Nokia Treasure Tag now available from Verizon so you can tag all of your things

Nokia Treasure Tag

The Nokia Treasure Tags are now available at Verizon Wireless, with three colors listed on the carrier website. Priced at $29.99, these handy accessories can be attached to valuable possessions to prevent one from misplacing and subsequently losing said objects. The tags will alert the owner via an app if they're about to leave the tagged object(s) behind.

If you happen to leave something behind and need to locate its position, the Treasure Tag app will display its whereabouts on a map, even if the item is no longer in range (the app will display the last known co-ordinates). If you're looking to purchase a Treasure Tag or two (they come in black, white and yellow), we strongly urge you to download the Treasure Tag app beforehand.

Check out the Verizon Store for more details and to place an order. Find the respective links below for the three variants. Note that the website states the Treasure Tags only work with the Lumia Icon on Verizon. The accessories themselves require a Nokia Windows Phone with Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC to function.

Thanks, Sheldon, for the tip!



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Nimdock says:

Nokia is really weird with their accessories.


I am still waiting on the BH-121.

onysi says:

europeans overall have very different taste in style.  thats why their phones are so beautiful.

Nimdock says:

I am not sure I follow.


In any case I did not mean the treasure tag is weird. I meant Nokia is weird about the releases of the products.


Case in point I am still waiting on the BH-121 that was announced ages ago.

BH-121 has been widely available in Sweden for quite some time now. I bet it's the same for other markets as well, at least in Europe.

Nimdock says:

Well... One of the cases where we have to say... No US??!!!!



dnlbntl says:

Both mobilefun.com and expansys-usa.com stock the BH-121, though they're about $10-15 higher than the announced MSRP.

This was announced before the BH-121, that was announced in late 2013, this was announced in summer 2013.

SeraphX2 says:

No way am I spending 30$ on that. The idea was sounding interesting, but wasn't expecting such a high price tag.

this was the price announced from day one and if it saves your house or car keys I think that is great - just wish I could attach it to my work badge so I didn't have to come back into the office for it on a daily basis

HarkAtYou says:

I'd like one for my work pass, so that I don't have to go home for it everytime I forget it, I work 50 miles away from home, so that's my whole morning gone every time lol. However I don't think this works with 1520 anyway... And its not in the UK yet... Lol

tk-093 says:

Leave your badge in your car, problem solved.  :)

Mestiphal says:

That's what I do!

worst I've had to do is walk back through the lot to my car, to pick up the badge

HarkAtYou says:

You would think that would solve the problem, except I split my commuting between two cars :( I just wish they would give me two passes but that's a 'security risk' apparently... Although sometimes I mange to get away with not having it, so long as I'm there on time to follow someone through each door and don't go out for lunch! Ha ha

rahul.sharma says:

Why it won't work with 1520?

HarkAtYou says:

I'm not sure, I'm sure I read somewhere that they wont. But in any case it doesn't work on 8.1 yet, and they aren't available in the UK yet either :) Will just wait patiently :)

DHHSMichael says:

Ask Cortana to "Remind me when I leave home to bring my work badge" It'll remind you right as you leave the area!

KoreyTM says:

I really like the Treasure Tag idea, but I do hope it branches out more. Requiring a Verizon Lumia Icon to use the Tag limits market adoption quite a bit.

RyanAMG says:

It doesn't say that anywhere in the article.

The last paragraph says it:

"Note that the website states the Treasure Tags only work with the Lumia Icon on Verizon."

Richard_Indy says:

Seems strange how a passive device can be limited to a carriers network/phones

RyanAMG says:

I stand corrected.

erzhik says:

My guess is because its on Verizon website. There is nothing special about a treasure tag that would limit its functionality.

Novron says:

That still doesn't make sense. Verizon carries several WP's, Nokias, Samsungs, and HTC.

STXVI says:

Is the Icon the only Verizon phone with NFC?

Novron says:

Agreed there. I'd like to keep one plugged in my car so I always know where I parked. But, alas, running a Samsung.

gamerhandz says:

Nokia's site lists the 1520, 930 (obviously) 1320 and 1020 as compatible. If you're interested though, keep a receipt. 

aitt says:

Would buy. No cyan update. No use.

Bruno H says:

There should be a cyan available somewhere for you.


Here in Sweden its available in four colors White, Black, Yellow and Cyan:



aitt says:

Nokia software update. Not phone color...

LightningXCE says:

You don't need it.

aitt says:

App store saying it's not available and needs cyan update says otherwise.

Bruno H says:

Sorry :-) totally misunderstood you...

louisoneal says:

Haha! Three colors!? I wish their Windows phones actually came in three colors


nitsuk says:

Sadly not on Amazon.co.uk yet :-(

Is that $29.99 for single tag! if yes will need a tag for tag and another tag for that tag just in case :-)

Ixia says:

Expansys have them listed for preorder at £29.99. Doesn't mention a timescale though.

Have they released them for AT&T yet I think I want at least one

theefman says:

Exclusive to a carrier that doesn't give a toss about WP. Winning strategy right there.

SeraphX2 says:

Eh, I'd say Verizon cares more now than they did with WP7. Microsoft let them down once, which is why they had trepidation going into another product with Microsoft; they didn't want another failing product. While they haven't been awesome at promoting Windows Phone, they have always had good WP8 handsets and they tend to approve updates faster than ATT.

StuBeck says:

When did MS let them down?

StuBeck says:

I'd disagree with that. MS had a plan where the data plan would be $10 a month, Verizon at the last minute changed this to $30, which destroyed the whole point of hte device. This is why MS didn't make it a priority for their partners to make CDMA phones.

SeraphX2 says:

Regardless of the Kin, there is still the CTO of Verizon going on record as saying he didn't think Windows Phone 7 was a competitor and that all they needed was iOS, Android and RIM.  Yes, there were not CDMA phones yet, but if Verizon had actually wanted a phone, I'm sure MS would have gotten one made.




MadSci2 says:

Bingo. Greedy carriers are usually the problem in North America

theefman says:

Mud have missed all those forum posts on the way the icon is NOT promoted in vzw stores and having people being steered towards ios or android handsets.

aitt says:

They're not exclusives. VZW is there only one selling a phone that it will currently work on. It's not like you couldn't just go and buy one. I'm sure the MS stores will start carrying them as well.

theefman says:

Its available only from Verizon, how is that not exclusive?

SeraphX2 says:

When the only phone that supports it is only on Verizon, why would any other carrier need to sell it right now? It's not exclusive, meaning they are the only ones allowed to sell it, it is only on Verizon because they are the only ones with a phone that can make use of it.

cool8man says:

I was thinking of getting this for my mom. Only one problem, the thing she always leaves behind is her phone.

If the treasure tag automatically beeped when it was away from the phone that might work for her. Unfortunately I don't think that's how this product works.

Rallicat says:

Both phone & tag can emit a sound when they go out of range of each other.

ttarbuck says:

Just attach the tag to your trousers or something and it will make a noise when you walk away from your phone.

Hmmm.... I'll wait for the Treasure Tag Mini. Lol. Too long... And ill wait for the price to split in half.

Masterz1337 says:

I am curious if these really are locked to the icon... Doesn't really make much sense why they would. I'd love to have one of these for my keys and or wallet.

elyl says:

Does anyone know if the Treasure Tag app works with similar non-Nokia Bluetooth tags like these?  Someone mentioned it does somewhere, but I'd like some confirmation. $30 is way too much, should be $30 for 2.

JamesDax3 says:

Why wouldn't these work on the 1520?

aitt says:

Because the 1520 requires the Cyan update for it to work

onysi says:

this thing was supposed to be available last month already but NOTHING.

onysi says:

i thought this was available for everyone?  I have lumia 920, but where can i get it?

mickichd says:

Hey rich the app doesn't work with 8.1 yet just saying better update the article before people start throwing stones LOL

Edit I just saw you mentioned that it just works on icon but I guess people can still use it on WP 8 but not 8.1 update

aitt says:

You need the cyan update from Nokia for it to work

blushrts717 says:

I'm glad I saw your comment, I was about to buy a tag.

theefman says:

The icon doesn't have the cyan update so that's not correct.

reprod3 says:

Yeah, I verified... It is not available on the Icon with 8.1 Dev Preview.

WP95 says:

Wow, I am more surprised that Verizon is carrying yellow. My wish is for them now to carry some colorful phones.

broughshane says:

nokia uk website states that the treasure tags work with devices with the black gdr3 update .

Okay, it is hard to believe that the Treasure Tag is locked into only a carrier (Verizon). Also, if you head over to Nokia.com, find the Treasure Tag in their products, and click "Buy Now," a page will load up that says that Microsoft is redirecting you to Verizon's website to buy them. As other users have said, Verizon only carries this one Windows Phone 8.1 preinstalled phone. The phone that you own must have 8.1 preinstalled (no dev previews) or must be still running Windows Phone 8 for Treasure Tag to work.

Chris_Kez says:

The Icon does not come with 8.1 preinstalled; nor does it come with the Cyan firmware update.

SirMinstral says:

Anyone know where i can buy these in the UK?

Rallicat says:

Still waiting for this here in the UK. Expansys are the only site I can find taking pre-orders, but that seems to be very speculative and not based on a commited availability at any stage.

There seems to have been some odd goings on with the product.  Some reports had pegged an April release, but we're now in May.  The companion treasure tag 'app' used to declare that you needed the 'Black' firmware, but now says you need the as-yet unreleased 'Cyan' Firmware.  The website still says you need the 'Black' firmware though.

I think my concern is this product is getting delayed a little during the transition of Nokia's devices business over to Microsoft, or further that the product is now going to be released only alongside the new 930/630 products and the release of the 'Cyan' update - that would make a June/July release more likely.

Frankly, I'm happy to wait, and whilst I don't yet know a confirmed UK-price, I'm comfortable with the pricing based on what other regions seem to be getting.  It's a small price to pay for a truly useful and practical accessory that could genuinely save you a lot of hassle and possibly money one day!

kittananj says:


rydorrin says:

It requires Lumia Black so any Lumia with the current update will work however 8.1 adopters the app will not open so we must wait

realwarder says:

I thought we all had BTLE now via Black update (although not seen any open API about this).  Shouldn't these work with all phones now?

aitt says:

People please read the app requirement for this to work. It will not work on black. You need to have the Nokia Cyan Update to work. It the first paragraph of the app. It's been covered numerous times on here for the tag to work.

psiu_glen says:

They changed that in the last 10 minutes -- it said Black was required and installed fine, after a restart it searched for a tag.
Now it says Cyan and not available for my device. Sounds like marketing horsecrap to me. Edit: Changed devices in last 10 minutes :P so not sure -- 928 to 520 running Preview ;)

aitt says:

Then there's serious discrepancies because the app clearly says cyan and it's not available for the 1520

psiu_glen says:

Just went back to my 928 (same article link) and the description says Black is needed -- and it's installed fine. Hmmm...

psiu_glen says:

Installed fine on my 928 running GDR3/Black. No reason it shouldn't work -- has NFC and BT4 LE.

Edwardlb20 says:

App "not available"

PradeepKr says:

After long time 720 in a title image.

TMavC5 says:

So, how does this work?  How many item can i attach to this tag?   Do you buy each tag for each item?

oldpueblo says:

Too bad this won't work with 8.1 / 1020, this would have been a good Mother's Day present for my Wife and Mom.

MadSci2 says:

This is why they are so expensive. It's not just a passive NFC tag.

TheBadGuy_88 says:

Smdh! Next thing you know they'll be selling carrier exclusive USB chargers.

RaRa85 says:

Right! So sick of it. Nokia is the best but they limit their own products!

RaRa85 says:

Why isn't Nokia selling this directly? And why can't I find a pair of yellow Monster in-ear headphones anywhere? Nokia does a really fantastic job of restricting their products. From exclusive carrier deals to hard-to-find accessories. Well, nobody's perfect and this is my only quip with Nokia.

Tjalsma says:

I really hope WPC can get a hold of one of these soon and put it through it's paces.  What OS is really required, what firmware, etc. etc.  Too much confusion over this product.

shaggydave says:

Will it work on the 925!!!??

Not sure why people are saying these are "locked" to the Lumia Icon, I also think the article is wrong as its pulling that information from the Verizon page.


Obviously Verizon is going to say its locked there, since its there flagship Windows Phone 8 device.. with that said based off the hardware specs from Nokia its just Bluetooth 4 and NFC.

In theory, any phone that is NFC and Bluetooth 4 compatible (and a Lumia) could use this little cool device.


There is a catch, technically speaking you need the following if you look at the Lumia Treasure Tag app:

- Phone capable of a bluetooth "smart connection"

- Lumia Black software update

- Windows Phone 8.. not 8.1


So I just purchased one of these, and it should be here today from Verizon (I got free shipping) but since I have an Icon with 8.1, seems like I cannot download the required app until the app itself is updated to windows 8.1.


Not really Nokia's fault.. since the Windows Phone 8.1 software is still "technically" beta. Its not a public released technically speaking, so I can expect and accept this.


I just got an update for the treasure tag app on my L1020 running WP8.1 


I'm able to open the app and it prompts me to turn on bluetooth to begin searching for a tag. I'm guessing I'm good to go, right?

gamo62 says:

The details of the TT app says that the version is 2014.512.649.3033. My installed version which supposedly is current says

Eric_J says:

I just received mine today and just learned that it doesn't work with 8.1 on Nokia Lumia Icon!


Martin_TP says:

I bought a Nokia Treasure Tag WS-2 from Verizon. I paired this device with Lumia 1020 and Lumia 520 - both running WP 8.0 with Nokia Treasure Tag app - and everything works fine. Device is not locked for Verizon!

scotthenry76 says:

I just bought one for my wife.  Works as advertised on the Lumia 822 with the Black update. 

Is it working with Lumia 920