Nokia updates Creative Studio for Windows Phone 8, adds more editing tools

Creative Studio

Creative Studio is a very nice photo editing app exclusive to the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. Creative Studio was updated today to version 5.0 and adds four new editing tools to the mix.

You have two new features to blur images, Focus Object and Radial/Tilt Shift. These features allow you to select areas of your photos to keep in focus and the areas you want to blur.

Creative Studio new features

Along with the blur tools, Creative Studio has two new tools under the play category. You have a Color Pop tool that lets you convert your images to black and white then select the areas you want to keep colored.

You also have the collage tool that lets you build a collage image with your Lumia photographs. There isn't any templates but instead, just keep tapping the add button to build your collage up to seven images.

All totaled, Nokia has done a nice job of increasing Creative Studio's photo editing abilities. It's a simple, straight forward, feature rich editor that simply has gotten better with this update.

Creative Studio is a free app that you can find here in the Nokia Collection of the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

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This is a great update that I played around with earlier, plenty of new features to make photos look great

FavBrowser says:

I wish Microsoft did something once for the platform 

based_graham says:

Flag this stupid comment Joe Beliforie's team is making it rain with apps. 

FavBrowser says:

In Today's Blackerry event they announced 120,000 apps, they'd better start practicing some rain dances soon

RyanAMG says:

How many are ports vs made for BB10?

based_graham says:

How many of those apps have actually been made for BB10 numbers don't matter its about quality. 

Chill510 says:

I've used the bb z10....80% of those apps are crap android ports....theres almost nothing native bb10 apps. I personal had to side load some apps just to be able to get my daily functions on the damn thing.

nMIK-3 says:

Its more like 119,000 Android ports and maybe 1000 Native BB Apps.
Lets not start confusing everyone.

kalo88 says:

Same, it seems that OEM's are busy doing updates but you rarely hear/see anything from Microsoft themselves...
They may be hard at work but you'd never know as you never hear anything!
If it wasn't for Nokia pushing so hard for WP8 it would of died ages ago I think.

Sean D. says:

This really couldn't be more ignorant.

dalydose says:

You haven't heard anything from Microsoft?  You didn't hear about Blue coming up?  You didn't get the SkyDrive and Skype updates lately.  Have you seen the new Facebook app...that Microsoft built?

I think the reason behind this post is that they don't have something specific that you want and/or you bought from an OEM other than Nokia and are upset about it.  You can't truly be serious and say that Microsoft isn't doing anything.  You can make the argument that they may or may not be doing the right thing(s), but they are definitely working.

damo579 says:

Remember Microsoft is keeping quiet their motto is SHUT UP AND SHIP.

Sean D. says:

Oh, you mean like create the OS, and the platform, and get the OEM's that you think are doing everything.
It never ceases to amaze me how so many of you come off as anti-MS, but continue to either buy their products or at the very least post in forums related to their products. You do nothing for the WP community... at all.

WPUser111 says:

useful app update ( TO SAM SABRI)

EDDS says:

Maybe I'm being dumb but how the fk do you use the new features?
EDIT: nm, you have to choose a filter before you can do anything new.

or just use the original-'filter' ;)
after that hit the edit-button

Illumiroom says:

I like the updates!

Pappa Ed says:

Just played with it for a few minutes. Nice update. It will help me come up with new content for #2instawithlove.

Thanks for the update guys. This is fantastic

mpt15 says:

Is this a WP 8 only? Im still on a lumia 800... :-(

hipporama says:

Wow what an awesome update!

Fndlumia says:

This is a very polished app, Nokia is resetting the bar and winning

Nejcooo says:

That's why we buy Nokia and not samsung, or htc windows phones

Thanks for this, When Smart camers gonna live for Lumia 920?

dalydose says:

I don't think Smart Camera is coming out until later this summer with the OS refresh.  Someone please verify or correct and I'm going off of (a not so great) memory! :)

Pi Sin says:

didn't they announce that smart camera app will be with amber update around summer

vdubskey says:

Why hasn't wpcentral talked about the Oggl partnership with Windows Phone 8 and Nokia yet? Had to read about it on other tech sites not even related to wp. With all this instagram hype you would think they would have included it. It's the closest official instagram app headed our way so far?

El Squish says:

I was looking forward to the collage part of the update but I'm disappointed that you have no control over the layout of the images. :/

Weakskills says:

I just played with it for a moment, you can tap and hold on an image and  drag it to a frame you want that image to display in, i thought you could also darg the image with in a frame to better center the focus on main object but that i could not reproduce after the first time i thought i did.

Oris says:

Wow! This update made me wanna cry. Nokia is so cool pushing this amazing update.

duncan0622 says:

I read some updates (like #2instawithlove, skydrive, camerastudio) is rolling out from website,  however, i check those apps in the market, but there is no sign of update yet.Weird?

Gohar428 says:

Great love it.....good bye other apps.....it is now officially creative studio....

Andygoes says:

Um, whenever I hit apply with two pics on the collage the app closes. Anyone else have that problem? One shot was taken with my DSLR and I got it off of my SkyDrive.

guitarob says:

I had the same problem. Saving the photo to my phone from Skydrive before putting it into the collage solved it.

dalydose says:

Those focus blur and color selection features work how I'm used to on the computer with Photoshop Elements and I'm excited to be able to use this on the phone.  I'll have to check out that collage feature, although I wish they would let me put a picture as background and then place other pictures on top of it.  That would be really cool.

So, Creative Studio just got upgrade to my go-to photo tools along with Fhotoroom and Fantasia.

navidee says:

I just like the image of the snow/clone troopers :-D

guitarob says:

Is it possible to make a portrait oriented collage like they show in the feature overview? All I can seem to manage is a landscape orientation. It would be nice to make one for my lock screen image.

Khiladi786 says:

Why isn't the update coming for wp7.8?

Wow it's Awesome

What is the future of Creative Studio with SmartCam coming?

FullyAble1 says:

Not to be a total Geek about it...but I'm curious about the little stormtroopers....where can a fella get some of them?! =)