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Nokia Transport 2.1 for Windows Phone now available on the Marketplace

Nokia Transport

Nokia Transport will get you to your destination

Nokia has announced today that version 2.1 of their Transport app for Windows Phone is now published and should be available to all Lumia smartphone owners in the next few days. Able to run on all Lumia Windows Phones, the Nokia Transport app is a must-have tool for anyone who requires directional assistance when on the move using public transportation.

So what's new in 2.1? A quick recap what we covered previously with the 2.0 beta:

  • Find nearby stations, departure times and even types of transit lines available around your location.
  • Improved search:
    • Remember your last search query
    • Change your search without leaving the journey view
  • Improved performance:
    • Faster display of upcoming journeys
    • Faster journey request

Nokia Transport App

Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of app functionality (also see our early hands-on coverage).

Note that if you cannot yet see an update for Nokia Transport, or see version 1.2, fear not as it's just taking a short while for the release to reach all markets. The app is localised too, so you may see the app being branded slightly differently depending on which market you reside in (eg. Nokia Transit in the US).

You can download Nokia Transport from the Marketplace (Lumia Windows Phones only) for free.

QR: Nokia Transport



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AwesomeAndy says:

The dude has a MBA - high treason!!

cgold1 says:

Man I love my focus s but I need this app! Looks so much better than mango transit.

Wish they would release it as like a 20 dollar paid app for non nokia users.

I'd sell my focus and get a lumia if they were getting win phone 8. As it stand i will just have to wait and sigh when trying to get directions.

stevethenerd says:

Its not available in CA at this time, in fact they removed it from the collection.

haikus says:

Nokia Transport is available in Canada too, even if you are not seeing it in Nokia Collection.
In fact we do have timetable information in Toronto (and surroundings), Edmonton, Halifax and Winnipeg.

toby@wp says:

Nokia is doing a great job when it comes to apps. I'm a bit jealous as a Samsung owner. If I would have known that Samsung is not even supporting their own products, I would have waited for Nokia

gman1868 says:

Not available, still v1.2 in the Marketplace

Cyruss1989 says:

Same here, I'm from Germany btw.

haikus says:

Hi guys, Pino from Nokia here.
By now the update should have reached all your countries and devices. Do you confirm?

TMavZR1 says:

Still not available for California.

haikus says:

Hi, Pino from Nokia here. Actually Nokia Transport (in the US it's Nokia Transit) it's available in areas like Los Angeles, San Diego and Bay Area...

bancza says:

Your link is pointing to version 1.2 of the TRANSIT App
Here is the 2.1 Beta link:

greg2k says:

Yeah, one of the Lumia's most receptive markets, Spain, has pathetic coverage here. Google has everything, bus times, subway, commuter rail...can't see why Nokia can't compete here

haikus says:

Hi, Pino from Nokia here.
In Spain we only have timetable info for Barcelona. But we are gradually extending this coverage. In fact, we already have basic info (without timetable) for Bilbao, Cordoba, Elche, Granada, Madrid, Oviedo, Palma De Mallorca, Salamanca, Santiago De Compostela, Segovia, Seville, Tenerife, Valencia and Zaragoza.

gregoron says:

Got it on my TMobile Nokia 710. Too bad I don't really use public transport.

DesRed says:

Managed to get it on my Malaysian Lumia 800. Too bad Kuala Lumpur (not living there, by the way) isn't supported yet, though I won't be holding my breath due to my first hand experience of how bad the public transportation there is. Buses and trains don't come on time, etc. you know the drill. I'd bet that anyone compiling data of the public transportation there for NT will go nuts within a few days. :p

renisans says:

This app has gone live in southern CA. It has just become exponentially more useful. Awesome!