Nokia teases the Lumia 920 with "Everyone loves a comeback" banner

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Hamburg, Germany

One of our eagle-eyed readers spied this Nokia banner hanging in Hamburg, Germany today. It shows Nokia is gearing up for their round 2 with Windows Phone and the Lumia 920.

The banner, in its simplicity shows a 920 peeking in with the phrase 'Jeder Liebt Ein Comeback' or 'Everyone loves a comeback'. Indeed, we wouldn't disagree with that assessment at all. Thanks, Damon B., for the photo!



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DavidinCT says:

Come on Verizon !!! Get this phone !

TFC99 says:

That is the most drab/dull looking building I've seen in some time. What is this, remnants of Soviet Russia?

Infamy79 says:

edit - Nevermind

Z3Vo says:

Good to see they don't take themselves to serious.

RafRol says:

Interesting, I didn't know that 'comeback' was a loanword from German...

Tomasz S. says:

It's the other way around. Germans love to loan words from English. Their ads are full of "babies" "kids" etc instead of respective German words.

RafRol says:

LOL, I was just being sarcastic!  But it is interesting that they love to use words 'babies' and 'kids' as you mentioned...

Chinu77 says:

hey guys only nokias house shop will sell the unlocked version of the 920 and the 820.So all other available off contract phones are from carriers so i dont think that amazon will offer it very cheap because they want that you sign a contract

RaRa85 says:

Yes we all love a comeback now please come to T-Mobile.

Sergio0694 says:

Just release the darn phone asap!!! lol :D

monigal2 says:

Nokia, that 920 seems to be a very nice phone, I love the effort, but please make that next phone a little lighter if u can..:-)

eharris560 says:

Can we get some marketing like this in the U.S

sHAYM4N says:

U.S Golfers excepted. ;-)

wpeight says:

That's not no interesting banner. They should make a tv commercial for 920

aniym says:

I thought Nokia was only a has-been in North America, but still owned Europe and Asia? Why would Nokia fanboys lie about that??!