Yes Instagram!

Isror says:

That's what I was thinking...Instagram or another long waited popular demand app

Corvodin says:

Be damned Nokia :shakes fist in anger: 

RommelS says:

Instagram! LOL

ricardios says:

Probably a new app

what's a surprise for Nokia may not be a surprise for us..not excited but I am curious

IceDree says:

The Dual Sim Lumia 720 ?


Clavitox says:

So like a 930?

Hoekie says:

64GB Lumia 1020?

walter1832 says:

They saved 15% using Geico!

Jf.Vigor says:

You win the internets

theroyboy44 says:

We have so many instagram apps an official shouldn't be upheld to such a high position so I hope I didn't see anymore ppl saying that if they said snapchat it might be more interesting cuz we don't have that

Quin 2013 says:

We don't need snatch-chat. It'll probably be boring ass official instagram. Which we also don't need cuz we already have a bunch of awesome 3rd party instagram.

theroyboy44 says:

Correction you don't need snapchat. I would like it. I don't even use it for freakyness its just fun makin goofy faces. We don't need official apps cuz as long we have excellent developers to make 3rd party apps. But snapchat will not allow ppl to sobi don't understand what their problem is. We only "need" the official so that we can say yea we have "instagram" or w/e especially tho basic ppl who don't look up 3rd party or don't even know what 3rd party is

JohnStrk says:

Maybe us AT&T 920 owners will be the first to get GDR3?  Oh wait it's not April 1. 

Nokia doesn't exist anymore

TheJoester09 says:

Even after the sale is finalized this statement will be false.

chunky2055 says:

Now what it could be?? A new phone or a new app !!!

leokime94 says:

Instagram?!?!? XD

dKp1977 says:

Damn, I was just about to say that, lol.

DJCBS says:

Whatever it is, I just hope it's not a "US ONLY" thing as per usual.

Josh Harman says:

Like the 64 GB 1020?
Since it's not from @NokiaUS, I'd imagine it's something for everyone.

toph36 says:

The 1028 on Verizon... in red!  No need for a big event for this.

Or and offical SnapChat.

13" Nokia Tablet? Not a fan of 10" tablets so to me that'd be perfect.

Saste says:

+1 or even 14" :D

Gurggles says:

Oh crap. I live in Crystal Lake, IL and my neighbor loves hockey...i haven't seen him mom in ages....

JoeDizzle33 says:

Don't be a promiscuous teen.

BK-one says:

Since 6tag now has multiple account, I have no use for an official app that doesn't. Follow my new public account for great unedited 1020 pics. BK_lumia1020

Mobile Fan says:

+1020. 6tag shows how vibrant WP community is.

ashram says:

They bought Microsoft and apple!

WinMaverick says:

why keep Google out? buckle it in too

J Papi says:

I broke my phone's screen today :''( my lumia won't be getting any surprises tomorrow :(

Ian Too says:

They've developed a resonance field which causes Gorilla Glass to heal.

(Sorry :-)

jayrod213 says:

Take it to the Microsoft Store. They'll hook you up with a NEW one.

absolutshame says:

Same here with my 1020. Extremely bad luck as I also broke a cyan 920 within the first week of launch. At least the 1020 isn't shattered, just a small corner of the screen chipped off. Added insurance right after.

MrSimmix says:

Looks like Friday the 13th came early for you.

TheSuperShoe says:

This is supposed to be scary.... So, Nokia actually sold to Apple!  Would explain the 5c...

RyanAMG says:

LOL that's funny

SleepyTheDon says:

They're going to announce 1520 for T-Mobile

Montpbm says:

That would be nice

teaMJPx says:

Aww man, that's not a nightmare... Its a dream come true! jejeje.

bingo! Here is a person thinkink just like me! Flipboard, vine or both. Or could it be path...

kbilly70 says:

Announcing 1520 and tablet for release on Sep 26? Probably too much to hope for.

Ultimateone says:

RED Verizon Lumia 1020
If I win, send me 100 playmates to my house

toph36 says:

Sorry...  I beat you to this one!

Wireless charger - Scarlet Devil edition?

pmich says:

Flipboard for Windows

ryan_linz says:

This could very well be it

dortyboy says:

Not excited because it probably won't benefit everyone. A new phone I can't afford, a new color I don't want and maybe a new app I don't use. What I want is my 920 update from at&t

ejb222 says:

How will my Lumia survive Friday the 13? I don't know, I could barely make it through the entire movie alive; my 920 is surely doomed.

swirl253 says:

I hope they mention that the 1520 will be a vzw exclusive

RyanAMG says:

That makes sense tested on ATT but sold on Verizon.

Sureshr says:

It could possibly be an invite to Sep26 event... :P

blessthejon says:

Excited for whatever Nokia has for us.

Lumia 1320, or Verizon 1020 in red, or ATT 1020 in cyan, or a new Asha phone

ozahran says:

Probably the release of the AT&T 925

Blocks9 says:

Wouldn't this be on the Nokia usa twitter feed if it was American specific? They stated this on their global page, so whatever happens it will be for all phones and not just American ones. Honestly, some of you Americans think the world revolves around you!

Josh Harman says:

Your response was great and pointed out what others should have already noticed if they follow Nokia twitter handles... until your last sentence.
Honestly, some of you can't get off America's nuts.

Blocks9 says:

Based on the comments in this thread, it seems more than valid!

ozahran says:

We do tend to be quite centered on US news. Although I only thought of that because it had been reported weeks ago that the ATT 925 was releasing on the 13th. I actually hope I'm wrong about it and a new feature/official app etc

Josh Harman says:

So what does it matter if some in the US want it to be something that affects them?
Others in the comments have made suggestions that it be something for their particular country... yet no one is chastising them for that.
Like I said, get off our nuts.

Blocks9 says:

No one is on your nuts! But this was a tweet from their global feed, you'd have assumed most would have been wise to this! But ignorance, and self importance rule the roost!

Josh Harman says:

So why didn't you call any one else out? Seems like national bigotry to me.

guillams says:


Mayur says:

They are coming clean and admit that iPhone 5c was manufactured by them :-/

ejb222 says:

We should all Tweet at Apple and ask if they had Nokia make their iPhone 5c!!!!!

rubenbest says:

I like this idea

A new super slim Lumia 5c that can slice fruit....oops.

Mayur says:

You mean specifically the forbidden fruit :)

Abb4d0n says:

Working notifications on glance screen.

igorpaes says:

I think it's just a giveaway...

MrSimmix says:

I also think so. I mean that whole "tell us how your Lumia will survive" thing does really sound like a way to be entered to the giveaway.

If it was a 4 months ago I guess, I bet everybody was complaining about Instagram. "I hope instagram" "Instagram is coming" "Instagram!!" and etc. Thanks to Daniel Gary , Rudy Huyin , and David, no one complain about that app. Specially because 6tag is much better than official one.

I hope it is Flipboard (Vine I got 6sec)..

guillams says:

Ojalá sea path Bro!

raul_junior says:

I bet its plants vs zombies 2 since its something "scary"

Duffau says:

I bet you're right.

Sheraz Ahmad says:

It has to be snapchat. Was supposed to be released back in July

Okandd says:

New commerical i guess

mrdeezus says:

What about amber update for the 1020/920....but prolly instagram.

theaddict says:

Real Racing 3 Is My Guess!!

Mr_pither says:

Something disappointing and/or not helpful to me on my at&t 920 is my guess....

teaMJPx says:

Now that would be awesome!

sumton says:

twitter site down as for the surprise it might be one of the big apps like instegram

I am sure its Red Lumia 928 or may be an app with red color that is Path / Fliboard
what say?

raul_junior says:

Nah I bet that's until the 1520 announcement

loumo says:

Maybe its just a better deal to move to Verizon and test them out.

tczinder says:

They're taking over support for my HTC 8X!!!

Fade_z says:

"Google buys featurephone devision"

Polkka says:

WTF? Nokia ios7 Crazy!!

MrSimmix says:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Jace Nelson says:

I wish my 1020 were blue!  That would be nice.

NutmegState says:

 Nokia Lumia 925 will launch on AT&T network on September 13th and it will have more colors and Free with 2yr contract and Free Nokia Music for 13 months ???
Who knows, hopefully it will be good!

PG2G says:

I'm guessing it'll be Path's release

A Freddy Krueger edition tablet with Elm St. Engraved on the back

jamrock60 says:

You will be able as of tomorrow to down load a new version of Nokia Suite. which will enable you to manage you Lumia phone's and be able to install updates when ever you want thru the App. Just like the old Symbian days.

Josh Harman says:

I'm expecting nothing of value, that way I'm not disappointed.

hal Turnage says:

I'm with you! Not even gonna get my hopes up.

guillams says:

Probablemente podría ser una nueva App, y entre ellas están path, flipboard e Instagram!
Pero sea lo que sea, si viene de Nokia, algo bueno será! ;)

jswantek says:

Are they finally breaking up with AT&T??

hal Turnage says:

Its the 8.1 update way ahead of schedule. And that's the reason AT&T skipped GDR2. LOL. I wish!

hal Turnage says:

Then again its probably flipboard!

MadSci2 says:

I think they're going to report on the Terms of the Licensing Deal Apple must have signed to allow them to make the "new" iPhones.
Between iOS7 and all those colored phones the only original thing Apple has left are rounded corners!

Question: if i have an unlocked att lumia 920 but i'm using it on Telcel (Mexico) the GDR2 will come from Att or Telcel? I'm confused :S

david90531 says:

8.1 early release!

Rehan Saleem says:

Oh I love surprizes. Can't wait unless it's something interesting, which obviously have ta be it.

Does AT&T control firmware updates as well?

wpguy says:

All 16 GB 925 owners get free exchanges for a 32 GB model.

Sureshr says:

Good one.. I wish the same :P

IAKIRK2 says:

NokiaUK twitter feed posted this about 3 hours ago:
Keep your eyes peeled for a wild #Lumia1020 deal tomorrow...
Could it be related?

ikissfutebol says:

Anyone that makes an ATT comment- you clearly aren't thinking. The tweet came from Nokia (as in applicable all over the world) and not Nokia USA/Nokia US. I know that my fellow American's love to think we are the center of the world, but we simply aren't.
Those that are commenting on a new color for a device- you are at least thinking logically. I could even see it being a specific, long awaited app.
I have no idea what it is, but I do know it is 100% illogical for one of Nokia's worst markets (per country market share) to be the center of a global twitter account.

david90531 says:

I think most of then are joking/sarcastic, cuz that's all they want atm

cesar ruiz1 says:

Blood red Lumia 1020 for Verizon with 64 gigs. Of storage. Oh and gdr2 for at&t