Nokia updates Lumia Storage Check Beta app for Windows Phone with possible fixes

Nokia Storage Check

Nokia has rolled out an update for its Lumia Storage Check Beta app. This app, exclusively available for Nokia Windows Phones, enables consumers to monitor exactly what's being stored on internal memory - something we believe Microsoft should have baked into the OS itself. So what's new in this latest release?

Nothing much, really. It's only a minor bump in the build numbers ( so we can assume we're looking at small fixes and improvements. There were a number of reports of bugs and incompatibility issues with certain hardware (firmware version requirements in place). According to latest store reviews, the app still doesn't work on the likes of the Lumia 822 and Lumia 820

Are you still encountering problems? Let us know in the comments along with which Windows Phone you own. You can download Lumia Storage Check Beta from the Windows Phone Store (be sure to be wielding a Lumia device). Thanks, josipogo, for the tip!

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Stewie 1289 says:

It finally fixed the infinite spinning on my 920. I erased 2.8 GB of temporarily files.

guihendrix says:

Good to you, because I have almost 2GB of useless data and I can't even delete it.
But it's ok, I love to suffer with delays and non-responsive touch commands, yay! 
(Lumia 620)

Vb2012 says:

Lol Nokia hater why are u here

guihendrix says:

Sorry bro, Nokia and Microsoft doesn't pay me too speak good things about they, even if they make a mistake.
I bought my phone and I'm very proud of him, but if something goes wrong, I have the right to complain.
Now kid, go run to your mom

ciccio35 says:

I don't know where you live, but I think phone storage cleanup and shrink storage should be available worldwide. Moreover the 1308 update should be available worldwide too and with that you should recieve the lumia storage check app which you can find in the settings and solved almost every problem regarding the multi-touch issue. The only reason that comes to my mind when I think why you are complaining about updates (which have been released very often since when I bought the lumia 620 at the end of February) is that you bought a branded phone, like a Vodafone/T-mobile/3/At&T/etc lumia 620. In this case the delay is the operator's fault, not Nokia's. For example, here in Italy 3's and Wind's Lumias (all of the family) haven't received the 1308 updated beacuase they consider it a minor one, so they won't release it
So if that's the case you should complain about your operator, not Nokia nor Microsoft ;)

guihendrix says:

Would be wonderful if the guilty was from my carrier, but since my phone is unlocked, there's no reason for me to blame they. And I have the Storage Check since the first time it appeared on the store, so in this case, I'm sure that Microsoft have a serious problem: She created a system that kills himself as the time goes by.
Why? Well, using my default storage check (the one with the bars), the phone shows me that I have 1,89 GB in the "others" session. And when I use the Storage Check, it shows me 879 MB in "others" and 273 MB in temporary files (by the way, Storage Check deletes only 12 MB of my temp. files). Crazy no?
It's true that I can solve my problem with a hard reset, but...again? I need to loose all my game progress, and redo every link in IE that uses my social accounts? Seriously, there's should be a way to solve this in a better way.

And thanks, you've been educated, so I answered in the same level.

ciccio35 says:

If you check it, even the "app" voices should be different between the nokia and the standard sotrage check. This is because the standard storage check is less detailed than the lumia one. so things like offline saved maps, data from the apps, settings and other stuffs like that are all grouped in the "other" voice of the standard storage check.
To solve the problem of the temporary files try one of the app I told you last time: since they work in a different way from the lumia temporary file eraser they might be more succesfull and they don't need any hard reset

dainla says:

Not really.  Microsoft said this wouldn't be a fractured OS.
Now it is.
That's on Microsoft.

CrackFachry says:

Fixed mine too on the 920. Finally I can freed up 4.xx Gb amount of temporary files!

snailium says:

Works for me.
But I don't understand why "Lumia Storage Check" stays in my App list, rather than in the Settings page...

radde says:

I finally got updated to the firmware 1308 on my lumia 920 (unbranded, german) last friday and can now also enjoy the storage check  :D

as147 says:

So what version of firmware is required because I think this is why it doesn't work on my Lumia 920? I find it strange that it allows me to install it without it checking the firmware level first! When I try to run it all it say is "something like "service not available file not found"

Nakazul says:

Yes, 1308 is required.

Works fine on my Lumia 820..

ruthietootie says:

On mine too. Wish it would help to clear up some of the extra data that some apps inexplicably generate.

lantern20 says:

Lumia 820 unlocked or AT&T?  Because it doesn't work on AT&T Lumia 820 for me.

Narr says:

Works on mine too and showed me that Fuse was using 1.2GB of space.....

avinash123 says:

Have u updated Fuse . It was taking 1+ GB for me but since last update it seems to be fixed by Fuse itself.

it did not reduce temp files below 200mb. What about other users?

Windows Phone 7 soon? 

mdscj4 says:

You're living in the past man

Unfortunately I am. Nokia persuaded me through all their blog posts and CNET keps talking about it, so I got the Nokia Lumia 900 unlocked, here in Italy. Expecting a phone that was going to be flagship for at least I year, I paid the $640 price (iPhones cost 20% more here.)
Turns out to be, I was betrayed by Microsoft.
I am stuck on this expensive, new but still outdated phone. Who knows when I will have the chance to switch.

You can play Chaos Rings, and I can't...

I bet one day it will come to WP8. But these apps won't likely come to WP7...

mrshamoozoo says:

this^^^^^^ i want choas rings bad on my 920. square fucked up, i was ready to drop the money on that one!

Kellzea says:

Yeah but you get zune, wireless sync and better audiobook playback through podcasts.

Also, try uninstalling and re-installing the skydrive app, that tends to free up the other storage.

JacksonSQD says:

Oh how I miss Zune..
The WP8 syncing software for Windows 7 is awful and half-baked.
Good thing we can use Explorer.. Kept my sanity intact.

Wait, tell me about the syncing. How is W7 with WP8? What program do you use?

I disagree. There is so much to WP8 that does not exist on WP7. Kids corner is just the beginning. 

Working perfectly fine with lumia 820 (RM- 826) with 1308 firmware in India .

mwright53 says:

Why would you not include the 800 family with app? It doesn't work on my 822.

Ordeith says:

It works on the 820, 822.
But not on the 810.  and with the way T-Mobile doesn't support anything after the initial sale, it may never.

Hoppman says:

All I get is a service not available error on my 822.

Josh Harman says:

Who has Tmobile???

Anyway, it doesn't work on my 822 (Verizon) either...

tendoboy1984 says:

"Who has Tmobile???"
People who want unlimited data at an affordable price. Have fun paying Verizon and AT&T for data caps.

procen says:

Not working on my Nokia 810 :-(

Article meant 810, not 820.  They joys of getting EOL'd. 

Nick Garza says:

Same. I'm out of space and tired of resetting my phone. Shouldn't have to do that

Whodaboss says:

Yeah.  No luck on my Lumia 810.

Scott Bligh says:

Has always worked on my 920 since the firmware update so haven't even installed the beta.

joe_easton says:

They need to share this with other devices; I have over 5GB of "other" on my 8X.  I did a factory reset about a month ago and I really don't want to keep doing that.

Andr3sfc says:

It's a feature developed by Nokia, for Nokia's devices. That speaks for itself. A better solution for you: switch to Lumia.

joe_easton says:

If it was only that easy I would; I plan on searching Craigslist daily for a 928 once it is released.

Spedez says:

Too bad for you going to HTC. Expect no support from them.

joe_easton says:

It's a great phone but I miss Nokia; I had a Lumia 800 previously.  I was forced to go to VZW so it was either that or the 822.  The 822 just didn't have the high-end feel that I want in a phone.  I will find a way to get a 928 by Fall.

Bruno H says:

Great app but still it does not solve the problem with other memory. My son have a Lumia 820. After using the app to free memory, he now have 3,7 Gb free but still can't download the batman or Spiderman games! :-(

Install it from the PC or Surface, it worked for me.

Vb2012 says:

Nope use condom

Vb2012 says:

Use a condom tht way you'll have less unwanted storing of storage

DJCBS says:

Access point was also updated.

Thanks for the tip

treetownal says:

Where is Belfiore's promised fix?  This is an OS issue, not a app problem.  It is also more evidence of why WP is becoming a Nokia exclusive.  HTC doesn't care.  70% of the storage capacity of my 8X is taken up by Other.  8GB of space being used by nothing.  I might as well have purchased a 6GB phone.

Nick Garza says:

Hell, I have a Lumia and have the same problem. Except my 810 only came with 8gb, and I have only a few kbs left.

Josh Harman says:

One of the reason I got a Nokia, that and the HTC was a brick. I don't understand why so many want such big phones. I got the 822 mainly for its size & external storage.

Mik29 says:

I was gonna say it works on my 820. Does anyone else have the Spiderman game installed? How much room does it take on yours? The game was only 542mb but after the last update it reinstalled the whole game and now it's taking up 1.3gb and 300mb for app settings.

mikewarner says:

There appears to be a difference between this Nokia app and the phone Storage Check app that Nokia first published recently.  This latter app is under Settings, System and towards the end of the list of apps and called Storage Check.  Downloading the Storage Check beta, as per this article, I get an app called Lumia Storage Check in the app list which offers a Maps option under the Details section.  

lpforthewin says:

This is a beta app so it's separate to the settings app. When the added features like map management go out of beta it'll be merged with the storage check in settings and the beta version will be redundant.

as147 says:

That system application is quite poorly written IMHO as there is no indication that there is more information available after the first page i.e no Metro title hanging off the right edge of the screen but if you tap the storage bar shown it takes you to a detailed breakdown of used space. I see I have 18gb free but 3.1gb of "other" is consumed?
Is this a magic number? Lots of people seem to quote that number. Where is the data ? Can't we delete it by browsing the phone via the PC?

Mik29 says:

Sorry, 1.3gb including app settings

Ratman826 says:

Do I need to install this if I already had it on my Lumia 920 after firmware update 1308?

as147 says:

What firmware level is required? I have 1232.5951.1241.1007

slavrenz says:

As others have said, nobody seems to be discussing the difference between this app and the storage monitor that came with the latest firmware update...

lpforthewin says:

That's because this was covered when this beta app first went online. This is a beta version and it's features will be merged with the monitor in settings when it goes out of beta making this app redundant. At the moment it's a standalone app as that's easier for Nokia to update and monitor for issues.

slavrenz says:

The original article says that if you're having trouble with the version listed under "Settings", then you should try out this beta. Sorry, but that doesn't exactly detail the reasons why I would want to download this instead of using the built-in version.

Jamdot says:

You can move maps to SD and improved techniques of finding useless temporary files.

Mik29 says:

Btw to Bruno H, I found downloading the game on the PC from the windows phone web site and putting it on your SD card, then installing it works much better.

Dave Blake says:

I updated using Lumia Pusher app and now Storage check is showing in my app list. I can also pin it to my start screen. Nice!

hohohohanfan says:

Alright this sounds stupid but what's the difference between this and the one that's preinstalled with the 1308 update?

WPenvy says:

I'd really like to know why Flashlight 7 is taking up nearly 600MB of space.... Like, seriously?   -_-

Nick Garza says:

I'm guessing the t-mobile 810 is never going to get the firmware update. I've deleted almost every app I had on my phone, other is approaching 4.8gb, and im completely out of space. Half the apps I have wont open anymore, the browser is fucked, and I can't delete emails or texts. Kb's of storage left.

Try the storage check from a third party, which forces the o.s. to clean temporary files, it's not perfect but it recovered me 500 Mb.

If only this were available on the Lumia 810... I had four updates this morning and lost some storage space. A tiny bit, but it makes me uncomfortable losing even that much when the space can disappear so quickly. Alas, I'm looking to buy an unlocked 920 anyway and will very likely give my 810 to my mom.

Tim Sell says:

Ive got an 820 and it works fine

TonyDedrick says:

Best part of this article is pointing out how this issue should have been addressed by MS.

JW888 says:

Finally working......

tim3804 says:

Don't work on my 822

Ditto. I would be mostly happy with my 822 except with this issue and the fact that all other Nokia phones not called the 920 don't receive the same level of attention in updates and mind share.

Derrek Leigh says:

Doesn't work on the 810, either! You know, the phone everyone seems to forget!?

Jamdot says:

Because its on 1 phone carrier in 1 country out of the 196 in the world.

pankaj981 says:

I think they added maps as an option in the details section.

Sean Burns1 says:

Works fine on Lumia 620

PipoDj says:

Oh well still not working on my Lumia 820

MrDaedra says:

Now it works. NL820

And what about the other WP8 phones like HTC, Alcatel or Huawei? We still waiting for a solution to delete the other files in our phones .

Dmost says:

Not working on my 810

Tictac1977 says:

Works just fine on my 820

shahidw says:

Is HTC ever gonna release a similar app

uselessrobot says:

What's the difference between this and the storage check that appears under settings? The only thing I saw was that it also listed local map files. But that didn't seem worth the redundancy and the Lumia Storage Check showing up as a distinct app as opposed to something under settings. It's not like maps can't already be managed already under Here Maps.

dainla says:

Well, us 810 owners get nothing. Needs to be addressed. When I purchased the phone, MS said it wouldn't be a fractured OS. It now is becoming that for 810 owners.

I'm getting closer and closer to giving up and getting an iPhone

procen says:

I have the same issue, and I think we need the firmware update.

Oris says:

Works fine now .L620

I was always under the impression that by releasing this app we would finally get rid of those so called mystery file... Unfortunately still can't get rid of them. Does anyone know what these files are?

uhsagar says:

This is only available for WP 8 not all WP

The app works well for me apart from that i cant clear nearly 1gb of temporary files when i press clear which is annoying as in the video the guy has like 64mb after he clears his.

DeanosT says:

Just got the update for the 820!

App works 100%, even cleared out 800MB of rubbish! :)

AWESOME app! Well done guys!

Now bring on the clock screen thing!

edsal says:

No luck for my 810 sucks!!!!!

edsal says:

I got the update but not working .

Ron_2155 says:

Does not work on my Lumia 920 unbranded in Australia nor has the 1314 firmware been released.

SleepyTheDon says:


chezm says:

i just wish i could delete all the Temp files....i hit clear and a small percentage only clear....LIES!! :p

mky4b11 says:

As an 810 owner, I feel beyond abandoned lol. Would love to solve my storage issue.

lucktr says:

Hey, mate. I also made a mistake of buying 810 ;). Search market for Shrink Storage. It cleared my "Other" storage quite well ;).

Since3210 says:

According to latest store reviews, the app still doesn't work on the likes of the Lumia 822 and Lumia 820. 

Works for me on my Lumia 820. Just cleaned around 600 MB of rubbish and feeling happy at the moment :)
Croatia, Europe.

Ali Hassan3 says:

Using lumia 620.. "system could not retrieve storage info" error displayed on opening the app


Don't abandon 810 for T-Mobile users.

Andr3sfc says:

Updated this morning (820).
Storage Check working fine — finally.

amirhj says:

New firmware still not available in Australia. Nokia please hurry up.

Digific says:

It is not working on my 920. On the launch, I get error msg as
System could not retrieve storage information.

Till now, this app already updated 3times. :(

raycpl says:

Just got this in Malaysia. After the third try.. it freed up 3.8GB... yah!!!  [I'm on a 920]

tendoboy1984 says:

Looks like T-Mobile isn't supporting Windows Phone anymore. They discontinued the HTC 8X and the Lumia 810 last month, and now they only have the low-end Lumia 520.

I got T-Mobile because of their unlimited data plans. If AT&T or Verizon had unlimited data, I would switch to them immediately.

It's quite sad to see Apple and Samsung having more support from the carriers than any other smartphone company. Many carriers still support the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3.

overide2 says:

Wpcentral 52MB?!

ThyAshish says:

is there any way i could manage the files on my Lumia 620....like a 'file manager' kinda app or something!!
my lumia shows about 2 GB of data in the 'others' section and about 200 MB in temporary files that i cant delete even.
what to do? 
UC browser has about 70 MB of app data and it keeps crashing...have already unsinstalled and reinstalled it twice...

Its not working on Lumia 520

Disinto says:

Works perfectly on my Lumia 720.

EJP86 says:

Just found this today (I'm a fairly new WP8 user), and cleared a bunch of temporary files. 
Kudos to you, Nokia. Love it!

I have more than 12 GB in folder others on my lumia 800 with 7.8 !!
The 7.8 nedds this app to resolution the problem " folder others"