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Nokia updates Music app for Windows Phone, adds operator billing support

Nokia Music

Nokia has rolled out an update for its Nokia Music app for Windows Phone. The popular solution enables Lumia Windows Phone owners to enjoy a large selection of mixes, spanning across multiple genres of music. Available in numerous markets, the manufacturer continues to support its hardware with more advanced software offerings.

This new release, hitting version 3.10.822.0 introduces mobile operator billing support, numerous bug fixes and the ability to scan the local library to update the personal music profile. We especially like the new features as this version not only helps open up the premium subscription to more consumers, but it provides more options to personalise the experience.

It's worth noting that operator billing is supported in select markets. You can download Nokia Music from the Windows Phone Store (listed for Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

QR: Nokia Music



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Windows Pone? ;) :P

hehe.. That was funny, Rich. Love your attitude :)

venetasoft says:

Great Nokia !!
Now please let users buy Apps using operator billing too ;)

Vb2012 says:

Nokia is not responsible for tht blame Microsoft -.-

henlunds says:

Works great with operator billing on my Lumia 920. Telenor Norway

mpt15 says:

+920 million

Spedez says:

Operator specific....

Ed Boland says:

I've been buying apps with my at&t billing no problem...

Ronny2756 says:

Did you have to set something up on atts website because mine says to do that but its not very clear where..

Ed Boland says:

I don't recall doing anything. I was getting ready to pay for the Pro Shot app with a credit card, which would have been (and was) my very first paid app purchase when I noticed the AT&T logo on the payment screen. That was a couple weeks ago, and I've since bought a few apps this way.
That was apps.. I don't know if this Nokia Music update just enabled it or what, but now I can buy albums at the store and have it charged to my phone bill?? Oh man, this is going to get me in trouble!

When is gdr2 release coming, which has many updates from windows

sarim_xyz says:

Useless for me. I can't access Nokia Music Store or Mix Radio etc. because I bought my phone from another country. Stupid Nokia won't fix this thing.

Vb2012 says:

Don't blame them ur the dumbass for being cheap :P

Sharpmango says:

Why is that Nokias fault Sarim? There are licensing rules. Contact Nokia and figure out a solution. While youre at it, don't whine, customer service at all companies hate whiners.

sarim_xyz says:

I have been asking customer support but there's no solution. Further, I'm going abroad for my studies, so does that mean I have to buy a new phone wherever I go? They can give us an option to access the store of the current region.

Sharpmango says:

There will be a solution sarim. Have you tried forums? Which country is your phone registered to? And which market are you trying to access?

sarim_xyz says:

Well, I bought my phone from UAE and I'm presently using it in India. All my account and phone region settings are set to India. I don't wanna change my phone region settings, it messes up other settings like Store etc. I have tried Nokia Discussions Forums. I have also chatted with a customer service representative of Nokia.

DaSchnee says:

Use a UAE proxy; create a new Nokia account on your Lumia; disable proxy; be happy.

sarim_xyz says:

Changed the country in my Nokia Account to UAE, doesn't work.

Sharpmango says:

Your phone has to THINK it is in UAE. So changing country settings wont work on its own. Make it connect to UAE internet using proxies. Then make Nokia music activate. Once it has done so, disable proxy. Make sense?

sarim_xyz says:

Is it a one time process or I have to do it everytime I launch Nokia Music? Could u plz email me or message me here (in my private message inbox) with a detailed how to?

anuj_kelkar says:

how about that O.o
i too bought my 820 in uae and i study in india now:/ same problem;)

Vb2012 says:

Just joken :)

Nokia Account. Operator Billing.
This for the Philippines!

Now, to get Nokia Music to work.

Vb2012 says:

Ahh lol send tht too Microsoft not Nokia -.- use your brain

I meant that since you pay it to Nokia using a Nokia Account...

It worked well on Symbian, even on S40!

manas16 says:

how can i delete recently played song list from nokia music.. :(

Sean Burns1 says:

Mine just updated earlier. Good idea for operator billing

Vb2012 says:

Lol what do they mean by selected operators ?? Im guessing tht means from which Microsoft has expanded too ?

Vb2012 says:

Halooo ?? Help needed

DenniSundaY says:

Omg, Nokia showing all there WP move, where's HTC?

As always any Nokia app update is nice :)

IamDefiler says:

What is the Nokia Music selection compared to xBox music?

SZero says:

Less than Xbox Music but Nokia Music has pretty decent song collection.

adrian1338 says:

I hate how nokia and microsoft are not working together on that music experience

Rishicash says:

I hate how Microsoft doesn't care about the music experience.

Nejcooo says:

great news!

Sarang68 says:

How do we scan the music. Plus in the screenshots they show lyrics also. Cant find that.

But we have to admit android has better and more no. of apps.
Windows phone is far behind when we talk about apps.

Sarang68 says:

Plus a lot more viruses & fragmentation & updates only for the latest phones

sarim_xyz says:

Windows Phone doesn't need a zillion apps . We have quality apps not some malwares that eat your phone's battery and resources and demand internet connection all the time.

AskaLangly says:

PowerAmp. But I only use my Fascinate for A/V anyway.

We don't have major apps such as games like Subway surfer , temple run 2 , temple run 1 only for 1 GB ram,
Swiftkey keyboard , Opera . Firefox.Paytm , mobikwik for Indians and the list goes on and on.
I don't see any improvement either.

You are speaking in aganist of Windows phone and at the same time you are supporting them too ?
What's wrong with you buddy ?

hohohohanfan says:

I'm saying that to your posts. What's wrong with you buddy?

I hope nokia increases the performance for the lower end devices in the next's extremely slow and painful to use on my beloved 720 !! :(

Lumia 720 with 1GB ram would have left andriod far behind.

Sarang68 says:

Only a few apps wont run on 720. Stop complaining

I meant increasing the performance of the nokia music player ..takes at least 6 seconds to open the nokia music app unlike the default music app which instantly opens

alexGhoro says:

I have the 720 and only takes like 2-3 sec

Maybe it's because i have like 1000's of songs ..but the default player opens instantly!!

JimiDiGriz says:

Big fan of Nokia music but I wish they would update and allow mixes to be saved to SD card in the same way they updated storage to allow maps to be saved to the SD card. With an 820 I can't really exploit the app with my premium account, two or three mixes and the app plus data runs to almost a gig.

AccentAE86 says:

YES!  This is what I've been wanting.  I was hoping the update to storage check would allow mixes to be saved to SD.  

mrnavkhan says:

You can easily save the Nokia music songs to SD card go to setting on storage and select SD card

JimiDiGriz says:

I mean offline mixes not individually purchased songs.

AccentAE86 says:

Also, has anyone else noticed that the mixes on nokia music kinda sucks?  I hear the same songs over and over and over again.  It's like each playlist gets 50 songs, and then it just repeats them every time.

isnoozu says:

AccentAE86, your right! I've noticed the app's cache is never refreshed resulting in constant replays! Saves on bandwidth but disappointedly really scrimps on variety. I have a Premium account but it doesn't seem commensurate with tapping into the millions of possibilities. Thinking of defecting to XBox.

Connona says:

Will this update include smart dj?

RetroMan71 says:

Can you search for individual tracks or is it just mixes??

mrnavkhan says:

Which operators support in India

Nejcooo says:

since this update i cant use it anymore because there is no mixes link. that's shit

armagezon says:

What i really need is the ability to make lists

UnnDunn says:

I'd use Nokia Music a lot more if it didn't constantly select the edited versions of songs.

ricsip says:

Fortunately I dont live in the glorious country of united states of america, so Nokia Music shows me a friendly middle finger when I want to install it. I am not really depressed, as it was in like '97 or so when I bought my first and last CD, because my father bought our first Hifi with CD player. Since that time I didnt give a single cent to the infinite-greedy jewish media empire. I rather go to concerts, where the ticket money goes more directly to the artists, rather than to those parasites.

JezzaDB says:

My main reason for using this instead of the default "Music + Video" app was because the artist search included "contributing artist" info, so I could quickly find tracks on various artists albums, but this has changed with Monday's update. Disappointing.