Nokia treats a top T-Mobile salesman to a CES trip with VIP treatment

A T-Mobile salesman, who is also a massive Windows Phone enthusiast, was treated by Nokia to CES 2012 in Las Vegas with VIP treatment throughout the week. These treats included helicopter and Ferrari rides, Playboy parties and more, it certainly was an eventful week.

Will this incite salestaff throughout the U.S.? We'll have to see.

Source: YouTube, via: WMPU



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selfcreation says:

T-mobile??  they should of taken a company that ACTUALLY SOLD WP.. lol!

rodneyej says:

Lol.. Funny, but that's the point, to gain excitement somewhere other than Att... What is taking Sprint and "Andrizon" so freaking long to admit that WP is a major OS?

aubreyq says:

"Andrizon" LMAO! Good one!

Odd-i-See says:

Well, they had the hd7 at the beginning and now have the radar 4g and a couple of midrange Nokia phones. They could be worse and be like Sprint and Verizon.

Beezie84 says:

Oh we sell windows phone,, not everyone looks for the high end phones, the majority want an affordable device.. And believe me a mid range windows phone is head over heels better than a mid range android phone.

Stryfeno1 says:

Nice going to Nokia and glad their acknowloging the little people. If all the sales people just give the customers the heads up about WP, it wouldnt be a hard prodeuct to sell.

I actually went into a tmobile store yesterday and they said the Lumia 710 has been a big seller. Here was a huge display and the sales reps were very enthusiastic about it. First time I have seen wp7 get a fair shake. Hopefully that type of attitude will become the norm. Good marketing is what wp7 needs. Things like this will only help.

Quin 2013 says:

I bet they are also being rewarded with a higher bonus for being top WP seller too.

Its a good thing, WP deserves to be in the top contenders.

Renigade16 says:

I want to be him

TheDarKnight says:

Lucky guy! When I went to T-Mobile before the release of Nokia Lumia and asked about the release date, the dude was really excited and told me the date before I even finished my question, as soon as he heard Nokia he answered!

based_graham says:

"Heres the thing nobody wants a Windows Phone everybody wants a iPhone". Thats what my coworker was saying when I showed him the Lumia 710. Don't get me wrong this is 100% true I wouldn't buy a product that I don't know soo I told him "Look if a sales rep actually eduatcated the consumer about the product than most likely thats going to change the outcome from not wanting a WP to wanting one" and thats all a sales rep needs to do is just educate, show them the product and have the end user play around with it is that too hard to ask (sigh)

Quin 2013 says:

Well people don't like change either, thus making then ignorant and closed minded about other products.

sk1rtsfly says:

Nokia Rocks WP7! Can't wait for Lumia 900 to land on AT&T!

sk1rtsfly says:

Nokia Rocks WP7! Can't wait for Lumia 900 to land on AT&T!

Cartman says:

The reason for the T-Mobile reps knowing about Nokia has more to do with $ than them liking the device. They are getting nice incentives to sell them and will do anything to get you to buy one.
AT&T reps should have a similar incentive. It's all about how much money they can put in their own pockets. They may or may not like the devices they are pushing.
I had a brief conversation with an AT&T rep a couple of weeks ago and he was not aware of Nokia but when I mentioned the incentives he got really excited.
Advertising will get the customer in the door but the sales rep will close the sale. It's good that Nokia is experienced in retail sales as great devices have not been moving partly because of unmotivated sales staff.

Beezie84 says:

Untrue, more and more reps are starting to give it a chance.. I still sell more radars cause people like a front facing camera.. But the lumia is one of the lowest priced down payment phones and has way less issues than an exhibit 2 or the mytouch, plus it's one of the few phones priced better for renewals than new acts

This is too sweet!

jmshub says:

I'm a wp7 enthusiast. Wheres my VIP treatment in Vegas? :-P

ultraprism says:

I should become sales men for windows phone too

Radar is sold out in multiple Tmo stores & WalMart here. 710 is also a top seller here in Vegas. The commercials are starting to sink in with people & good word of mouth.

venetasoft says:

Give back helicopter and double Playboy parties ;)

aubreyq says:

Nokia sponsored Playboy parties? Sign me up!

Quin 2013 says:

Lol I know right?

ejlee072006 says:

It doesn't really matter how educated sales reps are about the product.. We all know people want the iphone.. My co worker was force by her daughter to get the 4s even though she really likes my phone.. Hd7. My phone beats the ios big time... No doubt but the pips wants the big thong ryt now.. Nokia will be a great. Competitor.. 710 is a solid device.

aubreyq says:

You probably meant "coerced" instead of "forced" to get an iPhone 4S.

The guy is lucky to be called Joe.
Average Joe has an Amazing day?

sj55555 says:


Rocko13 says:

Yeah, ain't tough to sell a WP! You just got to own one and flaunt it a little, that does the trick...!! :)

The microphone he has at the CES.....it seems to have a Orange Logo ?!

Rob.Elliott says:

He was taken to a Playboy party!

sokeking says:

holy grab i wanna party with the tmobile girl too :-(

ANTLink19 says:

Jealous. Way to go dude. I'm selling WP7 hard, and I'll keep going maybe I'll get lucky one day. Then again I get to play with all these cool WP7 phones at AT&T, Pretty lucky already.