Nokia teases upcoming Christmas contest - Pimp My Reindeer

Santa requires your help to save Christmas. Nokia will be kicking off a new festive competition this month, called Pimp My reindeer. Entering into this Facebook contest will see you with the chance of bagging some Nokia hardware (Lumia 2520, Lumia 1520, Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925), as well as a trip for two to Thailand.

Auditions kick off on December 10th and run through December 23rd. The company has released the above video, providing a teasing insight into the lore behind the contest. Head on over to Facebook to ensure you have the Nokia page liked and are following updates to be notified when the contest kicks off.

We'll let you all know when auditions kick off.

Source: YouTube



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Corvodin says:

Another instance of me getting my hopes up,despite knowing that there's abooooooooout zero chances for me to win, and then getting dissappointed. 

VNamah says:

Lol. Can I join the club? Plus I don't live in USA..so I'm probably an alien to them.

Corvodin says:

This could very well be worldwide, Nokia usually does these kind of competitions like that. 

erzhik says:

The fun part is that people who usually win these are the people who don't care about Nokia or even heard of Windows Phone.

Beshoy Hanna says:

I actually won a Lumia 925 a couple months ago

jaymin00 says:

There is no news of subway surfer..huhhhhh

amol071 says:

I wonder how many of these contests are actually worth trying and not result out to be a scam or as such!

Legitimate contests like this are carefully regulated. It's not a scam.

lol nokia should make a cartoon

schlubadub says:

Yes, it's a country in south-east Asia :P

I'm disappointed cos the live tile said Nokia were teasing an upcoming Christ and I thought, "that's a must see!"

BonzeUK says:

So long as he don't come back with a f**king ipad

jlynnm350z says:

I still don't get what the contest is from the video. The reindeer are sick so we have to pimp them up to save Christmas?

BonzeUK says:

Another chuffing Facebook only comp. Arse!

Getting my hopes up too. Can I read an article without a crowbarred off-topic comment about TR2 or Subway Surfers? Can I fuck.

Forc3 says:

For god sake! I feel you bro! Sooo annoying!!!

That's cuz..any android user would be enjoying this game while we wp users have to beg all the time

polomint says:

I though Nokia had made a new game lol

MyNL822 says:

What is the contest? i don't get what you will have to do.

This is about the only way you can get your hands on the new Lumia 2520. The launch of this marvellous piece couldn't have been worse.

I managed to buy one in London last week, but was not easy. They had one on display on John Lewis, behind a concrete beam. I had to ask three sales people, before I got one, that didn't just say "I don't know, it's very new, I don't know anything about it." Apparently the fourth one was from Nokia, but all he could say was there it is, and no, we don't have the keyboard because it's very new!

I still wanted to buy one, so I was told that the devices are behind the cashiers counter, ask them. So I did.

btw. Glad that I did, it's quite nice, GPS and all. Comparing the screen and camera with my IPad - no competition. Worth every penny.

Talbot690 says:

Nokia and valve have the same amount of letters. Contest its called "pimp my reindeer" which is 3 words. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!