Nokia pushes out updates for Extras + Info and Nokia Care

Extras Info

Nokia has pushed out more updates for consumers today. The company has released new versions for both Extras + Info and Nokia Care system apps on Lumia Windows Phones. The apps have been bumped to version and respectively.

What's new in these updates? We're not entirely sure (and yes, we understand how some of you sigh when reading that phrase in these articles) as the change logs appear to be either out of date or accurate. Either way, we'll assume there are minor fixes and improvements included.

Check for updates for Extras + Info  and Nokia Care on the Windows Phone Store. If you don't have SysApp Pusher installed, we strongly urge you to download the app. Have you noticed anything new since updating either system app? Let us know in the comments.

We'll update this article should we learn anything new.

QR: Extras + Info     QR: Nokia Care



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rodneyej says:

These updates are to "prime" our devices for WP8.1-0xxxx....... At least Extras+Info is..

Dean McCrae says:

Prime as in erase ;-)

rodneyej says:

Hopefully not.. Big updates like 8.1 are kinda scary..

Saiyaku says:

You joke, but the audio update deleted my custom eq settings...

Mr Lebowski says:

that's normal, just reset your custom settings. ;-)


Yes, the new Audio updated delete everyone's custom equilizer update :(

KM2612 says:

Seems faster....oh....wait..this aint Facebook....ill show myself out :P:D

Good for you lol ;)

riteshpande says:

Whats the use of this extra+info?

ahmedjan87 says:

it contains the services required for glance and other nokia additions

zaidgkhan says:

Store is down..

ortizang says:

you mean store!

ortizang says:

Not actually. Store vs store.

Fritzly says:

Well, the first letter in a sentence is always capitalized....

ThePKReddy says:

That's what she said

gamo62 says:

But more powerful...

*insert FAIL here*

JotaKa says:

And more stable

tgr42 says:

"Nokia updates apps - users left in dark as usual"

adrian1338 says:

thats why the changelog should be mandatory with an app update.

rodneyej says:


rodneyej says:

Look for yourself❕

I just did still shows me Lumia Black

rodneyej says:

I almost had him going, then YOU had to come along and ruin it.. :-)
You know what they say.. Never trust a man with funny exclamation marks.. Lol❕❕❕
Edit:... Wait, that was you.... Oh geez.. :-o:-o:-o:-o:-o

Thanks for making my day lol

Studio384 says:

What about just not using those stupid exclamation marks....

rodneyej says:

I could do that... But, that would make you happy... ;-)

avigyan says:

Obviously not. -_-

Forc3 says:

Pics or it didn't happen Rodney. mine still says black (925)

rodneyej says:

Say man...Whys it gotta say Black❔
Mine is still black, but it's only 6".

avigyan says:

I see what you did there lol. :)

rodneyej says:


ThePKReddy says:

I'm going to measure with my 1520, next time im in the mood.

rodneyej says:

That's actually a total of 7"..... That's overkill for you.. You could use a 520, and still have phone to spare... Lol❕❕❕

RyanAMG says:

I guess the rumors aren't true

Mahip Joshi says:

u gotta be kidding me,,,

rodneyej says:

LOL... No joke.⬆⬆⬆⬆

You sir, are a class A DB ;)

rodneyej says:

I've been called worse.. Lol.

Tragic says:

Lumia Updater!

PureView says:

Most exciting news of the day.

rodneyej says:

Let's place a bet.. I bet a major device leak will happen today!.. Loser has to stroke DCJBS, and NIST, at the same time.. Deal❔

abduz says:

It's already happened over at GSMArena 630 leaks

avigyan says:

Stroke?! XD haha ;)

rodneyej says:

Hey, it's his hands, not mine...

procen says:

Rodneyej is having a great day, right?

I'll pass on DCJBS. I'd rather stroke a tranny :O

aitt says:

I shouldn't have laughed at this

deansmilk says:

Hmm, Nokia Care will not update on my Lumia 1020. Says its not for this device?

EDIT: Nevermind, I had to look it up in the store and it gives me the update option. For some reason the WPC link wouldn't let me download.

OsamaAdam98 says:

Well, I can't update it on my 520 either.

dmm96452 says:

Had to do the same on my 1520.

adrian1338 says:

I installed access point with the syspusher.

anyone know how to uninstall it? :)

avigyan says:

How can you uninstall a setting?

cuwe says:

Lol . But you actually can uninstall it. Just change your date 100 years to future . Then , when you tap on the setting , it will show uninstall .

theefman says:

Try setting your date to a future date then open access point, should prompt you to uninstall. (tip from the 920 forum).

You can't uninstall access point. What's you have it, you have it unless you do a system reset.

Zulfigar says:

Set today's year to something ridiculous like 2169, and then try to open it, it'll pop up with something, I dint remember what, but it removes it completely! I had to do it on my 920 a couple months ago.

You're all welcome! ;)

Interesting! I have nokia care installed and when i click on store link, it says not available..
Anyone knows the reason ?

deansmilk says:

Same happened to me. Just look it up in the store and it should give you the update option.

Not me. Can't install

mrvhin1216 says:

I can't find it in the store, either. Is the store down or what?!

ahmedjan87 says:

I think that it isn't available in the us store try changing it to some middle eastern country as that how I always updated it (change the country in the settings)

riteshpande says:

Available in India

hermantj says:

They are readying our phone for WP8.1. Which may or may not be released on 2nd of April.

wps81 says:

How do you know? I only see version bumps

lhoylhoy says:

Seems faster haha will never get tired of it hehe

migueli2 says:

Seems Nokia is preparing devices for que BIG Update :)

Gohar428 says:

Ah..still waiting for black update...:(

Cecewp8 says:

No no no! Which phone you have?

karmacoma says:

Why i cant download Nokia care? It wont let me.

karmacoma says:

This app is not available for your device? What the hell?

cknorthpole says:

Why can't they push a screen fix for 1520..

rodneyej says:

Are you still having sensitivity issues?.. I am.

cknorthpole says:

Yea still having them. Hoping for a fix together with 8.1.

pazces84 says:

Same here. Was hoping when ATT released the recent FW update it would fix these issues. Instead it seems to make things worse for my 1520.

pawlakpl says:

Hm cannot install Nokia Care :( 

Nakazul says:

Thnx for the heads up Rich.

Ankit Kadian says:

got a firmware update for 1320 after updating extras + info

If this is true, I hope it has fixed the contrast and graphics issue.

mrvhin1216 says:

I don't know if it's really the reason or what, but I changed the region to India, reset, and I was able to download Nokia Care.

kinaton says:

Failed to install. Go figure.

mrvhin1216 says:

Well, it worked for me. Go figure.

kinaton says:

Worked after reboot and glance screen now shows 2 line on Calender event.

Zulfigar says:

I have the calendar set as the app that gives me more info. The last update to Extras+Info gave the subject name in Glance, today's update added the time. Awesome! :D
I haven't found anything else new, but I like the glanceness. :)

blindguy says:

Just updated Extras+Info.  Love the addition of the date to the calendar events in the glance screen!

jpm0321 says:

Wish that the calendar events font in the glance screen was smaller though.

HoosierDaddy says:

As others said, Nokia care is not available for my 925 on T-Mobile. Possible reasons listed are phone OS not up to date or blocked by carrier. FWIW, Reviews show complaints about this since black.

Fritzly says:

Just change the "Region" settings; my 920 is the International version and bought in Europe but because my region was US the app showed "Not available". Changing the region to somewhere else, I used Italy, allows you to download it.

Note that I already had the app, I just needed to update it still I had to change the region.

keremzaglul says:

Country/Region of my phone was set to US and Nokia Care did not give an update. Changed the setting to Turkey (where I live now) and it did give the update.

Those who are having problem, this may work for you as well.

Further back than that, Nokia Care isn't available in the States. Wonder what it does.

HoosierDaddy says:

From the app description:

Nokia Care helps you make the most of your Nokia Lumia. Discover how to use Nokia Lumia’s many exciting features with tips & tricks, frequently asked questions and videos. There’s also a handy offline user guide, and if you need further assistance there’s information on how to contact Nokia directly.

You asked why not in the US. maybe US carriers don't want us to get confused about features they have eliminated. Or maybe they are afraid easily accessable information might cut calls to their CS and endanger those jobs. Yeah that's it. ;)

facebook feeds not working in PeopleHUB :(


Nokia care is not available
Lumia 720, America

jpm0321 says:

Did anyone notice, seems like the screen is brighter now and the colors lighter after the update. My phone is on Auto brightness btw. - Lumia 1520

Everything seems like before, nothing special...

SaiKiran7474 says:

Build id is missing in extras+info

JW888 says:

What happened to Nokia Care? Can not download it.

KMF79 says:

Rich can you pass along how much I hate these updates that say not to install them without first updating the phone. Update it to what? The vaguely worded warning pisses me off. For god sakes can't they qualify their statement?

jay5353 says:

My device seems faster and observe the keypad guys its more bold and little big.india L920

jpm0321 says:

Noticed that in my lumia 1520 as well.

jpm0321 says:

One more thing, I just noticed that it fixed the delayed charging notification. When I plug-in my phone now it almost instantly notify me. - Lumia 1520

jjuswell says:

Same here, Lumia 920.

conansaga says:

Nokia care updates and works just fine in South Africa. BTW, for all who wonder what app does;besides tips,videos and tricks it can also point you to location of closest Nokia centre and display call centre number, working hours, etc. Quite handy...

NYRbeezer says:

I noticed when I hit the power button, my phone now turns on.  THanks nokia.

rotkod says:

+920 :)


Jim_MAY says:

Added Sysapp to my ICON, it siad there was a update for Nokia Account, but the version was dated June of last year. Strange Nokia would not install the latest version on the new ICON.

milfermon says:

Can't install nokia care

bilky says:

Extras is updated probably becouse of 8.1 update as it was updated for amber and rest of the updates, at least i think so..

yuvii007 says:

Since few days Why all the app above 20mb are showing WiFi required?

Hoekie says:

With the update, I can now set in Glance also to show 'my text or 'notification lockscreen''. Or was this possible already?

HyperionR says:

You have this option before these updates..

roguecroce says:

Does the 'check your warranty' work? Or is that just for America? Anyone got this to work..? I'd like to know.. Thanks guys & gals if you get back to me..

kinaton says:

Not working in UK

sameermehta2 says:

Accidental selection while scrolling on webpages or while going thru the menu has benn resolved in the update

Saber Dahmen says:

Seems faster! my Lumia 920 

Mr Lebowski says:

If you're in the US change location to UK not only can you get Nokia Care you can download Nokia Reading, it's only half functional in the US because in the UK there is a store included where you can buy and download eBooks.

svknet says:

Got update for these 2 apps. Not sure what has changed though :)

MadSci2 says:

Nokia Care not available - L1020 on AT&T